Gina M. Tomasino

Gina M. Tomasino
Gina M. Tomasino


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Toms River


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$125.00 for an individual 1 hour private session

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Hi, my name is Gina M. Tomasino. I am an Evidential Psychic Medium that brings forth lots of validations from your loved ones in Spirit so that you know you are truly communicating with them. My readings are full of love, comfort, healing, guidance and are very uplifting. During a reading, one of your loved ones in Spirit will link his/her energy with my energy. They actually use my physical body as a conduit to speak with you. Remember the movie "Ghost" with Patrick Swayze and Whoopie Goldberg? Well, the way Patrick Swayze floated right inside Whoopie Goldberg in the movie is exactly how I connect with your loved one in Spirit. He/She will gently float inside of me and communicate directly with you. While I allow Spirits to use my physical body to communicate through, there is nothing scary, I promise. I never lose consciousness and I can let go of the energy at anytime.

During my 1 hour readings, the first 10 minutes we will validate all those who are present, especially your loved one who has linked with my body. The next 50 minutes, we will discuss in great detail the topics of relationship, family, health and career. There is always plenty of time for questions after each topic and near the end, so I encourage all my clients to write down questions before coming to see me so you won't forget to ask if it is not answered during your reading. Your loved one in Spirit will finish the reading with some signs that they leave for you to notice and find. They want you to know how much they still love you and that they are always with you.

In addition, I teach Beginner Mediumship with a 12 week course, to help my students develop their Spiritual gifts. However, not everyone that I teach will give Mediumship readings. My classes are structured to help everyone on how to better understand the Spirit World with managing his/her intuitive gifts and to help those who are interested in learning how to open up to their intuitive gifts. Because of this, I have become a Spiritual Advisor to many of my clients.

I offer:

1 hour Individual In-Person, Zoom, Facetime, Skype or Phone readings - $125.00

Gift Certificates are available for purchase - $125.00

(In-Person Readings are Cash Only. Venmo, Zelle or Paypal accepted for Virtual Readings and Gift Certificates)

Travel to Hostess Reading Parties - Readings are 1 hour Individual, with a minimum of 3, maximum of 5 guests - $125 per guest (travel time is up to approximately 1 hour distance from my home in Toms River)

2024 REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED: 12 Week Beginner Mediumship Online Course:
Cost: $350.00 (Class Manual is included)
BEGINS: Thursday January 18th from 7pm - 9:30pm
ENDS: Thursday April 11th.
Where: Live Zoom Class

Please Enroll through my website or contact me directly at for more information.

House Clearings of Earthbound Spirits - $200.00

House Blessing and Smudging - $50.00

Spirit Attachment Release - $300

Additional Information: 

My Spiritual Awakening happened to me in 2012. With this, I experienced Adult Onset of Mediumship. I learned how to re-open my intuitive gifts that I had closed during my adult life, and began my journey into Mediumship. I have been giving individual readings ever since.

My spirituality is based in my belief in God and Jesus. I am in constant connection with Angels, my Spirit Guides and deceased family members who continue to teach and guide me on my spiritual journey to help me bring some Light and Blessings into the lives for those who seek it. I reside in Toms River, New Jersey and have 3 grown children. I offer in-person readings in the Jersey Shore Area.

God Bless.


Phone: 973-487-6518
Instagram: @ginatomasinomedium

Listed since: Aug 18, 2015


My recent telephone reading with Gina was both insightful and comforting. She communicated with the spirits of many of my deceased family members giving validation to her psychic abilities. The experience was incredible and accurate. I highly recommend Gina. She is a warm caring person whose kind hearted personality radiated throughout our uplifting session. Thank you Gina.
I had my first medium reading with Gina. At first, I was very skeptical, but looking back each time her reading was filled with details and info that I had even forgotten about the loved ones who have passed. It’s nothing short of amazing! I highly recommend, she is the real deal.
Gina truly is talented and I would recommend her without any hesitation to everyone I know and don't know! It was a beautiful and wonderful experience!
What a beautiful experience! Not only was Gina very accurate and talented, she made me feel comfortable and right at home with her. I am grateful for her time with me!
Thank you Gina for an insightful first reading. Gina is gifted and very good at this. The validations were correct and I knew I was in touch with my Nana & Nani. I was able to get closure on a few things I have been feeling guilty about for a long time. I loved that all my spirit family is looking out, connected to me. Gina was able to communicate important messages and confirm things in my family relations, career, and shared some good advice. Absolutely feel free, light and energized w Gina!
Speaking with Gina was an incredible experience. So many loved ones came thru and spoke to me thru her - truly accurate in so many ways - blew my mind. I am very grateful!!
I have been searching for a way to communicate with my deceased parents. Gina's reading brought through both of my parents in a light hearted manner. Sure, I cried, but they were happy tears, because she was truly speaking their words, providing details, special sayings & messages throughout my reading. Gina's gift went beyond my expectations. I can not thank her enough for sharing her gift, because now, daughters like me can hear from the ones we miss the most. Thank you Gina xoxo
I had the privilege of meeting Gina for the first reading of my life in October of 2019. As a Catholic, the whole experience validated my spiritual connection with Heaven, my Angels , and my relatives...especially my late grandmother Ann. Gina' s empathetic nature and warm personality was present the moment I met her. She helped me to find peace, comfort, and introduced me to my life's purpose. She changed my life. She is an Angel sent to us to bridge the gap between Earth and Heaven.
Gina was AMAZING!!! She came highly recommended to me from a trusted friend and I now highly recommend her! I had a lot of obstacles in my way getting to the reading and she was so patient and understanding. Many of the gifts she shared with me really blew my mind because they resonated so deeply. She truly has a gift and was so on pointe! I will definitely do it again. She’s the real deal!
I had a wonderful reading with Gina! I was looking to connect with my Mom who passed away a little over two years ago and she came through immediately. Gina was able to tell me things to validate that it was indeed her. She gave me details which blew me away! I’m going through a difficult time in my life at the moment and Gina was able to give me advice and assurance through my Mom that everything is going to be okay. I highly recommend Gina to anyone looking to connect with a loved one.
Gina was more than amazing. She has such a gift. She was able to contact my grandfather who recently passed. She was so kind and helpful with explaining everything about the reading, just a genuinely sweet soul. She was able to tell me things no one else would’ve known about my grandfather and how he passed. It was such an amazing experience and offered so much closure and comfort. I highly recommend anyone who lost a loved one go to Gina.
My father passed away when I was 9 years old not from natural causes. Gina was able to validate to me many things about his death, and many things she said were very comforting. It was a very emotional experience for me but Gina truly worked through love to my father’s validations. She is a genuine good person and I highly recommend her to pass along this comfort and validation that you may need. She mentioned things that were very real validations.
WOW! What a reading! To start, Gina is a beautiful soul with a warm heart. This being my first medium reading I must say I was a bit skeptical. Gina extinguished that skepticism the moment she got down to business. She had no problem connecting with many of my loved ones and the information she conveyed was not only accurate, but done so in the manner of that particular loved one. If you would like to connect with passed loved ones, Angles and Guides, Gina is the REAL DEAL! Thanks Gina!

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