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$66-$333 Phone, 1:1, Mini-groups, Large groups, Energy Healing Sessions, Hypnosis

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Discover the Power of Brandie Wells, The Breakthrough Medium
**More than 350 positive reviews

It is time for your transformative journey with Brandie Wells, an Award-Winning Tested & Endorsed Psychic Medium whose mission is to help you "Heal your past; reveal your potential."

- Experience Holistic Healing: As an Angel Healer, Hypnotist, and Psychic Medium, Brandie bridges the gap between the paranormal and angelic realms, offering insights into the light and shadows of the soul.

- Explore Vibrant Destinations: Step into Soul & Shadow Emporium and Tea Lounge Keene NH, a haven of spiritual treasures housed within a 5,000 sqft downtown retail store. Immerse yourself in a world of high-vibration goods and over, 1,000 crystals and 100 teas while connecting with like-minded souls. Travel with Brandie with one of her travel excursions.

- Diverse Services: From Time Link© Readings to Tesla Metamorphosis® Energy Healing, Brandie provides a range of services designed to uplift and empower. Engage in Spirit Galleries, Psychic Parties, Spirit Circles, and Hypnotism sessions to unlock profound insights and unleash your true potential.

- Celebrated Accolades: Brandie is recognized as a Featured Psychic on the International Best Psychic Directory and has graced screens as a Featured Medium on "A Haunting" Season 11, Episode 9. With a wealth of experience and expertise, she has also served as the former Host of Ask 1 Radio.

- Unravel Mysteries: As a Paranormal Investigator, Brandie delves into the unknown using dowsing rods, EMF, EVP, flashlights, and spirit box technology to uncover the stories hidden within the shadows and light.

For bookings or inquiries:
- Reach out to Executive Assistant, Alyssa Roof, at or call 603-499-2302.

- Affordability: Build meaningful connections with Brandie at rates ranging from $66 to $333 for 1:1 sessions and up to $1,000 for large parties.

Begin your journey of self-discovery with Brandie Wells. Visit or for more information.

BW Enterprises, LLC
20 Main St, Keene, NH 03431 (Retail)

