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**READ MY POSITIVE REVIEWS BELOW** “Healing your past; revealing your potential.”
My name is Brandie Wells, also known as The Breakthrough Medium. I am an Angelic Healer, Hypnotist and Psychic Medium. As a renowned Psychic Medium, I have expanded to bring love and wisdom to the world. I expose clients to the light and shadows of the soul from the paranormal field through the angelic realms.

I serve about 4,500 clients a year.

I am proprietor of several businesses under BW Enterprises, LLC.
The first is Soul & Shadow Emporium Keene & Manchester, NH, downtown retail stores where I offer high-vibration goods (metaphsyical, local, handmade and Fair Trade) for sale as well as hold private sessions and lead workshops focusing on various topics.

Services I provide clients on- and off-site (remote by phone or video) include but are not limited to:
● Time Link© Readings; a style of connecting to the spirit realm called Channeled Automatic Writing. I am a true conduit between the earth and angelic realms bringing messages I call psychic downloads. These messages are from past loved ones, ancestors, deities, guardian angels, spirit guides and pets. I bring messages to light the way through clairvoyant wisdom, medical intuition, mediumship and intuitive communication;
● Tesla Metamorphosis® Energy healing and event planning;
● Private open-forum spirit galleries for 14-plus attendees;
● Psychic parties with multiple readers for private one-on-one readings through Channeled Automatic Writing;
● Spirit Circles, which are open-forum galleries during which guests receive a reading in an open- forum setting;
● Hypnotism, in which I help people transform their lives by breaking negative cycles, re-programming their subconscious mind and manifesting new healthy habits. In addition, I offer past life, life between lives and meet your future self hypnosis.

I am a featured psychic on the International Best Psychic Directory with more than 300 positive reviews between my platforms! I recently was on set to film an episode of a new series, “Psychic Expert,” which aired on the Travel Channel & REALLY TV in the UK. I am the former host of International radio network, Ask 1 Radio, for three years running.

I host events throughout New England and around the nation.

As a paranormal investigator, I bring the shadows and light forward to reveal a story. When I investigate, my primary tools are dowsing rods, EMF, EVP, flashlights and spirit box. I work with some of the best-known inventors of paranormal equipment in the field. I am known for channeling and physical mediumship.
My goal when investigating is to hear the story of spirit. Through my respectful curiosity, I
naturally draw in spirit to communicate in a variety of ways.

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BW Enterprises, LLC * 35 Main St * Keene, NH 03431 603-354-3415

Executive Assistant
or Call 603-499-2302

Affordability sustains meaningful relationships with my clients...
Rates vary $66-$333 for 1:1 up to $1,000 for large parties

