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Linda Lauren

Linda Lauren
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Psychic Medium, Color & Energy Consultant, Travel Psychic™, Psychic Profiler, Author, Lecturer and Reiki Practitioner

Linda Lauren is a 4th Generation Psychic Medium who owns and operates Linda Lauren’s Embracing The Universe in Mountainside, NJ. She has been a professional psychic since consulting with law enforcement in a murder investigation dating back to 1978. She is most noted for her ability to tap into the energy of a person via Intuitive Zoning™, which is by the touch of a hand, a look into the eyes, or the sound of a voice. When she stares into a person’s eyes, Linda actually “sees” a shaded vision of events just as one would see on television. Slow moving flashes of pictures emerge of past, present or future. Because of this gifted ability, Linda is able to do sixty-second readings, as well as delve into past lives.

Linda Lauren is also a Color and Energy Consultant and connects with people who come to her for guidance through the color and energy she senses around them. This led to the NY Times referring to her as the ‘Travel Psychic™’ wherein she reads that same energy to guide her clients with their travel plans.

Medium Rare-The Memoir of a Fourth Generation Psychic Medium is Linda Lauren’s fascinating life story. Lauren’s first book, Hostage in Time, is a paranormal time travel romance. Both books are available in print and e-book format on, and on iBooks.

Lauren is a Reiki Practitioner with a private Healing Room at her metaphysical center. Reiki meaning ‘Universal Life Energy” is the use of energy to help heal the mind, body and soul.

Lauren’s psychic abilities have been evident throughout her life. As a young child, she saw colors around people and with her Mother’s help, learned to interpret those colors. As she grew, her family helped her understand and work with her psychic abilities. In Newark, NJ, where Linda first lived, her Grandmother, known as the ‘Neighborhood Counsel’ would teach her as well. Even though Linda did not speak Italian, and her grandmother did not speak English, they were able to fully communicate, and expand her spiritual growth.

Lauren has spent her lifetime helping those who come to her. In high school she was known as ‘Gypsy’ and gave readings for .25¢ to students, teachers and administrators. In college, her counseling education added to her knowledge of the mind, body and spirit connection.

Lauren utilizes Psychic Profiling in which she incorporates her assessment of the color and energy around her clients, along with reading their handwriting or photo. This information also allows Linda to teach her client how to create positive awareness in their life and environment. Her iApp, ‘The Vibe’ helps people connect regularly with positive energy through the colors and meanings of Linda Lauren’s Energy Art™ and is available from iTunes.

Linda Lauren has been featured on CNN, ABC-TV Nightline, The Nightly News with Chuck Scarborough on NBC New York, Better TV, WPIX, Open House NYC, in the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, New York Post, People Pets, a&u magazine, The Daily News, Hamptons magazine, The Star Ledger, Quest magazine, The Daily, Bottom Line Personal, Lifestyles In Elegant Living, Fashion Wire Daily, Metro, Fox411 News, Social Life, Instinct, For Me Magazine, Matters and the Chicago Tribune.

She can be heard on radio shows across the country, among them, NPR and America’s Radio News Network. Lauren has also been heard on The Howard Stern Show, Sway in the Morning, Just Jenny, Freewheelin’, The Jon Lieberman Show, The Janette Barber Show and The Focus Group on SiriusXM, and The Zoe Alexander Connection. She was a regular on Micky Dolenz In the Morning on WCBS-FM in New York, The Cosmo Show at WKGRS and has been a frequent speaker at The Learning Annex in New York City.

Lauren’s columns can be found on her blog Medium Rare™, The Huffington Post and The Second Life Enquirer. Lauren’s presence in the virtual reality world known as Second Life, compliments her abilities by allowing her to extend her reach to an international audience that comes to her for guidance and psychic medium readings. Her column, Psychic Companion has appeared in The New York Dog and The Hollywood Dog magazines.

Lauren, who knew Jim Morrison, is an avid collector of The Doors and related rock memorabilia, and resides in New Jersey with her spunky Malti-poo, Gidget.

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Linda does readings by phone. Please feel free to reach out to her office with any questions you may have.

"Medium Rare - The Memoir of a Fourth Generation Psychic Medium" is Linda's latest book. This extremely well received book is filled with Linda's stories about growing up in an intuitive family and how she came to be one of the top Psychic Medium today. It is available on her website,, ibooks, and

Linda's previous book "Hostage in Time", a paranormal time-travel romance is available on

Listed since: Feb 3, 2011

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