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Lorrie Gilrane Dilts
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As a Spiritualist Medium and Healer Lorrie makes it her personal goal to be of help, service, and comfort to those who are seeking information or are in need. She provides private and group readings, facilitate workshops, and volunteer her time demonstrating mediumship and encouraging others to explore their own abilities. She knows that everyone is connected through Spirit and believe that sharing what we receive is a gift to others, ourselves and to those in the Spirit world.

Knowing that our Spirits live eternally helps us to overcome difficulties, enjoy more moments, be kinder, feel comfortable aging, and know that the people in our lives will always be with us. The service Lorrie provides is very personal and heart center. Lorrie facilitates gatherings and teach classes in Easton, PA. that include meditation, exercises, and discussions for individuals interested in exploring their own potential - we learn and grow together. Additional services include custom events on location and through online webinars. Lorrie earned a degree in e-Business Management and even though she enjoyed a successful career working in corporate America her passion is connecting people to their best selves and loved ones in Spirit.

The foundation of her beliefs and understanding in continuous life, or life after life, is rooted in a religious upbringing and personal experiences. Unlike many of her colleagues Lorrie cultivated mediumistic abilities later in life but always felt a strong inner connection to the unknown or unseen and to the grandparents and other family members that passed over before she was even born. Lorrie explains, "I never expected to become a medium and like many of you I was simply searching for answers and reassurance after suffering a sudden loss. I learned how comforting and beneficial mediumship is when it is provided in a respectful, soulful, and evidential way. This inspired me to uncover and acknowledge my own abilities, which each of us possess in connecting with the life energy of others, both here and on the other side. I’m still often amazed by the path I’ve taken and never forget that it was love and grief that directed my journey".

As a teacher she's developed and facilitated original workshops that include: Clairvoyance, Symbols, and Signs, Exploring Tarot, Connection to Spirit, Blending with the Spirit World and Mediumship 101. In addition to local events Lorrie is always open to new opportunities and loves traveling to facilitate workshops on location. She's enjoyed teaching at iconic locations including the Lily Dale Assembly in western NY and the Historical Camp Chesterfield in Indiana.

Lorrie is proud to be associated with many reputable and well-known organizations. She is an active member of The Journey Within Spiritualist Church, located in Pompton Lakes, NJ, where she's honored to serve as a demonstrating medium and certified healer. She is also a member of the Lily Dale Assembly, the Spiritualist National Union (SNU) and the Distant Healing Network (DHN). Lorrie has devoted much time over the years as a volunteer for the SNU international and distant healing for the (DHN) and enjoys working with people from all over the globe.

Lorrie has studied with highly respected international tutors primarily at the Journey Within Spiritualist Church in Pompton Lakes, NJ and at the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted England. She attends advanced courses every year and loves being part of a globally diverse community and her association with some of the worlds greatest tutors and historians on Spiritualism.

Additional Information: 

-Reading sessions last approximately 50 min.
-One session can accommodate several people if they are family members looking for the same connections. There is an additional 20 fee per person.
-There is a comfortable waiting room for anyone accompanying you to the Easton, PA office.
-Checks, Cash, and all Major Credit Cards accepted.
-You are encouraged to record your reading session using your own device. Most smartphones work well. Often some of the information received is understood later and/or by someone else in your family. Recording the sessions removes the stress of having to remember information or take notes.
-Readings can be done in the Easton PA office, the Catskill, NY area, and by phone or Skype.


