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$66-$333 Phone, 1:1, Mini-groups, Large groups, Energy Healing Sessions, Hypnosis

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**READ 300+ POSITIVE REVIEWS BELOW** As seen on A Haunting Season 11, Episode 9, Brandie Wells is an Award-Winning Tested & Endorsed Psychic Medium. “Heal your past; reveal your potential” is her mantra.

"My name is Brandie Wells, also known as The Breakthrough Medium. I am an Angelic Healer, Hypnotist and Psychic Medium. As a renowned Psychic Medium, I have expanded to bring love and wisdom to the world. I expose clients to the light and shadows of the soul from the paranormal field through the angelic realms.

I serve about 4,500 clients a year.

I am proprietor of several businesses under BW Enterprises, LLC.
The first is Soul & Shadow Emporium Keene & Manchester, NH, 3,500 sqft downtown retail stores where I offer high-vibration goods (metaphsyical, local, handmade and Fair Trade) for sale as well as hold private sessions and lead workshops focusing on various topics.

Services I provide clients on- and off-site (remote by phone or video) include but are not limited to:
● Time Link© Readings; a style of connecting to the spirit realm called Channeled Automatic Writing. I am a true conduit between the earth and angelic realms bringing messages I call psychic downloads. These messages are from past loved ones, ancestors, deities, guardian angels, spirit guides and pets. I bring messages to light the way through clairvoyant wisdom, medical intuition, mediumship and intuitive communication;
● Tesla Metamorphosis® Energy healing and event planning;
● Open-forum spirit galleries for 14-3,000 attendees;
● Psychic parties with multiple readers for private one-on-one readings through Channeled Automatic Writing;
● Spirit Circles, which are open-forum galleries during which guests receive a reading in an open- forum setting;
● Hypnotism, in which I help people transform their lives by breaking negative cycles, re-programming their subconscious mind and manifesting new healthy habits. In addition, I offer past life, life between lives and meet your future self hypnosis.

I am a featured psychic on the International Best Psychic Directory with more than 500 positive reviews between my platforms! Featured Medium on "A Haunting" Travel Channel, Hulu, Discovery+ Season 11, Episode 9 "A Man in the Closet". I am the former host of International radio network, Ask 1 Radio, for three years running.

I host events throughout New England and around the nation.

As a paranormal investigator, I bring the shadows and light forward to reveal a story. When I investigate, my primary tools are dowsing rods, EMF, EVP, flashlights and spirit box. I work with some of the best-known inventors of paranormal equipment in the field. I am known for channeling and physical mediumship.
My goal when investigating is to hear the story of spirit. Through my respectful curiosity, I
naturally draw in spirit to communicate in a variety of ways". /

BW Enterprises, LLC * 35 Main St * Keene, NH 03431 603-354-3415

Executive Assistant, Alyssa Roof
or Call 603-499-2302

Affordability sustains meaningful relationships with my clients...
Rates vary $66-$333 for 1:1 up to $1,000 for large parties

