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Jennifer Davino is a Psychic/Medium. She works with your Angels and Spirit Guides to help you stay on your lifes true path. Jennifer connects to your loved one who have passed onto the otherside. She reads present and future also passed life readings. Jennifer does in person and group readings, teaches workshops and offers Psychic Messages and Reiki Healing Circles at her Office in Keyport NJ. For phone reading please contact her via E Mail. or call her 732-763-5107

Listed since: Sep 10, 2008


I came to this event she had. Someone else bought our tickets so she didn't even know mine and my mother's actual names. When she came to our table I was blown away by how accurate she was! She was able to reach my father and was able to pin point how he died, what he did for a living, and even started to do the same motions my father would do and talked like he'd talk! Honestly it made me a believer through and through!
I was referred to Jenn by a friend, a few years after I lost my Mom. I am an intuitive, and I know the real deal when I see it. Jennifer is, BY FAR. I brought my little boy with me, and he sat in her kitchen with his iPad. This is normally not allowed, but I had a question about him, and I needed an answer. Jenn opened her door to me, and said " your Mom has been here for half hour, waiting for you both. He has a gift but it will fade. He can only see your Mom " I wasn't even in the house yet !
I was referred to Jennifer by a friend. I attended a group meeting. As she went around the room to each person you could tell by their faces she was on point. When she came to me, she was SO SPECIFIC I was stunned. She named names of the spirits who came to talk to me. For instance, she stated your Dad is driving now. He keeps saying I’m driving! I’m driving! She did not know my father was blind and always wanted to drive his entire life. She is the REAL DEAL!
Jen was on point. She explained how the session go and within minutes she had connected with family members that had passed. She was very sweet and provided me answers I was looking for. I would highly recommend her. Can't wait to go again.
Absolutely amazing one of the best readings I ever got in the 20 plus years of going to mediums. Jenn was in tears connecting me to my love ones. She knew our bond she felt it she gave me closure for somethings. My mind was blown away with some of the things she said she even spoke of names w exact spellings. I can’t wait to go back and connect on other things. I highly recommend her you won’t regret it! I recommend her over a few famous people too!
Jenn is an amazing reader & medium who tunes in immediately to accurately give you information about yourself! Excellent at reading the thoughts and feelings of others, Jenn's style is direct, while also being warm and caring. I am grateful to Jenn for helping me with something I've struggled with for many years! She looked into my personality and my method of doing things, & helped me to tweak certain actions which helped me tremendously in terms of my having much better outcomes. Love her ❤.
Ok so I’ve seen a few mediums at this point but Jen was the ONLY one that just talked and talked. Without asking a question till the very end. She completely told me my life(a complete stranger) word for word being 100% accurate and put my greatest fear to rest. She is truly gifted and amazing. I had all my loved one who have passed come in and send messages of love. I will be back very very soon as I miss everyone so much!!!!
Where do I even begin with Jen?! She is on the money about everything! She helped me cope with my Dad’s passing while explaining how he really passed, something the doctors couldn’t provide because he was misdiagnosed. The messages that she said sounded EXACTLY like things my dad would say, said every one of his phrases and even nicknames. She said things that nobody knew. If I wasn’t crying, I was laughing during her reading! JEN IS THE BEST!!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER!
I’ve had 3 readings done by Jen. Most recent was an hour private reading. It actually felt like she was talking to my soul and knew exactly what my soul felt. It feels like your loved ones are actually in the room and it’s indescribable. It’s so special and so real. Jen knows things that I’ve told no-one. My loved ones gave me messages that validated my exact thoughts. Jen is truly amazing and has a god given gift. You will NOT be disappointed—Jen is the real deal without a doubt.
Last year in June I went to see Jen. I've seen her once before that time and both times my readings have been on point! I talk about her all the time to my friends and recommend her 100%. Last night a couple of us were sitting around and we started listening to the reading that I had in June. We all got the chills at the point she told me she sees me having a boy in October. Here I am a little over a yr later due in October with a boy! She is AMAZING!!!! Cant wait to go back for more!
Jen is totally on point. I have been to her a few times and have had friends and family members go to her. She told me I was going to meet my now husband. She knew to many details in our life that no one could have known or googled. Jens the real deal!!!!!
Where do you start to describe Jennifer? I can only tell you that she is as real as they come. She has healed me with thoughts from my loved ones who have past, she has called out future predictions with accuracy, she gives you a feeling of peace when you leave her. If you have any doubts about seeing a medium you can rest assure Jennifer will remove all doubt and give you strength to move forward with your life. Thank you Jennifer for all you bring to this world.
