Dorothy Morgan

Dorothy Morgan
Dorothy Morgan


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$160.00 per hour


Astrology, Intuitive & Angel sessions.

What To Expect From Your Reading.
During a consultation we will discuss whatever is on your mind; a specific event, or issue for the amount of time that best fits your needs. Unlike mediums I do ask questions, this helps me to focus in on your most current needs. There are always more things to talk about in an Astrology session then we have time for and I want to provide you with as much information as I can in the time we have.
I am down to earth and very practical and so are my sessions. So how can I help you to get what you want?
In a Current Energy Transit Reading, we will go over your most pressing concern and/or issues at this time. No matter what they are, we can explore them with detail and ideas. This session is also great for planning ahead, seeing if now is the right time to launch a new project or sell a home, change jobs or go back to school. The possibilities are endless.
Or maybe you want this.
In the year ahead session I will go over all the major happenings for your year to come. What is most important and when for major and valuable life decisions in important categories of life like relationships, self-care, health, career and finance, spiritual matters, creative development, and more. For example, where are this year’s eclipses – they are life’s game changers and wild cards. What about the retrograde planets? We always need time to reflect and do our inner work. The slower planets aka the outer planets represent the slow-moving changes we all experience as we mature. Having this insight every year is like having the keys to kingdom so we can make the most of these new opportunities as they present themselves.
Be ready with your birth information. Date, time and place please. Have your questions at hand. This way I can work with you as quickly as possible saving you valuable time.

Additional Information: 

Whether you are here just browsing or looking for some answers I am here to help.

There are many reasons to have an Astrology session.
Timing involving love, money, travel, career changes, children.....

If you have question involving any of these things or more let's see if I can help.

The only thing I can NOT do is answer questions about another person that is not on the call with us. I will not look into someone Else's chart unless THEY ask me to. It is unethical to do that.

So with that out of the way, how may I help you. <3

Listed since: Aug 25, 2011


Dorothy has done several readings for me both on the phone and in person. They have been informative, accurate and insightful. She gave me astrological road maps to the future. Guidance that is practical and easy to follow. I listen to her weekly broadcasts at

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