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Lee Van Zyl

Lee Van Zyl
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Lee - a former lawyer, born and raised in South African and now living and working out of the Montclair Psychic School in Rutherford, New Jersey.

Lee has trained in the US, Australia and the UK. She has taken several classes in mediumship as well as teaching mediumship at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, UK. She has also been certified and test as a psychic medium by British Medium, Lisa Williams at Lily Dale, NY.

She runs her private practice out of the office in Rutherford, NJ. Her focus is on healing and empowerment of her clients. She is a panic healer, reiki master, certified hypnotist and life coach.

During her medium sittings she has this to say: " There is nothing that brings me more please than the privilege of sitting with you and connecting you to your Loved Ones on Heaven's Side" It is an honor to serve Spirit and I look forward to working with you".

Lee is also an international teaching medium and is the director of the MontClair Psychic School. and www.

Listed since: Feb 19, 2014


Lee is an authentic, warm, and talented Medium. I was very impressed with her ability to present material that was specific and detailed from my loved ones. This information could not have been contrived, not even retrieved from my "unconscious". The reading was important in terms of my grief, and truly increased my feelings of Hope for the future. Lee presents her information with humility and good humor, when appopriate. I loved the reading, and am sincerely grateful for her talent.
Lee's mediumship skills were so accurate. I told her nothing. She pulled through my female friend who died 4/16. Lee spoke in a stream-of-conscience. I was also told about the passing as well as what my friend heard and thought. I had clarity that my friend could see what was going on on earth. Then my friend pulled through the person, recently deceased, I really wanted contact with. I found out the cause of death. I received comfort from both deceased. Just amazing of Lee.
Empowering and authentic! Lee is an amazing soul! I have been seeing Lee for several years and everytime I meet with her I only gain a better understanding and awareness of self. She empowers you to trust your own instincts and assures you the ability to feel confidence in self. She is always giving of her time, knowledge and experience. She has helped me immensely and I am very appreciative to Lee for helping me rediscover myself. Thank you Lee for your encouragement and faith in me.
I never watched any Medium's or even believe in excepting that they can connect with any spirits. I needed closure for my mother's passing 6 months later and decided 'Hey why not try it'. Lee was amazing. It's not what I expected. It's very hard to make me believe in anything. I am so glad I met her and she was able to pass on what I needed to hear. I would recommend her. I had a friend waiting in the next room and couldn't believe that I was in tears and at peace.
Lee stands out with her honesty, her ability to channel and her ability to heal. She will teach you to heal yourself rather than depend on her constantly. I have asked her to scan me from time to time just to make sure I do not have an attachment. She would scan me and if I was clear she would not charge me anything. Very effective healer. Has removed my bad luck due to a very bad spell and attachment.
FABULOUS. I just had an assessment with her. I have been unclear about the next step for my business and how to become successful. She literally described what I needed to do to become successful with almost step by step directions. I am blown away because I have been so confused for months and she cleared it up in minutes. Her guidance is very practical and down to Earth! Amazing- thank you!
Loved her! She was awesome I have recommended her to friends! First medium reading I ever went to and I was 100% satisfied. She was ry welcoming and sweet and I was able to hear from who I wanted to.
I went to see Lee with one other family member in the hopes of contacting a special someone we both recently lost. Lee was welcoming and friendly. She was able to connect with that person fairly quickly and channeled his messages beautifully. I would describe Lee's style as honest. She is not there to put on a show, yet we were very impressed. I would recommend Lee to anyone searching for a nonsense-free connection to loved ones as well as comfort and healing.

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