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**READ MY POSITIVE REVIEWS BELOW** “Healing your past; revealing your potential.”
My name is Brandie Wells, also known as the Compassionate Clairvoyant. I am an Angelic Healer, Hypnotist and Psychic Medium. As a renowned Psychic Medium, I have expanded to bring love and light to the world. I expose clients to the light and shadows of the soul from the paranormal field through the angelic realms.

I serve about 4,500 clients a year.

I am proprietor of two businesses under BW Enterprises, LLC.
The first is Soul & Shadow Emporium Keene, downtown retail stores where I offer high-vibration goods (metaphsyical, local, handmade and Fair Trade) for sale as well as hold private sessions and lead workshops focusing on various topics.

Services I provide clients on- and off-site (remote by phone or video) include but are not limited to:
● Time Link© Readings; a style of connecting to the spirit realm called Channeled Automatic Writing. I am a true conduit between the earth and angelic realms bringing messages I call psychic downloads. These messages are from past loved ones, ancestors, deities, guardian angels, spirit guides and pets. I bring messages to light the way through clairvoyant wisdom, medical intuition, mediumship and intuitive communication;
● Tesla Metamorphosis® Energy healing and event planning;
● Private open-forum spirit galleries for 14-plus attendees;
● Psychic parties with multiple readers for private one-on-one readings through Channeled Automatic Writing;
● Spirit Circles, which are open-forum galleries during which guests receive a reading in an open- forum setting;
● Hypnotism, in which I help people transform their lives by breaking negative cycles, re-programming their subconscious mind and manifesting new healthy habits. In addition, I offer past life, life between lives and meet your future self hypnosis.

I am a featured psychic on the International Best Psychic Directory with more than 300 positive reviews between my platforms! I recently was on set to film an episode of a new series, “Psychic Expert,” which aired on the Travel Channel & REALLY TV in the UK. I am the former host of International radio network, Ask 1 Radio, for three years running.

My second business is The 555 Paranormal Productions, which offers the science and psychic of paranormal investigating in a historic location. I host events throughout New England.
When I investigate, my primary tools are dowsing rods, EMF, EVP, flashlights and spirit box. I work with some of the best-known inventors of paranormal equipment in the field. I am also a table tipper and known for channeling and physical mediumship.
My goal when investigating is to hear the story of spirit. Through my respectful curiosity, I
naturally draw in spirit to communicate in a variety of ways.
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BW Enterprises, LLC * 35 Main St * Keene, NH 03431 603-354-3415

Madelyn, Executive Assistant to Brandie
or Call 603-499-2302

Affordability sustains meaningful relationships with my clients...
Rates vary $44-$333 for 1:1 up to $1,000 for large parties

