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Necole Stephens is a highly sought after Spirit Medium, integrating the physical world and the Afterlife. With her compelling accuracy, she delivers messages from Heaven bringing through much comfort, hope, and inspiration.

As a nationally recognized Spirit Medium and Spiritual Mentor. Necole is also a bereaved parent and has firsthand experience with grief. This has created a heightened ability to empathize and provide clients with a chance to connect with their loved ones. Necole listened to her heart and knew that where there is spirit, there is grief, which lead her to become a certified Grief Specialist.

Necole has dedicated her life to the helping and healing of others by traveling around the country giving inspirational talks and running her Healing Hugs from Heaven events where she incorporates messages from the Spirit World and provides grief tools to cultivate hope, comfort, healing and a sense of meaning and purpose.

“I know firsthand how painful grief is being a bereaved parent, sibling and daughter. Hearing validating messages from our loves brings so much comfort to our hearts but it is also the day-to-day survival that we strive for. My personal experience with grief and the afterlife has been, and continues to be, serendipitous. With all of my heart and soul, it is my passion to help people become aware that there is more. You can and will survive this nightmare. The insatiable void you feel comes from a place of love. It’s not easy, but somehow you will make it. You have already survived the worst day of your life, and you are stronger than you believe possible.”
Much love and hugs,
~ Necole ღ

Please visit: for a list of Necole’s upcoming events and for scheduling private sessions.

Necole is the founder of a non-profit 501(c) 3 organization in loving memory of her son, Zachary Tompkins. Zachary was a healthy, athletic 11-year-old boy who passed unexpectedly in his sleep in March 2010. It was later discovered that Zachary carried a genetic mutation called Long QT Syndrome, also known as the “Silent Killer”. Necole and her youngest son have since been diagnosed with this same mutation. 5% of Necole’s proceeds from all sessions, groups, and events goes directly to The Zachary M. Tompkins Bereaved Sibling College Scholarship to aide a grieving child further their future.

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Necole was named as one of the twenty-five selected as “Most Inspiring Facebook Pages”, having over 160K followers. Necole is featured on Your Eternal Self, Spirit Connections, Soul Luminous Radio, Awakening Zone Radio, international publication in Soul Space, as well as several additional media outlets. Necole is a contributing author for “Finding Joy Around The World: Real Life Stories of Discovering Happiness, Inner Peace and Joy”, and has endorsed “Illusion of an Ending” by Danielle Soucy Mills. Necole was blessed to be chosen as one, out of a small list of 13 of the country’s leading mediums by NBC to audition for a TV pilot. (Sadly, it didn’t work out.). Necole also partakes in The Wellness Universe and The Little Light Project. The Little Light Project is a non-profit 501(c)3 dedicated to being a voice for the kids – helping bereaved parents, spiritually gifted children and sexual abuse survivors. Necole is currently working on her first book “Perhaps You Can’t See Me.”

