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Deb Farina
Deb Farina


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Fee varies based on reading time from $33 and up. See my website for specifics.

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All scheduling can be done via my website or email.


Hello beautiful soul! I’m so happy that you were guided to my listing and are taking the time for you. You have 2 wonderful options, intuitive coaching (awareness calls) or purpose readings. Both are excellent pathways to clarity and peace of mind. So, no matter which you choose, you gain insight!

*With the holidays upon us and extra busy schedules, I'm offering a special 15 minute awareness call option! It's normally only available minimum as a 30 minute call but from now until 12/29/15, you can book it for just 15 minutes.*

How do you know which option to choose?

Awareness Calls (1 session intuitive coaching sessions) specialize in guiding you to uncover what truly matters to you and/or what’s holding you back. I see these sessions as an opportunity to delve into the intuitive sides of us that know the answer. Yet, sometimes the answer is buried so deep that we need additional guidance to get there. I provide that intuitive guidance by sharing what comes through and also by asking you the right questions so you get to the root quickly. The phone sessions can last either 30, 45 or 60 minutes depending on how deep you want to dig. Trust your intuition here.

Purpose readings are a way to connect and find a deeper meaning in your life. They’re 15 minute interactive card readings providing insight in to what you’re meant to do, where your true passion and joy really resides. And they’re also via phone so you can do it from the comfort of anywhere.

Why choose me? Whatever option you choose, I offer a combination of intuitive insight, "in the moment" support and guidance based from experience. So, you get 3 for 1! And I always personalize each session to your pace and timing. I specialize in life shifts, emerging purpose and next level entrepreneurs but I’ve also helped tons of people with relationship, health, career, home, finances and more…

Want to hear a sample? Tune in to the Awareness Intuitive Coaching Hour for a shortened version of an awareness call. It’s live on News for the Soul every other Wednesday at 1pmEST or you can pull up any of the archived programs via my website. I’ve helped tons of people live and I can help you too!

Book an awareness call or purpose reading by visiting or send me an email at My website contains lots of nuggets of helpful info and stepping stone resources so be sure to check it out.

I truly look forward to guiding you towards the next step on your journey to more peace, happiness and prosperity.

Listed since: Oct 28, 2015

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