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Carole Gileski
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Middlesex County

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30 minutes, $70 or 60 minutes, $120


A psychic reading by Carole is a fascinating way to get a glimpse of the future. They are fun, accurate, and very enlightening. Unlike most people who give psychic readings, Carole uses a gentle yet direct approach. Whether they call themselves psychics, clairvoyants, astrologists, mediums, or trancers, many readers leave their clients in a state of uncertainty. Not so with Carole; she genuinely cares about her clients. Book a reading today and see the difference for yourself!

Additional Information: 

•Private readings
*30 minutes: $ 70.00
*60 minutes: $120.00
•Readings by phone
•Psychic parties

Listed since: Nov 26, 2010


Carole is the best. Through her gift, my Harry came through without hesitation. So much validation, I am in awe. Carole is also a very caring person in any walk of life. God blessed Carole with the ability to bring your loved one's message to you. Thanks are not enough.
When I came to Carol I was not a believer. I wanted see her because I just recently lost my oldest son and I needed answers, I never expected her to hit so many points about my sons life, things that no one knew but him and I. I was impressed and overwhelmed with her knowledge of him . She made me a believer. Thank you Carol
First of all I’d like to express my sincerest appreciation for Carole and her innate gift that she has chosen to share with me. Carole was AMAZING, there are no words to express how positive my experience was with her. She was eerily accurate, insightful and confident in her reading. I highly recommend her to anyone who finds themselves stuck in a state of wonder and/or incertitude. God bless you always Carole!! Positivity, Love, Light & Blessings to you!!
During one of the readings she was able to give me first and last name of someone that is associated to me. I think she was just as surprised as I was. Yes, she could have looked it up on line but this person wasn’t too close to my inner circle to randomly talk to me about this person, plus there were other things she was able to tell me that one couldn’t look up on social media. She is amazing! I have learned a great deal from her and would highly suggest meeting with her for a reading.
I had my first reading with Carole today, and I have to say I was blown away by the accuracy and detail to the situations going on in my life at the moment. Carole gave me some priceless advice on dealing with what is going on along with clarity as to why these things were happening. I felt like I was talking to a good friend I've known forever, very down to earth. It was surreal , Carole knew all about me and all I said was hello! You won't be disappointed!
it has been 3 years that I have been having sessions with Carole and it has been such a blessing for me! Carole has guided me to new heights and roads to abundance! I feel so blessed and assured when speaking to her and what she says is always spot on! Carole Gileski has predicted many events in my life it is almost scary. She is the real deal and I would recommend her to anyone!
Carole is absolutely amazing! She picked up on all the topics of my concerns without saying why I called. Carole is caring and helped me out in my situations. I actually got goosebumps talking to her that's how accurate my reading was. I feel confident in what I have to do from this point on. I can't thank her enough.
One word: Awesome! Carole brought up a situation in my life that I was confused about and made me feel so much better and I have a whole new outlook about it. I am much more relaxed and just feeling good about it. I'm not as uptight about it and will just sit back and let the cards fall where they may! I would recommend Carole to anyone is is looking for a good psychic. It didn't hurt that we laughed and had a great time too!! :)
I spoke with Carole twice during a time in my life when things were rough and I wanted to give up but she gave me hope again. She mentioned things to me that gave me chills. She also told me that I would meet the guy that I'm suppose to spend the rest of my life and gave so much detail about him. And her predictions were right on... I meet him a few weeks ago . She is an angel sent. I don't know how to thank her !
Carole is amazing! She sensed the urgency in my call while my husband was in the hospital. She took my call and calmed me down. She told me things that no one else would have known. She even called to see how my husband was doing after his surgery! She has been keeping me updated on my brother's status on his trip to Turkey. Carole is absolutely wonderful and I look forward to many more readings!!!
Carole is amazing. I called her for help with some career choices and she gave me absolutely every answer that I needed. She sensed my urgency and even dropped what she was doing to give me n immediate reading. She was very compassionate and direct with all of my answers. I got the guidance that was hoping to find, I will definitely be contacting her again!
I just got off the phone with carole from the moment we talked she was right on she picked up on my ex I was at the end of my rope so was honest with everything so was concerned with my feelings and gave me hope when the phone call ended I have my life thanks to her I will talk with her again thank you your the best
This was my first time getting a reading by Carole. When first meeting her, she was very compassionate and caring. I felt very comfortable with her. Carole brought up family who have past, she was right on. She talked about a situation that was going on in my life at the time of the reading, it blew me away. There are more things to come, but at a later date. Carole was so accurate, I will be going back. Thank you Carole.
The reading you gave me sent chills down my answered my question an more with amazing accuracy . You knew so much about me without me saying anything. You are definitely the real deal an I highly recommend everyone to call for the most accurate reading ever. Will be calling back again. Thank you sooooooo much..
I had a reading over the phone with Carole the other day and she was dead on with her reading. She connected with my friend's deceased brother, my nana who passed and my dog Harley who passed. She confirmed for me what I already knew about my relationship and which direction my life needs to go in. I am simply amazed and thankful our paths have crossed so that I can deliver the messages I have received. Thank you so much Carole! God Bless
I first went to carole to try and connect with loved ones i lost as well as for some guidance about my personal life. Not only was she able to tell me things about them wih complete accuracy she was able to see what was going on in my present life. She guided me to the next step in my life. When i first met her my life was a mess but with her guidance i was able to see the truth about my situation and now my life is getting better everyday and i cant thank her enough for her help! She is amazing
I went to Carol so that I could try to connect with my baby sister who passed in 7/11 at the age of 22. I was honestly a bit skeptical, but Carol quickly disarmed me of any skepticism when she told me that my sister wants me to fix the chair that I had fallen out of twice recently because the screw was stripped. She told me exactly how my sis passed without me saying a word, amongst many other things but I have a 500 character limit here! She is amazing and made me a believer, I WILL go back!
I am from New Jersey. I was VERY skeptical with the whole psychic thing in general. I called Carole and she mentioned right away that she felt energy from Maryland and at that point my heart dropped because my co-worker came out to my office in Jersey from our Maryland branch this same day. As we continued to talk (while still being skeptical)Carole uncovered things about my life & gave me great guidance and advice. Carole is super and I will recommend her to anyone. I am now a true believer!
Carole was wonderful ,warm and helpful. She is a very connected and intune with a higher spirit and realm. I am very pleased and at peace with our meeting.
Always 100% accurate for me!
Carole was very helpful , informative, and about 90% accurate. She is someone whom I will definetly go to more than once. She is patient, understanding, and most importantly honest. Thank you Carole

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