Listed since: Mar 8, 2011


I consider myself blessed to have had a reading with Necole. As I had no real expectations, I was blown away by the things that she communicated with me. It was very emotional on my end, yet she was able to stay sweet and even giggly! She has amazing energy and you can feel the love and light flow through her. I am still processing my reading, but I truly hope to speak with her again. She is truly a gift.
Necole is by far one of the best mediums I have met, she is such a genuine and caring lady. I had a group reading at my house one night and Necole came over. I was overall so please with my healing messages that came through I'm finally at peace knowing my nana is always looking over me as my guardian angel. I'll never forget how great that feeling was. Thank you Necole!
The first time I met Necole was in April'12. As a person,you immediately realize she is kind, compassionate and genuine. One should never know the grief of losing a child,and as a bereaved parent, you always "Hope"and "want" to believe that your child is still with you in spirit. I met with Necole with an open mind and wondering.Let me tell you! Her messages were validating and evenditual that I know 110% that my son is still with me. See next email
To say the least, meeting Necole was a blessing. The reading blew me away. Things she knew and said, were things she would never have known about me. I have done two readings with Necole and each time she has absolutely inspired me. Not only did she do the readings, but she is so genuine and kind. She truly wants to help people. She has given me more peace and happiness with this experience than anything else ever has. I would hands down recommend her in a heart beat. She is truly amazing.
I had a wonderful reading with Necole and had what felt like a group visit with my darling daughter who died suddenly at the age of 21. She knew things that no one else could possibly know, and when I didn't understand something, she made it clear so when I got home I immediately realized what she was telling me. She managed to visit a day or so ahead and hang out with Necole and was there the next day as well. She has lightened my angst and made me confident that my beloved angel is ok.
I had a phone reading with Necole this morning..I have to be honest, I was a skeptic at first, but when she connected with many loved ones, I was left with my mouth open on many things she said to me, espicially when she connected with my husband who passed on 6/11/11. I feel at peace knowing that he's okay and that he's happy, but most of all that' she's with all his loved ones and not alone. Thanks so much Necole!
My daughter came to Necole asking her to find me so she could tell me that she loved me and to thank me. Necole gave me so much information confirming that Madison was indeed there with her, it was so amazing! She knew nothing of Madison's 11 years on this Earth, until Maddy came and hung out with her. It was a blessing to know that my little Angel had found a safe outlet to be able to come find me, and that Necole was that safety point. Thank you for bringing peace to my life.
Necole is a good friend of mine and we talk frequently but I never ask her for readings even though I long for my mom to send me a message. Well, I had a very ruff day on Friday and I broke down & txt Necole and told her I NEEDED to hear a message from my mom! And BOY what a message!!!!! My mom called me by my childhood nickname that Necole would never know about!!!!! Necole & I laughed, cried & got the goose bumps from all that was coming through! Your truly amazing !! Thank you so much!!! Xoxo
I lost my daughter Sharon, June 12, 2011. My session with Necole left me awestruck! She was specific and exact in what she told me, but most of all, she was accurate! The things she told me left me completely assured that she had been communicating with Sharon. It gave me comfort to know she is still with me, but no longer suffering. I hope to have another reading with Necole. If I was a little skeptical before, I'm not now! She is a truly gifted spirit medium!
My session with Necole was truly amazing. My fiance is struggling with the fact that his best friend who has passed will not be at our wedding, we were reassured today that he absolutely will be and even knows when it is! He also acknowledged many other things that have happened around the house. She told me things nobody on earth knows about me, about my family, and about my friends It was eerie, fascinating, and such a total relief all at the same time! It was truly an incredible experienc
I have had the pleasure of receiving a couple of readings from Necole and each were amazing. Her accuracy was shocking, she brought up things that just me and my loved ones had shared it was so wonderful. I always knew my loved ones were around me but to have it confirmed has brought so much peace! Her genuineness and compassion put everyone at ease, I find myself listening to my readings I recorded often. She has an amazing gift and I am so honored that she shared it with me!
I met Necole through a good friend of mine at a group reading. I was completely amazed by her gift. I sat in the room in awe and watched and listened as she connected with each guest's (including myself) loved one's that had passed, and gave instances when their loved one was with them. She knew information that only their loved ones and themselves would know. She brought peace and comfort to all in the group and delivered her messages with care and grace. She is truly amazing!
i lost my jan of 09..15 months later..a friend connected me with necole..i was not a believer, Necole stunned me with such exact accuracy..i still am in such shock. necole told me things only my daughter or i knew..i now am a believer..i for the first time ,,have some peace and i am so grateful to necole!!!
