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Janet Nohavec is a former Catholic nun and amazingly accurate psychic medium. Janet is strict to provide spirit communication that offers undeniable evidence of life after death. If you want to connect with your loved ones on the other side and know for sure it is them coming through, Janet is your medium. In person & by phone: 973-616-9685, www.janetnohavec.com / janet@janetnohavec.com

Welcome. Although I was born a medium, I spent a good part of my life not knowing what the greatest God-given gift I had was. For the past 14 years I have been privileged to present to the public my gift of mediumship. Like many of the great seers, mystics and mediums of the past I treasure my gift. It is an honor to connect you to the higher side of life. With all of my heart I know we go on from here, that life is continuous. Those on the other side are just waiting for me to paint them back to life. May you find comfort here. May you feel safe to explore what for you may be your first encounter with a medium.

When I first began my work, mediumship held a great stigma of fear, fear of the unknown. I myself, having been a former Roman Catholic nun, questioned what was brought full circle to me. God gave me a rare gift to use. To be used with integrity and courage. To dispel the darkness only one evidential medium need show the way. May you also feel confident and fearless enough to search for the truth within your own heart.

My hope is that you will find my website informative. We have listed resources for the bereaved. If your heart is grieving the loss of a loved one may we provide hope and validation that love goes on.

We have also provided class information. My method of teaching is clear-cut. I train those I teach to be extremely evidential mediums, a process which takes time and dedication. We have also provided links to The Journey Within Spiritualist Church, a church I started from a small dream in 1996.

Live your life to the fullest. It is a wonderful journey. In the school of life may you look its challenges squarely in the face. God is never far away. You also have a host of helpers, angels, guides and your departed loved ones who walk with you every day. Do not miss out on their help and guidance.

James Dillet Freeman, poet laureate, said: "I look at the clouds and see angels, some say silly old man who sees angels in clouds, I say how sad for those who see clouds and not angels”

Fellow traveler, may peace be with you. Janet

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Janet offers classes. See website for details. She is also available in New York and Pennsylvania.

Listed since: Mar 28, 2007


I have been seeing Janet Nohavic since 1999/2000. She truly has the gift of being able to communicate with people who have passed over to the world of spirit. She has told me things about my family and friends that no one alive on this earth could know. I truly believe that our loved ones are alive and living in another dimension. I have never been disappointed by her readings. If there is a perfect example of a "medium", Janet is it! There is no better!
I saw Janet in May 2015. I did so much research online to find a real medium in NJ. I came across several positive articles about her and made my appointment. She is real. She knew nothing about me but told me everything. She was dead on and predicted one future event for me. She said my next biggest thing was love. She said I would meet someone that would be permanent in my life within the next 2 years. She also connected with my best friend that had passed away from drugs. BOOK NOW !!!
Janet is amazing. She is very accurate about my late mother. She told me things that no one else knows. She also predicted future events for me. One of them has come true! She is right! I am waiting to see about the other one. Janet is wonderful and accurate. Book now!
She's amazing... I've seen her so many times! DEAD ON with the loved ones who passed on. Tears will roll down your face and you will feel whole again after you're done! She also had married my husband and I. I have a reading next January with 10 of my friends and everyone is coming to my place! Janet is one of the nicest people you will ever meet :) Book now!!
Janet told me things that only i knew, she changed my life and helped my grandmother convay the messages that i just could not hear.. Janet has changed my life and made me aware of the presence of love which i am getting always from the other side... she made my life better,, i love that.
I was to janet back several years ago for a spirit reading reading. janet literally knew i was mowing the grass that day,started cring until i saw a beautiful red cardinal bird which changed my tears to smiles.i was so at peace when i left janet, knowing things about my son that no one else could of known. Im in the process of sceduleing another reading with janet an my daughter in law.
Janet is so very talented and such a great person that I consider myself priviledged to have had a reading with her. The evidence that she provides is accurate and detailed and I was very moved by the messages that I received. In addition to lots of evidence I also received a lot of support and guidance for events that may come to pass in my future. Janet truly is compassionate and inspiring and I am grateful to have met her.
Nothing more to say than absolutely amazing! I can't wait until my next reading in November 2010.
I booked a reading with Janet while deeply greiving the loss of my younger brother. The reading definately helped me move on and heal over the loss. Not only was Janet able to tell me quirky details about my brother and other significants who have passed but 6 months later I'm able to say that she was accurate in her predictions about significant events that would occur in the future. Her accuracy so far for past and future is 100%! I'm going to be scheduling another appointment.
Overe the phome she told me I had on my late sons watch,his pix un front of me and how he passed mamung the drugs he had taken,, She told names amd relatiomships amd gave me messages from the other side.
I have gone to Janet for years and she tells you things that are truly correct and they come true. She is not a person that wants you to come back in fact she will not see you for a least 6 months but she is so popular that she is booked way in advanced. But it is worth the weight.
Janet Nohavec is the only psychic medium I've ever met who was once a Catholic nun. Growing up Catholic myself, I realized how comforting this would be for people of this religion to get a reading from a former nun. Yet, once I got a reading from Janet, I instantly knew that people of all religions would benefit dearly from the evidential mediumship she offers--the details and descriptions she provided of my deceased loved ones were dead-on accurate!

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