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Brandie has read for me multiple times.. why you ask? She is by far the best. She has been spot on with my readings. She literally amazes me. She has provided me guidance and reminders along life way. She is "real", passionate and a true caring soul. I do not hesitate to recommend her... the best of the best! I have had several readings with others.. no one compares to Brandie!
Went well. She gave me things to work on and think about. She was accurate with information. Very pleasant to meet with.
I just attended a Spirit Circle in Keene with Brandie. This is my 4th Spirit Circle with her, including having one in my home and I've also done a ghost hunt with her. I have immense confidence in her abilities and I truly think she is amazing! I trust her completely and she makes everyone feel welcome. Her gift is immeasurable. When I leave an event, I'm already looking forward to the next time I get to have an experience with her. Outstanding!!!
Brandie is amazing. I recently had a reading with her and she was spot on with so many things. I highly recommend her. I will definitely go back again when I feel the need to. She's so helpful and insightful with so many different things.
I cherish the honestly. The information I was given to help me to understand my dog's anxieties was very helpful. It Will help me and him. The extra information puts my mind and heart at rest. You answered a question that has bothered me for 27 years about my mother without me telling you what it was. I am very impressed and I believe you have many special gifts. I thank you for sharing with me.
Brandie is simply the best. She is always spot on with message and takes the time to help you understand the message. I have had many experiences with her and she has truly changed my life and opened me up to so much more. I put my trust in her completely and she truly cares about her clients. Thank you Brandie for what you do and for giving so much of yourself to all.
I am a repeat customer with Brandie, her readings are spot on! When I go back through her notes on past readings and see what was said... it is nothing short of amazing! She has been 100% correct every time!
I can't say enough great things about this woman. I feel like I have known her all my life. I always feel great after talking with her. She is spot on, caring and so easy to talk to. She has a very calming effect. I just love her.
My husband and I had the pleasure of meeting Brandie Wells, for us this was a first experience for us. For me it was very emotional in a good way, my husband was amazed at what was said. I can't wait to go back. Diane and Todd Schillinger
This was my second group session with Brandy. She is spot on and amazing with her details. I always come away feeling so much better. I will be scheduling another time with Brandy. I highly recommend her.
Brandi is amazing. She was right on and so accurate with the information she gave me. She gave me a lot of guidance that was really helpful she is also so compassionate. I left feeling so much better.
My first experience with Brandie was with a group.. even the small amount of time I got to have with her was amazing so I scheduled an hour with her recently. It was incredible.. I will absolutely be back and will be purchasing gift certificates (if she does that) so my sisters can go too! She is professional and very nice, the experience was SO worth it and I fully appreciate her gift! Anyone who is unsure - I highly suggest scheduling a session with her!!
I am skeptical about psychics but after my reading with Brandie I was truly impressed. She was spot on! She knew things that would be impossible to just guess or to know. I highly recommend her to anyone that’s looking for a reading. I will be calling again! Thank you Brandie!!! Love and light
I went to the psychic group reading to see if I could learn about my spirit guides, but instead surprising to me, I burst out with “I just want to live a peaceful life!” At home we had a very disruptive, abusive person living with us. Home life reached a deep dark level of despair. One week later, the individual was removed from our home with legal reinforcements. Our home became ours, everyone waking up to a new fresh start. Almost unbelievable!! Thank you!!
Brandie has a real gift...Once again I was totally amazed with my reading...she is very accurate.. and compassionate....she has a way of putting you at ease and makes you feel like your talking to your best friend....I would absolutely recommend her.
This is the first time I have ever had a reading of this sort. It was encouraging to say the least. I was impressed did Brandi revealed characteristics of my late husband that she could not have known if she did not actually have contact with him.
This is the second time I've sat down with Brandie. She has been spot on. She has helped communicate with loved ones that have passed and answered questions when I was unsure of the paths taken. I would completely recommend her!
I had the pleasure of meeting with Brandie Wells and was blown away. She was spot on with everything she had to tell me. I would absolutely refer friends and family to stop in for a reading.
Where to start? Her reading room was so warm, welcoming and relaxing. The information I received from her reading was reassuring, informative and right on. Brandie’s wonderful talent is very much appreciated. She is down to earth. She herself has a very warm and welcoming demeanor. Before my reading i was super nervous but the second i was near Brandie and in her reading room that all went away. Thank you Brandie for you being you! I very much appreciate your amazing connection to spirit
Comforting,readings incredible, professional, Have done a couple of circles and a one on one. Will continue to meet with Brandie both ways.
Brandie exudes empathy and compassion and her private reading for me was a wonderful, enlightening experience. She connected me to my parents who have crossed over, which was heart-warming and she also provided me with much insight into my own personality. I felt a definite connection to her and through her to others and I will most definitely return for a second sitting. She is delightful and she, for sure, has the gift of helping others through her talent as a medium. Thank you, Brandie!
This woman is always right on. I always feel better talking to her, no matter what she tells me. She is someone that I feel like I've known her my whole life.
Brandi is a true angelic healer who has the most compassionate intentions of helping her clients. Her connections with loved ones are undeniably correct and the messages she is able to pass along help in our journeys to heal. She is a true medium and healer with a very compassionate soul.
She's very accurate, and quite amazing. I will definitely schedule more sessions in the future. I've been telling my friends about her! I rate her 5 stars.
Brandi was amazing again!!! My mother in law held the spirit circle and Brandi was great! She gave her and the rest of us some closure after losing my Aunt Barbara. Stuff she never would know about. It meant so much to our family and everyone felt so much at peace with her passing after the reading. It was just what the family needed to start healing. Can't wait to book another one!
Brandie is a truly genuine person who is Divinely connected. I have gone to Brandie for 3 readings over a 2 year period. If you look back on her former readings, you understand the depth of her insight. I am a deeply spiritual person and we always connect on that level at a most meaningful way. She has inspired me to follow through with my intuition more than once and made clear the path I would be taken and the Divine guidance I will receive along the way. Truly gifted at a profound level.
Brandie was amazing! I had my appointment booked for weeks then my brother passed away unexpectedly 3 days before my appointment. Before I even sat down she felt a Male presence and gave me details she couldn't have known. Even my brother saying thru her "I don't want any damn flowers. Haha" was exactly something he'd say. Plus i had just come from the florist before my appointment with her. It gave me some peace where i was so lost and heartbroken. I can't wait to see her again!!
I have had the opportunity to meet with several different mediums.. however, Hands down Brandie has and continues to be on point. She is amazing. And I highly recommend her and can’t wait to go again!
Have no doubt that Brandie is the real deal!! She has such an easy manner, and the information just flows. She makes an immediate connection and wastes no time giving valuable insight to you. Best of all, you leave with her hand written notes to refer back to so you will be able to remember the session. If you are interested in connecting with loved ones, and your personnal growth, I highly recommend a visit with her.
I first saw Brandie at Theatre Wit here in Chicago. Wow! She presented me with information no one else could know about. I asked for a private reading for my partner and me at our home. Brandie was spot on with her information for both of us. I have had two additional phone readings with her and each time she has "hit the nail on the head" with not only contacting relatives on the other side, but also enlightening me on what I should do to assist in my own personal growth. She is fantastic.


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