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Terri Jay
Terri Jay


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$90. for an hour, $50. for a half hour phone session

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On National TV and Radio! Terri Jay is the Cowgirl Shaman. Terri was in a TV series last year on Peacock where her intuitive abilities help save a man from a horrific marriage. Her own TV show is in the works. She has been doing readings of all types all over the world by phone for over 34 years. Her detailed medium readings for both people and pets have incredible details. Her pet readings have saved the lives of countless animals and she specializes in horses. Her medical intuitive abilities help find 'issues in the tissues' and she can also provide energy healing. Terri can also do remote viewing, smelling and sensing. Terri can help with relationships, finances and health and also coaches those wishing to enhance their own intuitive abilities. She has three books available on her website so that you can learn how to do your own readings. The only work Terri will not do is predictions and police work. Predictions are unethical due to the Law of Attraction and Terri doesn't like the negativity associated with police work.

Listed since: Jan 8, 2009


Several years ago after meeting Terri I and my wife attended a show at the Atlantis Casino in Reno. After the show I came forward and stated I was adopted and never knew the birth family but knew I had two older sisters and birth mother which I did have the last name. Terri told me that the younger of the two sisters had passed. Roughly 8 years later I found the oldest sister at the age of 80. Terri was correct, my youngest of the two sisters passed in 2003. We are now going to meet.
Terri was just great! :) I felt a calming just talking to her. Cat was missing for hours and found in the apartment just as she said and where. We even got a greeting and some laughs from a recently deceased family member. She was great! I recommend her highly!! :) Fast and accurate!
Teri has been very kind and helpful to me. Amongst readings and clearings she has done for me she also gave me answers that helped me move forward. Most dramatic experience so far was a chelation she did for me where I experienced firsthand a physical sensation of spirit healing me. I'm normally very left brain, the experience surprised me, improved my condition quiet a bit. Teri is very funny, I love her direct and unencumbered way in which she delivers messages.
I had an hour phone reading 5 months after my brother passed. She connected with him and was able to tell me things I knew as well as things I didn't know, but was later verified by other family members. She even called me out on an idea I had on what the other side was like and corrected me on that idea, and I never mentioned anything about it. I would have gladly paid more for my session, and I highly recommend her for connecting to loved ones on the other side.

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