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Please email me at wendy@centerforpetlossgrief.com


I'm a pioneering leader in the field of pet loss grief support. I am dedicated to providing a safe place for my clients to express their grief over the loss of their pets. What makes me successful with my clients is that I get grief! “Over the years I’ve dealt with my own grief and helping many families communicate and connect with their pets long after their loss. It’s what I’ve done since I was just 5 yrs old!”

I am compassionate and supportive to all who know me.

My passion is to help people when they are grieving over the loss of a pet and mylarger than life love for animals has led me to devote my life to the mission of increasing the quality of life between animals and people no matter what stage they are in their cycle of life! I have been called the animal whisperer.

I'm a Certified End of Life and Pet Grief Support Coach, Certified Pet Funeral Celebrant, Animal Medium and Communicator. I am the founder of The Center for Pet Loss Grief and an international best-selling and award-winning author and speaker.

I hold a Master’s of Science degree in Wolf Ecology and Behavior and has run with wild wolves in Minnesota, coyotes in Massachusetts and foxes in her backyard. I live in the woods with my husband, two crazy birds, my rescue dog Addie and all kinds of wildlife.

PLEASE NOTE: I am not a fortuneteller or a relationship/love psychic so please do not ask for predictions on your life; I work on a very deep Intuitive Spiritual Level with Animals to empower you and YOUR PETS on your journey.

****Also please do not "test the psychic" I can tell immediately and you will not get a meaningful connection with your animal. *****

For more information please email me at wendy@wendyvandepoll.com or wendy@centerforpetlossgrief.com



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Award-Winning and Best-Selling Books...found on www.CenterForPetLossGrief.com

My Dog is Dying: What do I do? Emotions, Decisions, and Options for Healing

My Dog Has Died: What do I do? Making Decisions and Healing the Trauma of Pet Loss

My Cat is Dying: What do I do? Navigating Emotions, Decisions, and Options for Healing

My Cat Has Died: What do I do? Making Decisions and Healing the Trauma of Pet Loss

