Laura Ezekiel-Marsh

Laura Ezekiel-Marsh
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I am best known for my unique ability to see what is at the heart of your issue. I see the things we sometimes do not want to look at, but are necessary to address for growth. I am a Clarivoyant, Psychic-Medium and Intuitive Advisor. I use my "sensitive" nature to read your energy field and allow you to talk about the things you need to heal most and how you can succeed in this confusing world. Together we will go on a journey to see what awaits!

Intuitive Readings take more time, but are indepth and bring forth the highest form of information meant specifically for the client.

Automatic writing readings take less time, and can be a great way to get to the point of a situation.

Whichever you choose, you can be assured you are receiving information from the highest possible Source.

"Laura is a true blessing to this world and has so much power to help others! The readings she has given me have have helped to ease my worrying thoughts. She is accurate and honest! Such as strong spiritual connection. It's mind blowing! ~Hollie Hill 2020

"Laura Ezekiel-Marsh does one heck of a reading! This is not your run of the mill psychic reading. Don't bother asking her who you're going to marry, or when to get a new car... go for the big stuff. Ask what's holding you back in life, or what's your purpose here instead. She gets to the core of the issue and the root of your life!"
~2013 by April Adams

"Laura and I are colleagues and have shared readings. Laura has the wonderful ability to access one's energy on a very deep level. Her connection to the Spirit world is unique and her ability to verbalize symbols, energies and messages from Spirit are not to be missed! She has helped me many times to clear out my own brain fog!" ~Wendy Van de Poll 2013

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Laura has worked in the field of Metaphysics for 10 years. She is a honest and caring Intuitive that hopes to reach others and help with their spiritual journey,

Listed since: Jun 21, 2020


I had a profound healing experience with Laura and cannot say enough about her, her gifts, and her open, loving heart. Intuitive and a very gifted Psychic, she just knew information without having to "fish" for it from me. Very genuine she is, and I would highly recommend this beautiful lady to anyone who wants Truth, and accuracy in a reading, She listens, really hears, and does not take up your time talking about herself. Let her help you. She is amazing!

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