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Listed since: Mar 22, 2016


Just had my 2nd meeting with Brandie. My 1st was a zoom reading which was very informative! This time I did a Tesla Healing session. The feelings of the energy were amazing, feeling light & tingly all over & at times heavy & grounded, very calm. After Brandie told me my mother's spirit had come to leave messages for me. It was so wonderful I cried, I hadn't expected to hear from my mom & those words deeply touched my heart! Brandie is wonderful!! I love her energy!! I'll definitely be back!!
Brandie Wells never disappoints. She always provides the best service. I would highly recommend. I’ve used her many many times now! She’s the best!!!
Brandie Wells is deeply connected to the Divine spirit. Her readings are insightful at a soul depth. I always come away from a reading (I have now had 4 in the last 3 years) with more understanding of my life's authentic journey. Bless you Brandie for you are a true gift!
I had two different type of sessions with Brandie, She is patient, explains everything concerning how the session will go and answers questions. I personally had a positive experience with both sessions. Thank you Brandie so much for answering all my questions before during and after my sessions! Should I feel the need to utilize again I will be calling you! Again Brandie thank you!
Was great. Felt she was on point.
I bought the Tailored Intuitive Hypnosis package for weight loss. This is four sessions. I was a bit nervous as I didn't think hypnosis would work for me. I am so glad that I bought the package. Brandie made me feel comfortable. Each week we discussed goals that I wanted to work on. We worked on better eating, exercising, improving self esteem etc. She incorporated it all into each session. I have lost about 5 lbs so far. This has made a big difference in my life! I highly recommend Brandie!
Excellent experience. Open to answering my questions. Her information was spot on and my needs were met. I will be doing this four times a year.
Brandie is not only spot-on, but also just such a loving, calming and supportive presence. She tapped into a health issue very few people in my life know about and confirmed that a new healing method I'm about to try will help me, which made me more comfortable investing in my health - because before it felt like I was shooting in the dark finding the right treatment for my condition. I highly recommend her readings!
This was my first full reading with Brandie and it was exactly what I was hoping for. She was able to help me confirm that I'm on the right path and gave me advice from the spirit that was exactly what I needed to hear! I loved my time with Brandie and highly recommend her!
I've been having dreams and signs lately that were confusing. After talking to Brandie, she was able to clear up why I was getting them. She connected with this person with a description that was not a general one but distinct. I could almost see him as she talked about it. The calmness I felt afterward was amazing. Brandie is the real thing. She is amazing. I've been to her before and I will go to her again.
I had my first reading with Brandie last month, May 2020. I feel so fortunate that I was able to find someone like Brandie. Since then, I had two other readings and two hypnosis sessions. It feels always better to speak to Brandie. +++
This was my 2nd reading with Brandie after a great 15 min read, had to get a longer one! I'm so happy I did, it brought me peace, gave me insight and I am practicing it now. I look forward to the next, Thank you!
My reading with Brandie was a true gift. Even though it was a short session, she shared a lot of invaluable information with me. Her energy is welcoming and uplifting. Her messages were accurate and what I needed to hear. I can't wait for another reading.
Absolute amazing! Brandie was unbelievably accurate and was able to connect with my dad who has recently passed away. Brandie allowed me the chance to receive closure and to say a proper goodbye. Already excited to get another reading!
I was given a fifteen minute mini read over the phone. Brandie was awesome, A lot of what I was told was in the same place I was feeling and I’m excited to see what else comes up with the future. Thank you so much for the wonderful experience.
My reading with you was spot on. I was amazed at all you picked up on and my feelings. You were truly inspirational !! So looking forward to another reading !! Thank you, Brandie, ever so much !! Made my heart smile !! Irene
Brandie brought me peace regarding my dogs death and her insights into my family were spot on! She’s easy to talk to and very understanding! I highly recommend getting a reading from her!
I was lucky to recently have had a remote telephonic reading with Ms. Wells. I believe Ms. Wells was right on the mark regarding her channeling and communications with the other side. Admittedly I was more emotionally "wound-up" during my reading which I must acknowledge may have interfered with and skewed my own reading results. Regardless, I am grateful for the 30 minute session and the opportunity for the communication with the other side.
I had my first one on one reading with Brandie, it was amazing. I went into our session feeling scattered and not really sure what to expect. Again Brandie talked about a male spirit pushing me to finish school, this has been something I procrastinate about constantly. She shed some light on what she saw to be something in my future occupation. I walked away from our session with motivation to finish my schooling and excited to see what my future holds.
I booked a 15 minute video session and was surprised by how much Brandie was able to communicate in that time frame. She pinpointed down what I was looking for and was able to give details to help me move forward.
Brandie is always so in tune with what is going on and she conducts herself in a professional, compassionate manner being very respectful of spirit and client at all times. I have worked with her in a couple of different situations and they all were amazing and worth the time..I recommend her to anyone I know who is looking to connect beyond this realm. ❤
My session with Brandie Wells was empowering and motivating. She was able to sense and put words to something that I've intuitively known for years. The experience was validating and I felt my spirit sigh with relief. I now know that I'm ready to blossom into the woman that I want to be. I feel anxious about letting go of what's been keeping me silenced and hidden. But Brandie reassured me that I'm right there, that I can do this! Thank you SO much Brandie! You've touched my life.
This was my second reading. The first one in person; this one via Zoom due to the pandemic. Brandie was absolutely spot on with everything about my life and questions I’ve had in my head. I also was blessed to be connected in spirit-to my son who passed away over three years ago-absolutely amazing!
Thank you! You did a great job with our reading and letting me know something others have missed. The insight you blessed me with has helped me to forge ahead. What I thought was a normal responsive outlook on how I have been treated majority of my life, is the one thing that has held me back. Again, thank you for letting me see something I have overlooked for decades. You have a new client, please stay blessed.
Brandie you have an amazing gift. You knew things about my life that you could not have known. I feel such peace after your reading. You are absolutely amazing!
I recently had my 1st appt with Brandie, thru zoom. She was very in tune w/ what I needed, even before the appt. She got ahold of me to tell me that she'd gotten messages that I needed a different type of appt. That was really awesome of her! She was 100% on point with the things I knew about myself & delivered a few unexpected messages that I needed & she couldn't have had any idea of their meaning(but I did) I'm very happy with her & her intuition I can't wait for my next appt!! SO wonderful
I did my first zoom reading. I was amazed at how great it went. The readings were amazing! Brandie was amazing as always and very focused on each person. I can’t wait to participate in another reading!
She is a fabulous reader! Very tuned in and clear about her insights! Definitely will recommend for future readings
I had my 1st experience with Brandie 4 years ago. She is warm, engaging, with a "real" down to earth personality. Outlining what to expect for her method, she engages you, without feeling ambushed by "leading" questions. The positive gut feeling during a 15 or 30 minute phone appointment, have given me perspectives to help me shift and lift my inner dialogue over some difficult life transitions. Spirit circles for friends have enlightened and spurred many 1 on 1 readings for them after. ♡ her!!
My first experience with Brandie was a radio call in about a year ago. I was so blown away with her response to my question that I scheduled a 1/1 with her and I have to say she is most gifted. Her connection to spirit and the truths she brought forth were truly enlightening. I have had one more experience with her recently in a Zoom small group gathering and I had the same enriching exchange. I am grateful for the opportunity to have met her.


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