Healing a Child's Pet Loss Grief: A Guide for Parents

Listed since: Dec 4, 2012


I had a wonderful experience with Wendy doing a session for my two cats. There were multiple issues that needed to be addressed. Wendy had the patience and connection to allow what each cat needed to express. And also letting me know what the health situation is that needs to be attended to. I highly recommend Wendy for her compassion, clarity, and ability to bring out the information desired for all involved.
I met Wendy at a pet fair 2 years ago and immediately found her to be a personable, kind, sensitive and intuitive person who has a burning passion for her art. She actively coaches students and inspires their growth. Any time I've written on her Facebook page or communicated with her, she is quick to respond in such a supportive way. She understands the grief process and is terrific to help that difficult journey. Thank you, Wendy, for all that you add to our lives! You are terrific!
I contacted Wendy after the devastating loss of my beloved dog due to complications after surgery. I was searching for some answers and trying to make sense of a unexpected loss. Wendy was extremely compassionate and connected with my dog to establish a communication link. It was an amazing experience and Wendy was so right on in so many ways. Having the opportunity to convey my concerns and listen to the messages that Wendy was able to share with me gave me solace, helping me through the grief
I contacted Wendy after coming home from vacation to realize that my house was used to sell drugs, vandalized , stolen money and Jewelry. The worst part was how my animals were affected, they were frightened, shaking, throwing up and so very scared. I contacted Wendy and she set up a session immediately, she talked with them and gave them healing energy. I could see the difference before the session ended. She helped and guided me through cleansing of my house. I am so very grateful. Thank you
My reading with Wendy was fantastic, it was an eye opener to learn why my oldest Beckett was brought into my life. He is a very anxious & high strung Boston Terrier, with lots of love to give. Wendy helped me see how his personality reflected some of my own personal challenges of being willing to be seen in the world for who I really am. Not only did Wendy give me some great tips for helping Beckett and Brigid, but her insights helped me to step more fully into my purpose and who I really am!
It was so wonderful to have contact with my little (well, 40 lb) pit mix LeeLoo Wiggle Butt. We were volunteers for Kim, one of Wendy's students. What joy she brought to me. LeeLoo told her about her "go funny" eye, the training we were doing with her barking, and she would grow into a job as a therapy dog. Wendy prompted Kim a few times with some direction to go in. All in all, I am so happy with the results and extra incite into my pup.What a gift
I became a student of Wendy’s Animal Communication course because I resonated with her approach to communicate with our beloved animals at a soul level. She taught me how to communicate with my cats not only on a “how are you” basis but also on a “what is your purpose and why are we together” basis. As the instructor, she demonstrated her skills with sessions on animals here and in spirit. I am grateful to be her student and enjoy a deeper understanding of my cats and other animals, too.
Do you want to know how many spirit guides you have? Or would you rather know why your beloved companion animal is in your life? Wendy can tell you all these things and more or teach you how to find out for yourself. Either way it will be exciting, fun, and informative. She is totally fluent in the language of energy and will guide you on your path with warmth and compassion.
Our dog Annie had stopped eating, was acting really lethargic and we thought she was on her way out. Wendy was really wonderful, very thorough and confirmed much of what our vet told us but also gave us so much more information and more importantly, hope that we could straighten her out with a change in diet. I’m happy to say that as soon as we started implementing Wendy’s suggestions, Annie popped right back to life and is doing so much better! Thank you Wendy!
I was fortunate enough to be included on a training session call Wendy had with her Practitioner Level Animal Communication students. Before I was read by one of her students, I got to hear her coaching and even I was inspired on behalf of her students! When it was time, she helped me to understand what to expect and then allowed her student the space to work while still facilitating. It was an incredible experience and clear that Wendy has a gift - both psychically and as a teacher/mentor.
Wendy brings through with amazing clarity the energy and personality of the animal and evidential information confirming the animal's continued existence to the human receiving the reading. And if that was it not already enough, Wendy also brings forth the reasons and purpose of the animal having been an important part of the human's life and the teaching that was pre-planned between them. A gifted medium/communicator, she truly demonstrates the ongoing existence of beloved animal friends.
A few days ago, I received a lab report regarding my beagle's tumors and as Wendy predicted, the tumors were encapsulated and not systemic. Wendy gave me support and holistic guidelines to improve our Copper's imbalances. I am so thankful to her as Copper and I needed the "soul review" and we are practicing chakra balancing and healthier living. The reading with Wendy was a huge help and confidence booster. And what a treat to know that I have spirit guides in the guise of humans & animals! TY<3
just wanted to say what a wonderful reading my wife and I had with Wendy. She was not only professional but also compassionate as well as in tune with the positive energies of our pets who have passed on. Dustin
I received a POSITIVE.EMOTIONAL, reading from Wendy. She connected with my 3 pets that have recently passed on. I was troubled with feeling badly about our last dog that passed away. She was able to connect with her, and let me know that she was ready to go. Her work with us was fulfilled, and she was very happy and proud to have been part of our family! I feel so much better knowing that, As well as our other pets that have passed on.I cannot THANK Wendy enough for helping me through this!!
I want to thank Wendy for working with me several months ago. It helped catalyze some profound changes that I could not have dreamed of related to a life-long sense of powerlessness. She also helped me come to terms with the persistent sadness I had around the loss of two pets. When she tuned into them, she totally "got" their essence and energy. There was no explanation necessary on my part. What a joy it was to have her understand them and the deep relationship we had shared!
