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David Allen Brown
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I am a very gifted, natural psychic, natural medium, & author. My wife and I primarily work together and we do group & private readings in person, via phone, email & Skype. We also hold lectures, gallery style readings, fundraising, vendor, celebrity, charity events, and psychic parties, In addition to teaching small classes, & workshops. The US National Archives has directed people they can no longer assist in their searches to me. We assist both federal & local governments with challenging cases. We are internationally known and have also been interviewed on numerous radio shows, for newspaper articles, & for reality TV series as well. Our references abound. We have always had gifts & they have strengthened & matured since birth.

We can help you find answers to your questions, connect you with loved ones that have passed on, and/or advance the development of your own unique metaphysical abilities. Let us illuminate the path to your enlightenment; whether it be to answer questions or make connections with spirit for you, or assist you in doing so yourself! We are very down to earth, easy going, & direct yet respectful. Find out what is possible & real when you experience a truly gifted psychic & medium!

Everyone has ability. Some have more natural ability than others, however, everyone can develop their unique gifts. For developmental students receive assistance with progression & fine tuning of your psychic, mediumship, and/or energy modality abilities!

Some of our abilities: Mediumship; Clairvoyance; Clairaudience; claircognizance; clairsentience; clairgustance; psychometry; prediction/divination; remote viewing; psychic advising, reading, & counseling; environmental & building scanning/reading; life timestreaming; astral projection; channeling; empathy; telepathy; lucid dreaming; and more... Yes we can do many things and do them very well.

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We are available for private & group readings as well as events, radio/tv/video interviews, fundraisers, charities, classes/workshops, & parties. Have an idea for something not mentioned here? Let us know about it and we'll discuss it! I can't wait to hear from you...

Listed since: Mar 27, 2014


I just had the most awesome experience with David. He gave me answers that I was looking for my whole life. My mom past in 94 I had alot of questions about her passing. As I suspected he told me what I thought happened. If I may say so she came through, and told me she did not pass on her own. It was NOT natural. GOD bless David.

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