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Listed since: Mar 22, 2016


I have seen and gone to many readers over the years and had both great and not so great experiences. I recently had a session with Brandie and let me tell you she is absolutely amazing and the real deal ! I would strongly and comfortably recommend her to anyone and know with complete confidence that they will benefit greatly from a session with her ❤️Thank you Brandie for sharing your amazing gift with us all
Brandie was excellent! Best, I have ever been to. On point about loved ones who passed. Highly recommend her. You will not be disappointed. Andrea
Got exactly what I needed- some peace, some renewed faith. She clearly cares about what she does & her ability to help us deal with the loss of loved ones.
Compassionate and accurate. For 15 minute read it was quickly filled with reassurance of my loved one. Well spoken. Truly from his heart. Issues no one else could’ve answered with sincerity.
Delighted with my reading, Brandi was able to connect with several family members and was able to receive assurance and conformation of events as well as issues here and now.
I love connecting through Brandie. I’ve been seeing her regularly for quite some time now and I always come away with a feeling of peace and a new focus. I can’t wait until my next session!
My first reading,wow! She was fabulous. Informative ,fun and spot on with my personality. Highly recommend her to anyone looking for a reading!f
I had a session with Brandie and had a fantastic experience. She was open, real and had wonderful energy. Her gifts are so special and I can’t wait to book again!
I have been to see Brandie three times, and each time I am truly impressed and comforted by the messages she brings from loved ones, as well as a glimpse into the path ahead. Most recently I had a 1:1 in-person visit three months after my husband’s passing. Yes, she saw things that no one but me would know, but also was able to feel a connection to my husband that brought me much peace.
Brandie is exceptionally talented. I would recommend her to anyone seeking to connect with spirits and/or build self-healing strategies. She is extremely empathetic and skillful at using positivity to frame and deliver messages. Once you meet her, you'll be eager to tell all your friends!
My reading I felt was interesting that my mother and grandmother cam forward, our relationship wasn’t awful but wasn’t close either. The emotions that came up in the very beginning surprised me as well, I didn’t feel like that was going to happen. All in all I enjoyed and will be interesting in seeing what happens in the future for my daughter Alicia and myself. Thank you Brandiex
As always Brandie is amazing. She is so accurate, there isn't any doubt in my mind that she truly is the real deal. I always leave feeling much better and optimistic about the future. I love my sessions with her.
I got this reading as a surprise gift for my mom, and Brandie was spot on with the entire thing. My mom was in happy tears! She is absolutely amazing.
Brandie is amazing. She is supportive and encouraging with spirit support. She knows and shares things that no one would know. I always leave her sessions feeling better, lighter and with a smile. Thinking isn't that interesting. Thank you Brandie.
She is awesome. Knew things that nobody knew about me. She is the real deal. Have another booked for July and can’t wait. Helped me a lot in the past few months since my wife past away.
I had my first reading with Brandie this past week, and I'm still on cloud 9. She superceded my expectations, and I can't wait until I can have another reading with her!
My first reading with Brandie and it was great. Easy to connect with and was spot on with several things. Some great advice and personal insights. Will book another reading soon as I want to hear more!
Brandie is fantabulous! She is so kind hearted and compassionate in sharing information with you. Her messages from spirit are so helpful and from loved ones so much appreciated. My heart is always happy after speaking with her!
So glad I attended the Zoom reading on March 7,2022! Listening to the wonderful advice,comfort healing and insight she was able to give was incredible! Her delivery of my situation on 100% Will definitely attend another!!
Brandie's channeling is always insightfull, encouraging, thought provocing and leaves me feeling better for listening to her words she shares from the spirits. Thank you Brandie.
Brandie is the real deal! She is very easy to connect with and gives fantastic guidance/advice and is great at tapping into what is going on in your life and giving you messages from spirit
I just had my first reading with Brandie. She was amazing she was a very spot on. She gave me some good personal guidance. And I felt an immediate connection to her. I will definitely be calling her again.
I came with a heavy heart, thinking I may have offended family members in my choice of words in my late husband’s eulogy. His energy came through with positive forcefulness and also addressed other fragile family issues which I have shared with another family member who had also been feeling misinterpreted. Brandie’s channeling brought so much validation and peace to what we have been experiencing, and we have been feeling his spiritual presence in so many ways since. Thank you❤️
I have had many readings, and zoom meditation sessions over the years. She is the vehicle to my past loved ones, spirit guides and messages that empower me and allow me to have a visit with them back for 60 minutes. This is my special journey of love and connection I cherish that Brandi allows me this time as a gift to myself, the Authentic truth behind my life. I am grateful to her and can’t wait for the many more readings. Thank you Brandi for your time and healing!
I can’t say enough about the experience I had with Brandie was so easy for me to feel completely comfortable with her immediately, believe me I’m not comfortable with people that I’ve never met . She told me things that gave me so much relief, I cried, relief,knowing that I am not crazy. She made me realize that I am enough and that I am getting my power back after losing it to some extremely horrific emotional trauma. I love her confidence and honesty. I will be seeing her again. Thank You
The humbling clarity of Brandies insight is right on! She has compassion in relaying messages from the spirit realm, even when it’s something you might not want to hear. Thank you for sharing your gifts with all of us!
Met with Brandie because I recently lost my daughter and wanted to connect. I have no doubt that my dear daughter was with us in that room. Brandie was able to share things she would have had no way to know. Clearly they're were many things that could relate to many, but there were certainly things she said that could have only been known by my daughter and I. So thankful for this experience.
BEST session ever and yes, having specific intentions makes a world of difference. Received unexpected/welcome information based on accurate and undisclosed details, positive news since confirmed and left feeling truly lifted on so many levels. Highly recommend Brandie!
This is my 4th continuing year with Brandi. She is an amazing human being that brings so much information and spiritual guidance right to your forefront. She is patient, always accurate with her messages, laughs as much as the sprite does that comes to confirm her messages. She never fails to tell you exactly what you need to hear. Just picked up more gift certificates for through the next year. Happy returns for sure.
Brandie is the real deal. During all of our readings together she has told me things that only the spirit that has passed and myself would have known.She’s told me so many things that no one else would’ve known. I trust Brandie. She can draw someone in and describe them to a T. She told me one time to go to the doctor because I was really sick. I felt fine tired but fine but I went to the doctors anyway and ended up with an auto immune disorder and needed to be put on medication.


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