Wendy was spot on with her reading of my Bouvier des flandres, Benjamin. She was able to connect where I didn't even think a connection was there...she read the "pure essence" of my rescue dog....turned into a therapy dog, my constant companion, Benjamin. And, by reading Benjamin, she was able to pick up on me and my relationship to him...so, it was a double treat!! Wendy, is, the real deal....best regards....jim petit
Wendy is an amazing intuitive counselor! I have worked with her on some very difficult transitions in my life. Wendy helps me understand what is going on energetically and provides spiritual guidance which allows me to move forward with positive changes. She does this with such compassion, love, and dedication to her clients' growth and healing. I highly recommend Wendy's readings for humans as well as animals.
Wendy is truly worth her weight in gold. When my beloved 13 yr old border collie started having episodes of vestibular disease, I contacted Wendy. Wendy worked with her and now when she has an episode it's very short lived and much less severe. People keep telling me they can't believe she's 13 because she looks so healthy! I also began to work with Wendy for myself and with her help have finally gotten that new job I needed. I kind of think of her as my Fairy Godmother. Thank you so much Wendy!
I have loved all of my dogs with all of my heart but my love for Lance was even more special, somehow. The connection that Wendy made with Lance has brought me comfort on such a deep level and the information from him and about him will stay with me always. The session was incredibly full and empowering. I learnt about our soul contracts, was given wonderful life tools and told about my animal spirit guides and totem. I am so grateful to Wendy who was such a joy to talk with.
I was horrified for my beloved dog who suffered a traumatic event and I didn't know how to help him. Though guarded at first, Hunter quickly opened up to Wendy's gentle and respectful communication approach. Wendy helped him heal physically and emotionally but most importantly learning of our deep-seeded soul contract helped me help Hunter!! The intuitive life path coaching the followed continues to be nothing short of transformational for me and my animals! Thank you Wendy, You ROCK!
Wendy's reading for me was very profound, and rang true in many ways for me. I could feel the caring connection she made with many guides. She was very helpful, and is obviously doing this from her heart and soul. I would trust her for my animals too! She is so dedicated to helping our furry friends,and I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of an alternative and intuitive perspective. Great work Wendy!!! Thank you :)
I went to Wendy because I was worried about my beloved pet. Wendy helped to put me at ease and she gave me invaluable insight into my pet. I will definitely go to Wendy again and I have already referred several friends to her. If you have questions about a living or deceased pet, Wendy is the one to see!!!
I thank the Universe for being guided to Wendy! Without her intuitive healing session, I would NEVER have known that I was unwittingly starving my Best Friend, Edgar, by feeding him an expensive regime of Science Diet. I brought him to see her with the hopes that she'd help ease his physical and emotional discomforts from a recent diagnosis of severe dbl hip dysplasia. It's only been a few weeks since I made the changes she recommended, even before his surgery, he's made INCREDIBLE GAINS! TY!!
I recently had a great reading from Wendy! She is a gifted and caring psychic who connected quickly and easily to me and my guides. She gave me valuable guidance for my situation and for the development of my internal environment. Wendy scanned my charkras and advised me how to effectively heal them. Thank you Wendy!
I had a reading done with Wendy. I could feel right away so much love coming from her(big empath here). Her words and the very on spot reading she did gave me goosebumps and filled my heart with such emotion. I can't think of other words than spot on. She also reinstated the feelings I had to pursue this as a life path to follow. I feel such grace and love coming from her. Truly a gifted beautiful soul.
I met Wendy by chance, or not really as I was drawn to Leapin Lizards in Portland, Maine on a day that she was doing readings there. Her ability to connect with my spirit guides, answer questions and guide me, firmly yet gently was just what I needed! She was able to affirm what I intuitively knew and support me. She spent extra time teaching me how to listen to my guides on a very primitive, beginner level which has opened up a fascinating world and future! Love her!
I attended a Beginner Level Animal Communication class with Wendy. Her ability to connect with animals and their humans and to teach pet parents how to connect with their own pets is amazing. The information was very thoughtfully presented and done in a supportive way that validated each person's experience. I am so grateful for the time spent with Wendy and am honored and blessed to have been brought together with someone who can help me to learn to communicate with animals.
I did a life path coaching session with Wendy and it was fabulous! I learned more about myself than with all the self-help books on my shelf combined! She tuned into my hidden talents right away and helped clarify what I needed to do to move forward. I'm now living a better life now thanks to her insight and guidance!
I took in a pregnant feral cat. The cat wouldn't leave the crate I caught her in and she wouldn't eat, drink or use the litter box. After almost two days of her her just laying in the cat carrier, I was tempted to bring Momma Cat back to the farm where I got her so she would eat and take care of herself. Wendy did a reading on the cat and almost immediately, the cat left the crate, accepted the nest area I made up for her and she started eating, drinking and using the box. What a difference!
Our spotted dog Leila had been expressing pain and discomfort in her hind quarters for a couple of weeks. We would put her on bed rest and she would improve, only to be knocked back out after a low key romp. After 2 visits with Wendy she is remarkably improved. Not only is she moving about more comfortably, but her goofy sense of play has returned. Wendy engaged the skeptical-of-humans-Leila and gained her trust instantly. Wendy does great work.


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