Listed since: May 9, 2012


Lorrie is quite amazing! She is so calm and rather understated, yet is spot on in so many scenarios!! I left this reading with a peaceful, happy feeling.
I want to thank Lorrie for affirming an everlasting soul connection with my loved ones. The messages referenced truths of our relationship and situation. It was a moving experience that I will hold close to my heart.
Lorrie was spot on about my mother and some aspects of my life that she would not know if not for her spiritual gifts. Not only she brought clarity about the situation but she also helped me feel compassion and forgiveness toward my mom by understanding her limitations. It was a wonderful reading!
Lorrie was able to bring through the energies of loved ones that I was hoping to hear from. She gave me evidential information such as signs they have been sending me , things we had done together , their personalities and how they had passed . She delivers all her information with kindness , love and caring . I left there feeling much lighter , knowing that my loved ones truly are watching over me , as I had already believed . I will definitely be calling her again and will recommend her .
I was,very very satisfied with this gifted medium..polite, knowledge about the wonderful work she does. She was 100%dead on with my spiritual connections with my crossed over family ...I will recommend her to my family and friends...
My sister and I had our first reading with Lorrie yesterday and found the experience to be really positive! We were a little blown away by the level of detail Lorrie shared -- from family member names to different memories -- and we're so glad we did this. We left feeling comforted that our family members seem to be present and aware of our major life milestones. Lorrie also exudes warmth and positivity, and just seems like a very kind and caring person. Looking forward to next time!
Lorrie is a gifted medium who is very caring and easy to talk to. During my session she brought forward information about several of my family members and also my beloved pet who recently passed. She also did a card reading which addressed exactly what is going on in my life. I would highly recommend Lorrie.
Ive had a few other readings on here but Lorrie has far surpassed them all!! I had an amazing reading, her accuracy is incredible, she knew family names, illnesses, places, & details that were spot on. Her personality really is so comforting & she is easy to talk to. Thank you Lorrie, I will be in contact again soon for another reading !
I attended a workshop in Lily Dale, NY, given by Lorrie, This past July. She was one of the best, if not best, teachers I have taken a workshop with! I then booked a session with her the next day, and again, it was one of the best readings I have had. She brought my parents through with accuracy and it meant so much to me. Afterwards I was telling my sister about the session and found out one of the symbols she saw for my father was indeed very relevant, I had forgotten!
For the many years that i have enjoyed the services of a medium, none have ever connected with my dad. until i reached out to Lorrie. It was a fantastic way to ring in the new year, thanks dad, and mom was there too. and a very special Thank You...LORRIE for doing a great job connecting us..!!
I received a reading from Lorrie today. I was not only impressed with what she was able to tell me, but also with her compassion and willingness to answer questions. I would highly recommend her.
Lorrie is a genuine, caring and gifted medium. She provided great insights for me and both my daughters. We were amazed with some of the information and details she was able to give us through her connection to spirit. She is the real deal. She offers her services with loving intention not for fame and fortune.
I received a reading from Lorrie over this past weekend. The setting was very tranquil and soothing. Lorrie was wonderful. I am still stunned over some of the details she called up that were so accurate. Even my husband, how is tentative about these type of things, is still in amazement over the details and messages that she relayed in my reading. It was a very positive experience and I will certainly be calling on Lorrie again in the future. Thank you Lorrie!!
Lorrie is a very special lady at her craft. She nailed it right on in so many aspects of my families history with my ancestors who have passed on and then my late husband completing it full circle...very detailed oriented. She is the total package. She has given me a beautiful gift of comforting peace. Bless you! Susan (of the 2 Sue's)
Lorrie did a great professional job. She surprised me with her knowledge and her kind words. She beams positivity and is very informative. I felt much more positive and enlightened after speaking to her. I would recommend Lorrie to anyone thinking of contacting a spiritual guide.
Lorrie was so generous with her time. She was very caring and kind. She helped me tremendously which helped guide me to make future decisions. Her skills are amazing and told me things that she could not have known. I look forward to my next visit.
I received a reading over the telephone with Lorrie for the first time. Lorrie was great! She is a kind, patient person who makes you feel very comfortable talking with her. She spent a good deal of time with me and made a perfect connection to my parents. We then did a card reading and she was spot on again. I plan to return in 6 months for a follow up reading. I highly recommend Lorrie!
I'm a naturally guarded and skeptical person. I've heard it and seen it all. Laurie blew me away with her connection to my best friend who I lost just a few months ago. It was wonderful to get some of the answers I so needed for closure.
I contacted Lorrie because I was struggling with unsettled feelings regarding my husband's death. We live in such a 'Grief illiterate' society. As a widow this is a difficult journey, and a rough road to travel. Lorrie provided me with the peace I was searching for. The energy she felt and the things she conveyed were so accurate pertaining to me and my husband's life together. Her warmth and sensitivity was a great comfort as well. I feel I've turned a valuable corner.
Lorrie was great! She connected with relatives I was concerned about and gave me comfort. I would highly recommend this reading to anyone who needs piece of mind with their loved ones on the other side. She will tell you things only you and your loved ones could acknowledge. Besides the reading she herself is a warm kind person. Glad I had the opportunity to met her!!!!
My wife recieved a reading early this year from Lorrie. We were both impressed by what she said and who she was able to reach on the other side. I usually do not believe in any of this, but I was really moved.

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