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Robert Allen Fahey, M.Ed., Ph.D., was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and was raised a Catholic. Early in life, he could see and hear spirits, predict future events, had dreams of prophecy, and given warnings to be careful of his talent and experiences, as they had more to do with the unexplained. To help him grow up psychic, his mother nurtured his ability by playing 20-questions on a game Ouija board. To deter labels of being different, he learned to keep his ability a secret by listening to his spirit guides who lead him to study hypnosis and self-hypnosis. Practicing hypnosis and self-hypnosis lead to an interest and study of music and humor through ventriloquism, which eventually would become perfect ways to keep hidden from others his intuition, psychic, and mediumship abilities. By age nine, he sensed a heightened strangeness as he realized a keen sense to reading the thoughts and presence of others including those in spirit. Several years later, he came to see the future era of global spirituality, and the metaphysician within emerged. Like many other mediums, no school or training could prepare him for his future work, as his ability to communicate with those in the afterlife emerged out of his own self-guidance, and willingness to learn and understand his life’s mission better so he could best help those guided to him for spiritual help and support. Dr. Fahey graduated from Woburn High School and then moved on to studies that would show him how to help people succeed. He focused on specializing in education, counseling, and alternative health care and graduated from Cambridge College earning a Master’s in Education with a major in Counseling Psychology. Later, he earned doctorates in Clinical Nutrition and Naturopathy. Dr. Fahey earned a doctorate (Ph.D.) in Education with a specialization in Business Management, Leadership, Training and Human Performance Improvement from Capella University in March 2007. He earned his second Master's in English Language, Leaning, and Teaching from Capella University in 2018. After nearly three decades working in private practice as a counselor and personal and business wellness life coach in Quincy, Massachusetts, Dr. Fahey moved to the island of Maui, Hawaii, and began studies in Hawaiian spirits, naturology, natural life energies, and to openly show and tell others about his talents. Nearly a decade later, the voice of his soul told him it was time to return to New England, and then he moved to Southwest Florida. Eleven years later he moved back to New England only to move again to the West Palm Beach area of Florida where he now lives full-time.

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X-PERIENCE: Dr. Fahey is a nationally renowned research evidential psychic spirit medium and clairvoyant who is also a scholar, academic dean, college professor and bestselling author of books on mind, body, and spiritual healing. Dr. Fahey has performed over 50,000 personal readings, and 20 Annual Psychic Dinners.

Professional Spiritual Medium Lic# 2016092390
Professional Hypnotist Lic# 2016093312
Personal & Business Life Coach
Spiritual Intuitive Keynote Speaker
Ordained Minister (2003)
Practitioner of Spiritual Healing & Care
Former Online Instructor: University of Phoenix in the College of Health & Human Services - Taught nearly 70 online classes in finance, communications and multi-cultural diversity
Academic Dean: Computer Systems Institute (2015-Present)
Former College Professor: ITT Technical Institute Social Psychology, Success Strategies For The Technical Professional, and Portfolio Development for Career Success. The School’s Official Student Tutor (June 2010-December 2014)
College Professor: Everglades University - Online Division / Alternative Medicine - January 2022
Masters in Education—M.Ed. Major: Counseling Psychology (1983)
Cambridge College Regionally Accredited University
Doctorate in Naturopathy—Major: Natural Sciences from Westbrook University Non-Traditional Studies (1995)
Doctorate in Education—Ph.D. Major: Business Management Capella University Regionally Accredited University (2007)
Masters in Science - M.S. Major: English Language, Learning, and Teaching Capella University Regionally Accredited University (2018)
Author: Rainbow Soul Mates—They Are All Around Us, The Gift—Success Through Positive Mental Energy, Spirit Masters, Spirit Stars and numerous published articles on the subject of consciousness expansion studies.