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My first experience with Brandie gave me chills when she passed on a message from my mother to "enjoy your coffee", something that my mom often said to me. Brandie is warm, open, and caring and I am very happy she shares her gift. Thank you Brandie. I'm looking forward to our next encounter.
I have had the pleasure of meeting with Brandie on many different occasions. My readings have been spot on and have helped me move on in life after many yrs of uncertainties. I have done investigation with her and gone on very interesting trips as well. To know Brandie, is to call her friend. She is professional in all that she does and her personality spills over onto all of us who have had the pleasure of meeting with her. I recommend Brandie to all of you that may be seeking peace.
The1st time I had telephone conversation with Brandie I was at a crossroads with my business.The things Brandie knew&the information she provided was truly incredible.She even tuned into people& situations I wasn’t seeking.My most recent interaction with her was when my partner of 12yr suddenly told me he is no longer in love with me.Brandie was spot on in her reading in my current situation also.I’m going to see her for an in person reading next week,I can not wait!Brandie is the real deal! Xox
Life Changing! I have been blessed to experience your gifts in a group setting, private reading, and by phone. Always highly professional, joyful, knowledgeable, nonjudgemental and so very accurate. The validations, information, and messages I have received were spot on. You left me no doubt that you were connected to my soul, as well as my loved ones. I feel you are one of my guardian angels as well. You are a gift this universe, and I am so very grateful to have found you on my journey. <3
Was gifted a reading in 2018 and she was fantastic really hit on what I needed to help me see through some long struggles and also brought me laughter from a family member I miss so much. Looking forward to another session this year. Thank you.
I have had 2 readings from Brandie and a message from a spirit circle. She has helped me find my purpose, heal from the loss of my son and bring light to my relationship with my partner. The messages she gave me from son were amazing. Something I've wanted to hear from him for 11 and years. He is excited to finally give me the messages that I needed to hear. I'm excited to hear that I am an earth angel. I feel at peace with my romantic relationship now. She is a big part of my new life!
I did a life between lives hypnosis session with Brandie and I was very pleased with it. Brandie did an excellent job with leading me through the hypnosis and guiding me into a past life and then to my life between lives. I was able to gain valuable insight and actually see glimpses into the life I lived before this one. I absolutely recommend this session to others that are interested in learning about their past lives or meeting their spirit guides. Brandie is insightful and professional.
I met with Brandi just about a year ago. It was about my dad but more so he came through about my grandbaby. She said it would be about 4 yrs is see her again but it was sooner than that. It was that year. My dad said everything would be all right. And it was along with the abuse I received from my ex husband that he said I was safe now.. I miss my dad and wished to hear from again as u have unanswered questions . Brandi is great and I would recommend her
A great experience and felt that she connected with me and my family.
I love Brandie. She is very good. Helped me tremendously with my questions, with out asking. Spirit told her the specifics of my situation and how I should proceed to make things right/better. Always helps me to open my eyes and keep my heart open. I am looking forward to the way my life is going and when these things get fixed and work, it will be wonderful for both myself and my daughter. Thank you, as always much love and will speak soon.
Two of my friends and I met with Brandi this past Saturday and she was amazing. I felt so comfortable and loved that she could connect with my mom. I can’t wait to have another session with her in the future.
Brandie is amazing! So down to earth and authentic. I felt so safe hearing what she had to say (or what my Grandfather had to say!). I left the circle gathering with a sense of peace and knowing that I always have help and guidance along the way. Thank you, Brandie, for helping me remember that.
Brandie has read for me multiple times.. why you ask? She is by far the best. She has been spot on with my readings. She literally amazes me. She has provided me guidance and reminders along life way. She is "real", passionate and a true caring soul. I do not hesitate to recommend her... the best of the best! I have had several readings with others.. no one compares to Brandie!
Went well. She gave me things to work on and think about. She was accurate with information. Very pleasant to meet with.
I just attended a Spirit Circle in Keene with Brandie. This is my 4th Spirit Circle with her, including having one in my home and I've also done a ghost hunt with her. I have immense confidence in her abilities and I truly think she is amazing! I trust her completely and she makes everyone feel welcome. Her gift is immeasurable. When I leave an event, I'm already looking forward to the next time I get to have an experience with her. Outstanding!!!
Brandie is amazing. I recently had a reading with her and she was spot on with so many things. I highly recommend her. I will definitely go back again when I feel the need to. She's so helpful and insightful with so many different things.
I cherish the honestly. The information I was given to help me to understand my dog's anxieties was very helpful. It Will help me and him. The extra information puts my mind and heart at rest. You answered a question that has bothered me for 27 years about my mother without me telling you what it was. I am very impressed and I believe you have many special gifts. I thank you for sharing with me.
Brandie is simply the best. She is always spot on with message and takes the time to help you understand the message. I have had many experiences with her and she has truly changed my life and opened me up to so much more. I put my trust in her completely and she truly cares about her clients. Thank you Brandie for what you do and for giving so much of yourself to all.
I am a repeat customer with Brandie, her readings are spot on! When I go back through her notes on past readings and see what was said... it is nothing short of amazing! She has been 100% correct every time!
I can't say enough great things about this woman. I feel like I have known her all my life. I always feel great after talking with her. She is spot on, caring and so easy to talk to. She has a very calming effect. I just love her.
My husband and I had the pleasure of meeting Brandie Wells, for us this was a first experience for us. For me it was very emotional in a good way, my husband was amazed at what was said. I can't wait to go back. Diane and Todd Schillinger
This was my second group session with Brandy. She is spot on and amazing with her details. I always come away feeling so much better. I will be scheduling another time with Brandy. I highly recommend her.
Brandi is amazing. She was right on and so accurate with the information she gave me. She gave me a lot of guidance that was really helpful she is also so compassionate. I left feeling so much better.
My first experience with Brandie was with a group.. even the small amount of time I got to have with her was amazing so I scheduled an hour with her recently. It was incredible.. I will absolutely be back and will be purchasing gift certificates (if she does that) so my sisters can go too! She is professional and very nice, the experience was SO worth it and I fully appreciate her gift! Anyone who is unsure - I highly suggest scheduling a session with her!!
I am skeptical about psychics but after my reading with Brandie I was truly impressed. She was spot on! She knew things that would be impossible to just guess or to know. I highly recommend her to anyone that’s looking for a reading. I will be calling again! Thank you Brandie!!! Love and light
I went to the psychic group reading to see if I could learn about my spirit guides, but instead surprising to me, I burst out with “I just want to live a peaceful life!” At home we had a very disruptive, abusive person living with us. Home life reached a deep dark level of despair. One week later, the individual was removed from our home with legal reinforcements. Our home became ours, everyone waking up to a new fresh start. Almost unbelievable!! Thank you!!
Brandie has a real gift...Once again I was totally amazed with my reading...she is very accurate.. and compassionate....she has a way of putting you at ease and makes you feel like your talking to your best friend....I would absolutely recommend her.
This is the first time I have ever had a reading of this sort. It was encouraging to say the least. I was impressed did Brandi revealed characteristics of my late husband that she could not have known if she did not actually have contact with him.
This is the second time I've sat down with Brandie. She has been spot on. She has helped communicate with loved ones that have passed and answered questions when I was unsure of the paths taken. I would completely recommend her!
I had the pleasure of meeting with Brandie Wells and was blown away. She was spot on with everything she had to tell me. I would absolutely refer friends and family to stop in for a reading.


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