Necole is so amazing! What she does is so amazing! Never in the 20 years since my father passed had I truly felt him around me...and she reassured me that he is!!! I had an emotional breakthrough when she connected with my father. I always wondered what he would say to me if he could...and she gave that gift to me. I can remember just watching her in awe as she did the readings for everyone at the show. Her gift and talent is so amazing, and her choosing to share it is wonderful for people!
I met Nicole through a family friend and participated in a group reading. She immediately connected with my cousin Chris who is on the other side. Nicole shared information that would only be understood by Chris and I. I giggled and it was nice to have that moment since he has passed.
I met Necole through a friend. She did a group reading and everyone was in awe of her accuracy and validations. The details that she provided about my nephew and my young cousin made me a true believer in her gift. I actually felt their presence in the room with us. Her genuine, loving personality shines through as strong as the messages she provides. My entire family is now feeling the presence of my nephew all around us.....What a wonderful feeling.
My reading with Necole was nothing short of amazing. She brought so much peace into my life connecting me with my daughter Kalee. I was completely taken in by the accuracy of the information she was able to provide and left me hopeful that Kalee was with us always. My husband was unable to attend the reading but Necole brought thru details of what/where he was, information I didn't even know until after the reading and was able to share with him the details. Forever blessed from her gift.
I had a phone reading with Necole in August. She was amazing. I am still in awe of all that she said during our reading. She knew things that nobody else could know, she brought through so many details, names, validations. Our conversations left me with so much hope. On top of all that, she herself is a bereaved parent and really "gets it". Her compassion and her sense of humor just make it incredible to talk to her. She has gift that is so precious.
Speaking to Necole was a wonderful experience. She connected with my son which I needed so much. She saw a yellow rose, a monkey & a pineapple. Danny bought me the Beauty & Beast Rose at Disneyland, it’s a gold rose, he had engraved with Love Ya Mom. Danny & I both bought each other monkeys for valentines without knowing. Danny bought me a pineapple necklace when he was in Hawaii. We took a vacation to Hawaii just the two of us. All of these are wonderful memories, which Necole brought back.
Necole came into my life through another Angelmom and she affirmed my Sarah was with me and full of love and a fun spirit just as in this life. Necole spoke of events and before and after that only Sarah would have known . I was filled with so much peace knowing she was happy free and full of love and light. Thank you so much Necole for your sweet kindness and the gift every mother wants . To know her precious child is with her and happy and OK, better than ok. Wonderful full of Light.
I had a phone reading with Necole in June. Necole was right on about many things re: my son. I never met her and things she mentioned could not possibly have been known. She even told me that my son told her his "real" dad when he was 6!! I had to think about that one because I didn't even rememeber how old my son was at that time. The reading brought much peace and comfort to me.
I was introduced to Necole through a friend and fellow Angel Mom and I am so glad that I was. She did a reading for me that meant the world to me. She told me things that confirmed that she was really in touch with my Maggie. Things that she could have never known. I felt so much comfort after my reading that I hoping to attend her Angel Kisses show in October. Thank you Necole for all that you do.
I attended one of Necole's Angel Kisses shows with friends who also have all lost a son. All of our sons came through. Totally amazing. Necole gave each of us all personal, specific, validations that nobody could have known. It was such a wonderful night for all of us. All our boys came through and they see what is going on in our lives. Necole certainly validated that for us, without any doubt. She is sensitive, compassionate, and funny and the real deal.
I had a reading with Necole a few months ago and my Daughter who passed 3 years ago at the age of 27 yrs came through. Necole conveyed messages from Kari that NOBODY could have known unless they were "hearing" them from my Daughter. It was AMAZING. It was the greatest gift I have ever or will ever receive. Necole is truly gifted and I am forever grateful to her for giving me closure so to speak and some peacxe in my heart.
Necole Stephens came into my life during what has been, by far, the most difficult time that I have ever experienced. I recently lost my two dear babies, and my husband. Necole provided direct messages from all three of my family members that were not only accurate, but also gave me the true knowledge that they are with me, every step of the way. Necole was sensitive in her delivery, up-beat in her demeanor, but above all, totally empathetic to the range of emotions that bereaved parents endure
I have had 'readings' with quite a few mediums since the passing of my son Myles on January 26, 2010. Necole was without any doubt one of the BEST readings I have had. She left me feeling a huge sense of peace and only reassuring and confirming that my son is ALWAYS around. To be specific, I had just repainted my kitchen and bathroom. On the window sill outside the bathroom (in the kitchen) were about 6 snow globes I had started collecting for Myles on trips I would take. I had taken them off th

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