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Mari Cartagenova

Mari Cartagenova
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My name is Mari and I am honored to be able to share my psychic gifts with you. My mission is to provide comfort, give guidance and offer evidential proof that life exists after we leave this earthly plane. I have been seeing and speaking to spirits since I was a little girl and I think you will find me down to earth, compassionate and supportive.

I can help you with:

*Psychic and Intuitive Guidance
*Questions about Relationships
*Connection to your Fur Babies (living or passed over)
*Connection to Passed loved ones
*Tarot, Oracle or Angel Card Readings

I can also channel messages for you through my guides via automatic writing or as a spoken channel and also serve as an Animal Communicator with your past or present furry friends.

Whether it is connecting to a past loved one, providing intuitive guidance or proof from your departed pet in the afterlife, My motto is to "start where the client is" and provide them with whatever combination of services they need. I am humbled to have received amazing feedback for my Animal Intuitive and Evidential Mediumship Sessions, My goal always is to bring comfort and healing to you with the support, guidance and peace of mind you are seeking.


" Mari has a unique ability to instantly connect on a soul level with your dearly departed. She is thorough and detailed with her information. I was actually taken aback at how accurate she was the first time we sat together. Her compassionate nature assists her to deliver information in a way that is very soothing. Mari is often able to pinpoint exactly why at this particular time in your life your loved one is deciding to present. At times allowing her intuitiveness to guide her. The angels enjoy connection through Mari as is quite evident when you sit for an angelic session. Mari's fabulous ability to connect to the animal realm in Spirit will literally leave you breathless. It is a very particular skill and gift to be able as a Medium and Intuitive to connect with the animal realm and Mari's grasp of this is nothing short of amazing. I highly recommend that you find time to have a session with Mari whether in person or remote. You will be most pleased."

-Julie Ann Gadziala, Director of New Hampshire Metaphysical

Mari did a reading on 2 of my cats, she was so spot on both of my babies I would have thought she knew them and had been around them since they were born. She knew how Harry has to be the boss and Maggie (for lack of a better word) is a bit of a kook. I highly recommend Mari who has a true gift.
-Rachel H.

"There is no way anyone could know the things she told me, except for me. Spot on."
-Janice P.

What a great reading! I had purchased a horse at auction back in October of last year. Most of the time, horses purchased at auction come with little, if any, background information. I never even saw this horse ridden until he entered the arena. I purchased him strictly on gut feeling. Needless to say, I knew nothing about the horse when I got him home. Even his age was misstated at the auction. As time passed, I guessed certain things about him as I got to know him. Mari's reading verified all my hunches regarding his background and training. She also gave me some practical advice on how to help him relax, be reassured, and enjoy his transition into our family. I am so appreciative of this information. I know now we are on the right track.
-Melinda H.

A few weeks ago, Mari did a reading on my dog 'Shiloh'...He's an English Blue Mastiff...Shiloh's intuition on Humans is amazing...I have Anxiety/Panic Disorder and my B/F has Asthma, When he uses his nubulizer, Shiloh gets his favorite toy and puts in on his lap, he does the same thing to me....Mari was Spot On with her reading, She said Shiloh is a Babysitter, a Gentle Giant, Loving Heart...She read him like she actually knew him...I would recommend her for Any Of Your Psychic Needs <3 Thank You, Mari
-Doris G.

Thank you Thank you Mari...
Mari was able to tell me about my 15 yr old Yorkie mix Maggie May. I knew something was wrong but didn't know or understand what was wrong. She was able to pinpoint the fact that she hadn't gotten her Christmas stocking this year and was sad about it. Also a new baby was in the family and she was feeling left out. Also, she was achy from older joint pain. AND her stomach was upset by the new food changes we had made (even though it was supposed to be healthier for her). I can't believe how accurate she was. I am so excited to be helping Maggie now that I know what is wrong. It all makes sense. So thank you so much Mari :)
Melinda G.

