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Michelle Beltran
Michelle Beltran


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San Francisco


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Michelle Beltran is a best-selling author, globally celebrated psychic medium, transformation trailblazer, and spiritual teacher.

She has become a leading international authority in the spirituality arena, specializing in psychic functioning, mediumship, and remote viewing. She is the host of a popular psychic development podcast, The Intuitive Hour: Awaken Your Inner Voice.

Having appeared at numerous spirituality and wellness summits and magazines, including USA Today, Forbes and Hay House World Summit, she has worked with thousands of people across the globe. Michelle's greatest joy is seeing people engage in more fulfilling lives and teaching them how to awaken, amplify and trust their inner voice.

This former probation officer has traveled throughout the Far East living among men, women, and children who rarely had enough to eat and who struggled for personal self-advancement. This life-changing experience deepened her commitment to assist others in transforming their lives.

Her competitive spirit and passion for healthy living led Michelle to many years as a professional cyclist and lifelong fitness enthusiast. She finds that much of the clairvoyant information she receives in her work is related to nutrition, health and fitness and she credits competitive sport with the gift of medical intuitiveness she now shares with clients.

Currently based in Northern California, when Michelle is not deeply immersed in authoring her next engaging read, you’ll find her West Coast Swing dancing to the current jams of the day or cruising on her Orbea summiting the next biggest climb she can find.

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Michelle can answer any questions (past, present and future) regarding all topics. All her clairs are open, however she most often hears (clairaudience), sees (clairvoyance) and feels (clairsentience) psychic information.

Michelle earned a bachelor's degree in political science. She served in the U.S. Air Force where she traveled abroad, living in the Far East and Asia. Michelle worked as a probation officer, and is a former professional cyclist.

Listed since: Aug 22, 2011


One word: WOW. Michelle blew me away. She needed hardly any information from me and she was spot ON. She validated so many things and was so compassionate and nonjudgmental. I purchased a 30 minute reading from her, and we covered SO much ground in that 30 minutes! We even got a visit from my dad who passed away this year. Truly amazing reading.
I've worked with Michelle several times now, and haven't had to say much for her to connect with my energy. You can't make up what she brings to you. It's only been a short time since working with Michelle, and things have already come to fruition! It makes me believe that life really does offer us beautiful experiences to grow and learn. And thanks to Michelle, I'm learning to embrace that. You are a gift to this world. Thank you.
I just had a quick reading with Michelle and wow I’m very impressed. She picked up quick on my situation and I didn’t have to say anything. She was sweet, to the point with great advice.
I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to connect with Michelle on several occasions to have readings/sessions on various topics. Michelle is such a phenomenal psychic/medium -- very intuitive and accurate each time I have had a reading with her. She has been a great mentor. I really appreciate all the insights and guidance she has provided and am looking forward to more such sessions.
I found the one I can really connect with finally. I've been talking to a lot of psychics before. I've never met someone who is very compassionate and put me to ease right away. It depends on a person I guess. This is my first time writing review as well. The way she connects with my mom on the other side was incredible. She also said I will be reunited with my partner in this month. I am looking forward to her predictions. I do believe that it's going to come true according to my instincts.
What a sensitive and great lady. I tried hard to not lead the reading and got some seriously profound hits. Nearly everything she said hit home and matched the world I am in. Thank you Michelle...
Michelle is an absolute marquee psychic! I have come from a long line of woman who have engaged with psychics. I have experienced readings throughout my life. I can firmly say that Michelle is truly an outspend and gifted psychic!
I actually spoke with Michelle on Best American Psychics. ..she was non judgemental, very easy and pleasant to speak with. Gave wonderful advise and pointed things out that need to be focused on. Michelle is very positive and I left feeling better and more confident in my situation. I pray the outcome manifests however it's quite a ways out, but I will remain positive and keep in mind her pointers. Thank you Michelle, enjoyed our time...God Bless!
This woman is phenomenal. She has a way of helping you get back to your center with clear precise and pointed information. Call her for yourself and you'll see. She's it!! Thank you so much Michelle!
Phenomenal! Beautiful soul to have a god given gift
i had a reading with michelle the other day and found her to be a wonderfully connected human being with a wonderful gift, if you want to get a reading i suggest you give this wonderful woman a call, you will not regret it Connie Rachunek Texas
I had a reading with Michelle yesterday and she is absolutely AWESOME. Thank you for your guidance and counseling and wonderful intuition. I will not call another psychic but Michelle, why change when you find the best?
I have had three short sessions with Michelle and all three have left me feeling great. She delivers her readings with compassion and no judgment, and I truly feel that she genuinely cares about her clients. She doesn't rush you off the phone if you run a little over. Will definitely be reading again with her as I listen to her advice and guidance through my difficult situation so I can get to the most optimal outcome.
Thank you so much Michelle! It was wonderful to talk to you and have clarity on my current romantic situation. You were accurate, very helpful and honest in answering my questions. My jaw dropped when you knew about an upcoming event happening really soon! :) Thanks so much again!
Just had a great session with Michelle. I was given a lot of insight of myself, relationships, house, and future finances. Michelle was quick and genuine in her delivery of her readings of me, past, current, and future to come. I look forward to my next reading with her...the only downside I have when adding more money it took away from my time during her reading to me, and lost a reading that came to her and when I was back online she wasn't able to share it. Thank you so much Michelle
Absolutely wonderful! I was amazed at what she knew, and her delivery was so kind & caring...

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