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I use my intuition, a lifelong love affair with tarot cards, and conversations with Spirit Guides to give you loving intuitive guidance. It's the best job in the world, and I truly love what I do. We can address your relationships, career, or life purpose. I'm clairvoyant, clairsentient, claircognizant, and clairaudient, and love sharing messages from your Guides to give you clarity and answers to the questions you bring. Their answers are always loving, encouraging, and validating.

My goal for every reading is to offer you relief from worries and fears, to help you face challenges arising in your life, and the awareness to begin loving yourself unconditionally ~ which is exactly how your Guides, Angels, Spirit, Love, Life, and The Whole Universe (or whatever words you use to describe the One Thing Here), loves You. Join me at

Listed since: Apr 23, 2013


I've had 4 readings with Jessica & she is absolutely amazing. She has such a calming auro about her & is easy to talk to. She has offered her guidance & suggested various ways on how to approach things. I have always felt so much better after speaking with her. Jessica has been dead on with things about me/situations in my life. I am so lucky to have found her. Definitely give her a try. You will not be disappointed! Thank you Jessica!
The sessions I had with Jessica were immensely insightful. Not only she is amazing at all her predictions towards my situations but her loving presence really made me feel extremely safe and warm. Being a highly sensitive person myself, it's not easy to manage my own energy sometimes. As an inspiring mentor, Jessica has taught me to embrace my own intuition so I can serve more beloved clients on my path. I trust her guidance a lot and she's definitely someone I highly recommend!!
I was feeling like I was at a crossroads and Jessica's guidance helped bring clarity to bring meaning to the experience. She will affirm your experience and gently guide you to the options and opportunities that your guides mean for you to hear. Jessica's compassionate approach adds value to the clarity she brings to your concerns. She is resourceful and will use her multitude of tools and skills to support you.
Jessica is a gifted psychic. She is truly amazing. Whether you want guidance on a decision that has to be made, or if you want some encouragement to reach your dreams, Jessica can help. She can tune into your spirit guides and give you the answer you need to reach your goals.
Jessica is a wonderful, loving person and an excellent pyschic and healer. I am teacher and I can tell you that Jessica is an authentic psychic. She truly cares about her clients and is able to see the future. When you have a reading with her on the phone or in person, it is restorative to your soul. You feel love from her and from God. She is able to tap into your spirit guides and will give you the information you need to make your life better.
Jessica is an angel and always ready to help you deliver messages received. She accuracy is uncanny and she is able to make you feel at ease in whatever situation you are in. She is a beautiful soul and so talented at what she does! I trust Jessica 100% and has always been accurate with me! So glad I found her! Best of the best!
I was very impressed by my reading. I only usually do readings in person never via Skype but as soon as the session started I felt as ease from her ora. She's is truly a beautiful person. She gave me some clarity to some concerns about my love life and career. She told me my ex was my soul mate and helped understand why the dynamic of our relationship is so up and down. I am still waiting on some of her visions to come true but she was dead on with who I am and who he is.
Jessica is absolutely wonderful ! She is unbelievable accurate. I have had a couple email readings with her and she response in such a timely manner. She has brought such peace to my life in such turbulent times . She delivers all of her messages with complete honesty , but with such a calm and loving manner . I have sent a few friends to her and they all agree! She is amazingly talented and gifted ! Jessica is a blessing . I can't thank her enough for her guidance . Highly recommend her !
There isn't enough space in this white box to truly describe how amazing Jessica is . She is beyond caring and has always taken her time to truly give me the most amazing and accurate readings, and I will never trust anyone but her when it comes to certain things in my life . She always goes above and beyond in my readings and has always gotten back to me way before she says. I can't thank her enough for her expertise! I wish I could talk to her every day lol !
There is not enough space to write down how lucky I am to have found Jessica. She is truly gifted, she is not only able to see what is happening, but she gently guides you to a way of looking at what is going on that is empowering. I have spoken with her many times over the past year and she has guided me and helped me to go through a difficult situation in the best way possible. She is spot on with her insight. I highly recommend her!! Thank you Jessica, you are AMAZING!
Jessica is amazing!!! I had never spoken with a psychic before but I had been having some very intense feelings that someone was trying to reach out to me... Jessica helped me to understand what was going on and had some remarkable information about the person/spirit who was reaching out. Jessica was a great listener as well, and I'm looking forward to speaking with her again!
Jessica is a great psychic. I had a reading by her recently and was so amazed at all she said. She has great insight and just has a wonderful gift. I will definitely call her again and will recommend her to people. What she said has been told to me by other readers. so amazing that she said all the same as others.
Jessica is amazing. She really helped me start my healing process from losing such a dear friend. I really feel better and know that he is at peace.
Jess was absolutely amazing. I did not have to say a word to her about anything and she knew just how I was feeling. I was in tears the whole time, happy tears:), so ecstatic that someone finally knew and understood how I was feeling about life. Not only that but she guided me in the right direction. I consider her my inspiration to a future spiritual path which is what I've always wanted but never felt confident enough to pursue it. She changed my life and gave me positive assurance of my life!
How can I adequately describe the immense healing, loving attention and care that you receive with Jessica. The healing I received could not have any worldly value on it. The transformation, guidance and assurance was the life raft that I needed beyond words. And Accuracy? Oh my God! It was like she was me, that's how accurate she was but with the added wisdom needed for clear guidance and clear direction and clear healing. I recommend Jessica higher than any other clairvoyant.
With what is going on in the world today, sometimes we need a little reassurance that things will get better. After speaking with Jessica, I can say that I am on the right track. She mentioned situations that have happened and what may eventually be the outcome. She suggested various steps that I can make to be successful in my goals. She is soft spoken, and has a very pleasing demeanor. I will contact her again in the future. Very happy to have found her in the Best Psychic Directory listing.
It's not every day that you meet your Soul Mate, but I did and I needed to talk about it, as friends could not understand. Jessica not only confirmed that he IS my Soul Mate, but that my second, lifelong, husband-Soul Mate is on his way! What peace and serenity, my heart is content knowing what I've known from her remarkable reading, what an amazing Intuitive Jessica is, definitely the best out there!
I just had a reading from Jessica and was very, very satisfied. She answered all of my questions in a down to earth manner. She was very easy to talk to and her predictions and thoughts were earily right on. I reccommend her highly.

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