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Alissa Dillon
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Portsmouth, NH


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I am Alissa Dillon, an intuitive psychic medium. Early in life, I learned to trust my ‘gut instincts' about people or situations, which were often correct. I experienced having conversations with my deceased family members while dreaming, which would bring some clarity and healing to my family members.

As an adult, I became fascinated with the gifts of a psychic medium, and would pay for readings often, to connect with loved ones, to help heal my grief. I believe spirits continue to surround the ones they loved while alive, although most people are not able to see/hear them.

Two years ago, I met a prominent local medium who recommended I begin studying with her to strengthen my skills. Over the past several months, my psychic and evidential mediumship readings have provided profound healing to those who were seeking to make a spirit connection. In addition to my intensive training with various well-known psychics and mediums, next month I will be studying at Arthur Findlay College of Psychic Sciences in Stanstead, England.

My mediumship readings can provide healing and clarity, through these abilities:

* Clairvoyance (connect with people/objects via extrasensory perception)
*Clairaudience (perceiving what is inaudible to others)
*Clairsentience (receive messages from emotions and feelings)
* I can see and hear the deceased, as well as feel physical ailments they may have felt before passing away. I have ability to connect with humans as well as some animals.
*I am also able to connect to those far away from us, who are still living, or are ill and need a voice for them.

I have had the passion of helping to heal people most of my life. I hold a Master of Education in Mental Health Counseling and am a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor. I specialize in grief and trauma therapy. I am blessed with the ability to combine my clinical training with mediumship skills. A person struggling with grief can start to have some healing after receiving a message from the person/people who have left their lives. I, myself, benefitted from medium readings after the loss of loved ones. I am grateful to share these gifts with others.

Listed since: Oct 18, 2019

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