Additional Information: 

You can find me at:

Website: or info@mediummari

on Facebook at

on Twitter @mediummari

on Instagram MediumMari888

I maintain an office at New Hampshire Metaphysical in Londonderry,NH as well as at Aquarius Sanctuary in Westford, Massachusetts. I also do Phone or Email Sessions very regularly with my clients all over the world. Please get in touch with me - I love helping people.

Listed since: Apr 5, 2017


I had the absolute pleasure of allowing Mari to connect with my past bunny. I will tell you she did the most wonderful fob giving me her communications. She had given me so much validation & confirmation, I cannot tell how much water poured out! Thank you again, Mari from my heart❤️
I want to thank you, Mari, for reading my chinchilla recently. The read was so incredibly accurate and she communicated with Luna and told me things that are impossible to guess. Mari, you're so incredibly gifted and I hope to get another read of you one day again. Thank you. Blessings <3
Thank you Thank you Mari! Mari was able to tell me about my 15 yr old Yorkie mix Maggie May. I knew something was wrong but didn't know what! She was able to pinpoint that she hadn't gotten her Christmas stocking this year and was sad about it. Also a new baby was in the family and she was feeling left out. Also, she was achy from older joint pain. AND her stomach was upset by the new food changes we had made (even though it was supposed to be healthier for her. I am so excited! Thanks Mari!
Mari is such a caring and kind animal communicator. She was a huge help to me when my cat Baby died. She was able to tell me things about him she had no way of knowing. One amazing thing she said was that he was showing her a blueberry. She was not sure why. Well ,Blueberry was his name before I changed it to Baby! Elizabeth Wicker
Absolutely wonderful, described my 3 fur babies perfectly I know they are happy and healthy and love to be around us. Especially my Rottweiler Kayne. Thankyou Mari for your reading would recommend you to anyone wanting to learn more about their animals
I had a wonderful and insightful reading with Mari this morning that brought me much peace and closure concerning my beloved cat Baby. She told me things that she had no way of knowing. At one point in my reading she said he was showing her a blue- berry and she did not know why. Blueberry was his first name! She is remarkable! I am very grateful I found her. Thank you so much , Mari.
Mari was very accurate with most of reading about my dogs. We have been able to make some positive changes thanks to her insight. Thank you! Will be asking for a reading for myself in the near future.
Just had a fantastic reading for my precious fur baby Princess Pippa. The reading was very accurate, informative and insightful and I was very impressed indeed. My fur baby has issues and these were picked up and narrated back to me. A truly gifted individual and wouldnt hesitate to pass on website details etc. Thank you so much.
Had a fantastic animal reading for my precious fur baby Princess Pippa. So many things resonated and very accurate. Just want to say I was very impressed and absolutely delighted with the clarity and depth of the reading. I feel very blessed and just want to say a huge thank you for your expert insight xxx
My dog is 15 years old and I have wondered what he's thinking and feeling these days. Mari was able to tell me things that he remembers and what he still longs for. She is truly amazing!
I've been having a lot of trouble making a very important decision since my dads passing. I thought if I went one way, be leaving him, and my connection to him, behind,...and if I went the other way, I'd be too lonesome without him there anyway. Mari was able to connect with my dad, and bring me the answers I needed, that could only come from him. Without mari's help,...i don't know that I could have ever made this decision on my own. Thank you Mari from the bottom of my heart. � Maybe n
Mari did an amazing read for me! I asked what my cat Zoey saw in my home. I asked several people but no one could help me. She described a dog I loved about 30 years ago. Such a comfort to know my beloved dog is still with me! She also told me how my Zoey feels about her new flavor food. Yuck lol I was concerned about leaving my Zoey when I go to work She let me know Zoey needed me to tell her I would be back. Now she is more at ease with me leaving her. Light and love to you Mari
Mari is truly gifted! I have some long term family issues that recently resurfaced and Mari's card reading and the spirit she channels, addressed all of that. She was able to tap into the concerns I have possibly going forward trying to resolve these issues. I highly recommend Mari to do your reading! Mari is also an incredibly gifted animal communicator. I lost my dog last November and she was able to connect with her and let me know how she is doing.

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