Listed since: Aug 18, 2007


I have been going to Dr. Fahey for years now and I love his readings. He is always kind and spot on! I don’t know what I would do without his encouraging words! His readings always give me something to look forward to!
Dr. Fahey is amazing. I have gotten two email readings from him and I feel better after. The first one let me know my father is still here and my second let me know I'm doing a good job in my life.
I still can’t believe how accurate Dr. Fahey is on my ten year old recording of reading i had. Spot on. Like no other.
this guy is dead spot on accurate I would highly recommend him if you want to get a physic reading done
Dr. Fahey has been so helpful and spot on with his answers to my one question readings! Can't recommend him highly enough
After having several readings from Dr. Fahey, in person and on the phone, I decided having him as my Pen Pal would be fun! Once a month for a year. A little present to myself. My first question, this morning, was answered very quickly. He is and always has been unbelievably accurate. I have been to some really good psychics, some bad. Dr. Fahey has a wonderful gift he shares with us and I will always turn to him for answers. His book Rainbow Soulmates was wonderful. He's the best! Thank you
I have been to one of Dr. Fahey’s sessions/meetings where he gets messages from Spirit. Everything he received from my father was spot on. I’ve never been to another physic that was so intuitive. I also use his email questions and he is just as attuned with this media. I recommend anyone who is seeking answers from Spirit or who questions the validity of mediumship to try one of Dr Fahey’s readings. You will be a Belever!
I highly recommend contacting Dr. Fahey for a reading. He is very prompt in contacting you and knows his stuff! Dr. Fahey doesn't hesitate in letting you know something even if it may not be what you want to hear, but these are lessons that we must learn in life. You don't always get what you want, but get what you need and this is his quote and he is so right. I'm always confident that he will give me the messages, guidance and lessons that I need to know at that moment. Don't hesitate!
I have consulted Dr. Fahey twice on the recommendation of a dear friend, both times I found him to be very friendly, easy to talk to, amazingly insightful and very informative. The first time was a phone reading and the second time was an email question. He responded to my email question very promptly and completely. I certainly would not hesitate to consult with Dr. Fahey again in the future if I need his advice.
Dr.Fahey has been right every time I have spoken to him or asked him a question directed to a job, relationship, life in general! I highly recommend if you need any direction at all!!!! He is amazing in his work!
I recently was trying to pass an exam that I had a few fails at. I reached out to Dr. Fahey for some feedback. He stated he does see me passing, however advised me of changing my attitude which would help the outcome. I didn't believe I could! Well i failed again! I was so upset at myself and so discouraged. I emailed Dr Fahey again and he stated he once again said, believe and you will pass. You got this! You know all the information! And I PASSED with the change of my attitude and belief!
I can't think Dr. Fahey enough for the amazing readings every time. He is always spot on. I would 100% give him a chance to answer any questions that may be bothering you! I have had a few readings before him and there is nothing like it with Dr. Fahey!
amazing he answered my question and I was surprised how detailed he is I will definitely be going to his event in Cape Coral September . thank u so much and if I have more questions before then I'll definitely email again :)
Dr. Robert I have been a nervous wreck with worry. Your words, nderstanding and compassion were definitely more than I ever expected. I wish I would have the opportunity to know you in person just for the kind of person you are and the genuine caring reading you gave me. I can’t express how much it meant to me and I thank you with all my heart.
I am a strong believer in the lord and have turned to Dr Fahey several times when I needed concise answers as to what's in my own heart. We all get confused by the many messages of the world and no one can see and describe your heart and souls cry better than Dr Fahey.
What a wonderful talent and person Dr. Fahey is, had a reading today and he was right about it all. Put my mind at ease and let me know I am not alone. Absolutely fabulous!!!!!
Something pretty amazing to talk to Dr. Robert. It was incredible experience and it was like I knew him for years. He led me to understand all my gut instincts were correct and gave me a heads up on what was to come just around the corner. Highly highly recommend if you are in need of closer! Thank you so very much!!
I just completed a reading with Dr. Fahey and I am amazed. I lost my husband one year ago, and was anxious to reach him. Almost with his first sentence, Dr. Fahey gave me my husband's name and was able to convey to me that he was OK and with loved ones. He reassured me I had made the right decisions about his care and was always with me. Everything he conveyed to me was dead on, and I am so grateful and at peace for the first time since his passing.
He answered my questions in a timely manner and thoroughly. His responses were reassuring and I am looking forward to his outcome as they were positive.
Wow, Dr. Fahey put my mind at ease. It is really amazing how he was able to communicate with my passed relatives in some kind of form, and reassure me that they are near me and very much still in my life. He was so spot on with what he had mentioned, that my mind is still spinning in awe. My anxieties have lessoned, because now I can feel that I am still loved and looked out for by those who have passed. Thank you so much Dr. Fahey!
I have used Robert a couple times and could not be more pleased with the experience and what I received back from him. He has a true gift and it has been a heck of an experience. Recommend to anyone in need of answers!!!!
When I think of Dr. Robert Allen Fahey, the words "Generosity of Spirit" come to mind. I am grateful that my spirit was led to his spirit, and I am sure that you will be too. Dr. Fahey actually lives the adage, "as you give, so shall you receive". I received more than I could have imagined, and am sure that you will as well. Thank you Dr. Fahey
I had a reading with Dr. Fahey after a dear friend insisted he was the best. I am so glad I did, my life was in a crazy tailspin and I wasn't sure what was next or what I was doing wrong. Dr. Fahey helped me to understand what I was going through and to take a deep breath and know that it was all about to work itself out. I felt so much better after getting some clarity from him. He hit the nail on the head about so many aspects of my life. I will be talking to him again!
I have been to several psychic mediums. I have read 50+ books on psychics, the afterlife, Spirit Guides etc. After reading Rainbow Soulmate by Dr. Fahey, which was so well written and very interesting, (I had a hard time putting it down until that last page was turned!) I decided to meet him and have a reading. I am so happy we met! What a warm, kind, funny, easy going guy he is!! God gave him a gift that he has shared with whoever asks. Please give yourself a gift and call Dr Fahey.
I met with Dr. Fahey shortly after I lost someone very special. I was truly amazed at the information that came through. It was a very positive and comforting experience for me. Dr. Fahey has a truly amazing gift. He is a kind gentleman and I am so very glad that I had a meeting with him. I really believe that my loved one is with me and is in a warm happy place.
Dr. Fahey is a truly gifted psychic in our time. I liken him to the sleeping prophet, Edgar Caycee. Dr. Fahey helped answer some difficult questions for me and helped me understand a situation which had me baffled. I can now go forward with confidence that my intuitions and actions were correct in this situation. He's gifted in person, by email, and by phone. I recommend you contact him! Best, HAB
Dr. Fahey was right on in a reading for my daughter. Told her she was from Ohio, had female spirit from mom's side of family (grandma) and male spirit - dad with her. Oct. was relative (dad died). Said she was 'the baby' and known as No. 1 (she was my first of 2 and she was always called #1). Told her she was the hub of our family (true); she has no patience with someone who doesn't understand what she is saying. Someone with initial D was skeptic and protective of her - Dave is her husband!

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