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Gloria J. Weichand
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Gloria is uniquely blessed to have a strong working relationship with the world of spirit and teaches how others can do the same. Her education and teaching skills have been proven to help many embrace and strengthen their own gifts and abilities. Gloria believes that at a soul level, we all have the ability to connect to those that have crossed over.

For some like herself, it comes very naturally. Gloria believes that many are chosen by Spirit to do this work professionally and share it with others. She feels blessed to be one of them. Sharing her gifts with others is her mission in life. It's what Gloria believes she was meant to do during this lifetime.

In 1998 Gloria founded Gloria’s Place Of Hope, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to saving children from around the world, suffering from congenital heart disease. Her own son was born with this devastating disease, and her life since then has been spent helping other children and their families in coping with this same issue. Some of her accomplishments and notoriety through her organization and charitable works include a featured article in People Magazine; being named Parent of the Month by Parents Magazine; an interview by Tom Brokaw on NBC Nightly News; The NYU Medical Center yearly Humanitarian Award; The Woman of the Year Award by Glamour Magazine; several appearances on The Rosie O’Donnell Show, where she received funds which enabled her to open her own Gloria’s Place Of Hope House, to house ill children from around the world, as they awaited surgery; and several appearances on Oprah Winfrey’s Oxygen, in interviews by Gayle King. Also, numerous local radio and television appearances. Over 244 children from 17 countries were saved through Gloria’s organization.

Gloria J. Weichand, Founder and Program Director of the Center, is an Ordained Spiritualist Minister, Spiritual Evidential Medium, Spiritual Teacher, Lecturer and Grief Counselor. Known for her compassion and evidential messages from Spirit on an International level, she has been blessed to have studied under the best Spiritualist tutors both in the US and the UK, including the prestigious Arthur Findlay College of Psychic Sciences in England. She also teaches yearly and is on the Assembly at Lily Dale, the world's largest Center for the study of Spiritualism, located in Lily Dale New York.

Gloria was also honored by being asked to be apart of a study conducted by Yale University, which included some of the best mediums in the US and the UK to date.

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From a small child, Gloria has held a strong belief in God and the after life. She loved going to church and hearing all about God, angels and heaven. By the time she reached adolescence, Gloria knew that she was connected in a strong way to the other side. Gloria always received strong signs from her spirit friends through what is known as physical mediumship. Some signs were so strong that many others in her life also witnessed them. Fearing she would be different than others, Gloria tried her best to ignore the signs. However, once in a while, just like the sun, the spirits would break through. Gloria felt no fear when communicating with the spirit visitors, but no one else experienced what Gloria did. Consequently, she knew this ability was not shared by everyone. Through extensive research and thanks to, Gloria was able to confirm that she is the seventh generation that shares this ability in her family, on her mother's side.

Gloria is a staunch supporter for LilyDale, located in LilyDale New York, the largest Center for Science, Philosophy and the Religion of Spiritualism in the world, where she now teaches and serves on the Assembly. Thousands from all over the world visit LilyDale to receive their education for a better understanding of how their own gifts and abilities work in tapping into the world of Spirit. Many travel to LilyDale to receive messages from departed loved ones, knowing that some of the best Mediums in the world can be found there. LilyDale is open from June through September.

Gloria firmly believes that the mentally and physically challenged people on the earth are some of our greatest teachers, specifically chosen to lead us, teaching us the most important lessons in life.. which are compassion, understanding, acceptance, gratitude and forgiveness. She also believes that many of them chose the body their spirit resides in, knowing how great their mission truly is, understanding that we teach and learn our greatest lessons in life through difficulties, whether it be our own or witnessing others.

Gloria has her own Center, The Spirit Education Center and Sanctuary, LLC. Her thriving practice includes a host of classes, and workshops. In addition, Gloria is also available for private readings and platform gallery readings that she holds at her center or private homes and venues.

Gloria also offers workshops and brings in International Mediums and Teachers to Soulful Awakenings, located in Lake Como New Jersey.

Traveling throughout the country, Gloria offers all of the above at various locations. Her linking techniques have proven to help others become more evidential in receiving information from the spirit world.

Due to distance, many are not able to attend her classes and workshops. Gloria now offers online private classes and mentoring sessions for those interested. She also has been doing Readings online, both individual and groups, for many years.

Her mission in life is to help the grieving and the terminally ill. Also, to educate those who desire to do this work.., to do it in the only way it should be taught and given, which is evidentially, and in God's Love and Light. As she always says, "Treat it and use it as a gift from God...nothing else should be accepted."

Gloria has three grown sons, a lovely daughter-in-law and two grandchildren. She resides at the Jersey Shore with her husband Ralph.

Listed since: May 8, 2012


Lost my sister unexpectedly 11/17. Attended one of her sessions with my two other sisters. I had been watching her videos on YouTube prior to attending her center so I was somewhat familiar with her. The reading was phenomenal. My Dad, Mom (passed 9/16) and sister came through. Sounds cliche, but she literally gave information she couldn’t possibly have known. I found her to be very comforting. I have a lot of respect for her and for what she does.
I have met with Gloria several times and have never been disappointed. Gloria does amazing readings, but is also great with educating people about the other side. Seeing Gloria has helped me heal. I'm very grateful for the stories she has shared which have helped me see certain events from a different, better perspective.
Today I met with Gloria and though I don't have space for specifics, I know that she’s a true medium. She’s a genuine soul who is blessed with a gift that she only uses for good. She does her work for God, and has given me the answers that I’ve been searching for. My view on spirituality hasn’t even altered, just expanded. I left her home in complete peace and I definitely recommend her to those interested. I now know that my mothers still with me, and if I ask for an answer, somehow it'll come!
My family was devastated after our ypungest ember passed away in a freak accident. We were unable to function or even find the strength to carry on with this great loss. But Gloria, put of the goodness of her heart, answered a desperate email depicting this tradgey. She was able to tell us things: names, stories, events that would not otherwise be known to an outsider. My baby brother was with us. Gloria was our connection. I cannot thank her enough for saving my life, but my sister's as well.
Gloria recently presided over a group meeting with my sisters and my cousins.No knowing what to expect since this was my first experience with a Medium I can say it was AMAZING.Gloria is truly gifted and inspirational.I myself am still reeling from this experience.My sister recently passed away and through Gloria was able to let us all know that she's happy and grateful. Gloria gave us information that NO ONE else could have known.We're thankful to Gloria for bringing our loved ones home again.
I had a reading with Gloria last week and was shocked by how much she knew about my loved ones that have passed away. She knew things about my childhood that my husband didn't even know. I felt like I was at a very happy family reunion with those I miss so much. It is such a comfort to know that my brother, grandparents & child I miscarried are with me. I can't thank her enough for giving me the gift of peace in my heart.
Living overseas in Dubai, we could not be more grateful for our telephone reading with Gloria. Its hard to imagine anything would be able to warm our hearts after the loss of our mom, but Gloria's reading had such a great amount of healing power. We lost our mom suddenly so being able to connect with her was truly a blessing. Gloria told us facts that undoubtably confirmed our mom is here with us always. Thanks Gloria for sharing your gift. Looking forward to future readings.

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