Jennifer will floor you... I've had the pleasure of having a reading 3 times from her. She is right on the money. I still can't believe the things she told me. She definitely brought through some of my family members. .. if you're looking for peace of mind or need guidance give her a call!
My husband got me a gift card with Jennifer for Christmas & I finally made the appointment. I was floored from the moment the reading started. I didn’t ask a question, no leading phrases & her eyes were closed so much of the time she couldn’t even gage a reaction. She is the REAL DEAL. The things she knew & said were EXACTLY my reason for being there - spirit tells you what you need to hear. And I just feel such peace in my life knowing things are going to work out for me & my family. AMAZING!!!
Last year July 16 2017 It was a Sunday reading at the restaurant. You told me mom was sick needed oxygen was going back to the hospital and alot of other things that were right on point long story short she died that Thursday I recorded the reading showed mom and said she did not believe that crap. Everything you said was on point.
I recently saw Jen, more so to get reassurance on some things in my life than to connect with a particular Spirit (though it was nice to know we have loved ones watching over us). She was on point for everything! She talked about my concerns before I even had a chance to bring them up. I left the session feeling more positive and uplifted. I'm recommending her to family and friends alike.
I've seen Jen a few times, just recently with my mother & she's been on point with every reading.She didn't have to pry information out, Jen speaks whatever comes to mind! She mentioned names, described people in my life to a T, discussed certain things going on in my life at that moment and talked about others that I am very close to as far as what was going on with them or would be going on with them which have proven to be 100% true.Stuff she couldn't have known. Jen is the real deal<3
I contacted Jen in desperate need to find a missing loved one! She was beyond helpful! She was able to pin point an exact location and the person was 6000 miles away. If it wasn’t for Jen he/she would no longer be with us! I’m forever grateful to her!
Jenn is amazing. I have seen her and been read in a group session as well as private. I have seen quite a few mediums/psychics and she is by far the best there is. I highly recommend her.
I recently had a session with Jenn that absolutely gave me the peace I have so desperately needed. My husband had passed away about 6 weeks before I saw Jenn from an overdose. He instantly came through. She knew his age, his name, how and when he died. I was immediately brought to tears! No words out of me...she knew things that I had spoke to my husband about after he passed! I am grateful for Jenn and the message she delivered from my husband. In my mind, She is without a doubt legit!
Jennifer did 2 readings for me so far and she was right on spot both times....I am surely going to be seeing her in the near future again....
Just had my 3rd reading in 2 years with Jenn on Sept 30th. Never ceases to amaze me!
I went to a group reading.She is so down to earth.She is the real deal!! My dog that past was jumping on her the whole day before reading! she knew her name and everything.Also a relative came through.I was more surprised about the dog!!
Jenn is the most down to earth person I've met. They things she told me she couldn't have possibly known. Absolutely the best reading I have ever had.
Jenn is amazingly gifted! Years ago after a miscarriage I was feeling hopeless, she told me I'd get pregnant and have a healthy boy.. He will be 2 in April. Just recently I reached out to her again and what she told me only my father who passed 2 years ago would say. It was almost creepy hearing his words come from her mouth. I know there are a lot of phonies & skeptics for that matter. My best advice is, let Jenn surprise you, cause she definitely will!
Jenn is AMAZING. I've been seeing her once or twice a year for 6 years. She has confirmed many things for me that brought me peace & showed me she is the real thing. She has told me many things that made absolutely no sense at the time but I kept them in mind & they have always come true. She predicted my current home & relationship word for word. Even when the news isn't great, Jenn delivers it with honesty & compassion. I've never put much faith in psychics but Jenn is 1000% real & fabulous!!
Jennifer is AMAZING. She was able to talk to us about family business that no one could have known about, other than my deceased grandparents. I remember telling my sister when I talk to my grandparents I felt warm...two weeks later at Jenn's reading she said "they also want you to know when you get that warm feeling they're giving you a hug." I don't know how she does it, but we cannot thank her enough for the guidance she gave us, and reminding us that we always have people watching over us.
I went to see Jen. It was a Special Day! I was lucky to have 3 Special People come threw. My Grandfather was like my father, thing's that were said to me I just Knew ♡ He was telling Jen he's holding Pink Roses for a Birthday. Make sure you tell mom Happy Birthday later! Also she said so many important things! I can Finely Stop thinking Some many things! Thank you so MUCH! You have such a Special Gift♡
I just had a session with Jennifer and I was amazed on the info she came through with. It was exactly what I needed to hear and and there is no way she could have known what she knew if she had not been speaking to spirit. I will definitely book another session with her. She is the real deal. love her.
I have had several readings with Jenn & everytime she has been on point. She is straight to the point, & no nonsense, she lets you know what spirt is saying & does not sugar coat anything. She is 1 in a million


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