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Martha Woodworth
Martha Woodworth


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Las Vegas, NV


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Martha Woodworth is a professional tarot card reader, astrologer and psychic advisor from Las Vegas, Nevada. Martha is clairvoyant and clairaudient; she can see and hear what her clients need to know. She has read for more than 10,000 people worldwide, from all walks of life. She specializes in relationships and career, but all subject matters are welcomed.

Martha is here to answer your pressing questions clearly and accurately, guide you to your cherished goals, and restore your peace of mind. She will scan her tarot cards and consult her spirit guides, to see the past, present, and future surrounding your important issues. She will uncover any barriers that may be impeding you. Martha believes that a "better" psychic is strictly confidential, at once spiritual and practical, makes specific predictions, and offers guidance in all areas of your life: love, marriage, career, family, jobs, self-empowerment, etc. She helps you make major decisions, and boosts your self-esteem, because she is always on your side

FYI: FOR A DEEP SAVINGS: go to Martha's website: (simply Google Martha Woodworth, and book a reading there, or call her at (702) 866-6682, and she will guide you to easily secure a session. On her website you may also order an Instant Reading via the same service used on this site.

Martha is a a tarot card reader, astrologer and numerologist, born in Boston, Massachusetts. She has appeared on "Unsolved Mysteries" in her career as a psychic detective who helps law enforcement solve crimes and find missing people. She was the first psychic columnist in a national magazine, as well as the horoscope columnist for the Las Vegas Weekly. She believes that we are all soul mates, having migrated from past lives. Because she fully believes in soul mates, she loves to help her clients find theirs.

Though relationships and career are her specialties, Martha reads on all subjects, including your life purpose, path, grief, addictions, creativity, self-esteem, and more. She is also a professional writer and artist, Her book, "The Ten Gifts Of Grief,"(under her pen name, Hawthorne Wood - found on Amazon), is about losing her beloved husband and soul mate of twenty-five years in a mountain climbing accident. As a lifelong writer and artist, she welcomes clients suffering from creative blocks, or those who simply want a reading for new ideas about ongoing projects in any field of endeavor, including selling your work, starting a new business, or entering a partnership.

On Martha's website you may book a psychic tarot card reading or Whole Life Reading - (a full astrological analysis for the coming year, in every area of your life, including other people you wish to add to the analysis, for a compatibility reading, or simply to see what's ahead in their lives). These are done by phone, looking at your chart (emailed to you) together, Martha has taught astrology, numerology and psychic crime detection at the college level, so she can easily demystify these complex subjects. When you have a Whole Life Reading with Martha, you will easily know how to read yours or anyone else's chart. An astrology assessment of your natal chart is a teaching. As with her tarot readings, her clients to know why she makes her predictions. You will come away with information you can use to change, find, and apply solutions to any of your issues.

As a professional writer, Martha is at ease with written as well as telephone readings, so if you choose to have a Chat reading, she will respond with clear and focused text to all of your questions. She can also do a Whole Life (astrology) Reading as an in-depth email report. (See how to order this reading on her website,

Martha is here for you, ready to give your concerns her full attention, She is available 7 days a week, 7am-11pm, PT. If you call her on her studio phone (702-866-6682) and she does not answer, it is because she is doing a reading. Leave a message and she will call you back shortly. She loves to be of help, so it's always her pleasure to do a reading for you.

*Note: Martha loves to read for 'teens, however, If you are under the age of eighteen, you must have parental permission.

Martha Woodworth,

For a savings: (702) 866-6682 7 days a week, 7am-11pm PT
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"How I Became A Professional Psychic Advisor"/ "Numerology: The Power of Numbers" by Martha Woodworth. Find these feature articles, published nationally, on my website, as well as fees, services, my psychic blog, and many reviews from satisfied clients: Google: Martha Woodworth,

I was the first psychic columnist in a national publication: "The Psychic Advisor" in New Woman Magazine; have appeared on "Unsolved Mysteries" and was the horoscope columnist for the Las Vegas Weekly.

I believe that we are all soul mates, and everything that happens to us is a soul mate experience.

Listed since: Mar 26, 2018


Martha is excellent at what she does and adds a touch of compassion.
It has been such an honor to have Martha Woodworth as my psychic advisor for the past 7 years. She is fantastic, gifted, dedicated to her work and really has provided some guidance and insight on my life's events. I am thankful to have had her along the journey and would recommend her to others in need of a psychic advisor! Thank you Martha!
Martha is thorough & straight forward. She walked me through the TRUTH of a situation. As a reader myself I need outside guidance because I cannot read fully for myself when I’m emotional. The things she said were so in sync with what I’m trying to overcome in my life on a bigger picture. She helped me to redirect & refocus & gave me a fantastic & accurate reading on my situation! Don’t think twice book some time with her!
Wow...Martha did a reading for me in May...I was thinking of selling a condo rented to a you a familly...she told me that Virtue was at the hearth of the transaction..and that it will be a correct and worthy transaction! And..guest what..she was spot on...the tenants are finally buying the condo...I am so happy and proud of my tenants! They are immigrants and acceeding to property will be a path to solid financial futur...Martha saw the benefit formthem and me! Amazing...thanks Martha...
Martha is a talented psychic. She’s very personable and takes a real interest in all aspects of your life. She’s the real deal.
Martha is a gifted psychic reader. She’s warm, friendly and real. My long-term relationship with her is because of her honesty and truthfulness. She often gives me a new perspective and positive way of looking at a problem. I appreciate Martha for her objective advice that produce great outcomes.
I call Martha when I am stuck and need trusted, insightful, inutitive, feedback about something that is keeping me stuck, usually in relationships and career. She is able to tap into information that has proven correct every time!. Recently, it was about dealing with issues related to my new home that were driving me crazy. I was losing my focus at my job because I was so stressed. Her reading was spot on and highlighted what I needed to see to move forward. Thank you Martha! Highly Recommended!
What a fabulous reading I got from Martha! I was on the fence about a relationship with someone I was very attracted to but wasn’t sure if he liked me. Martha encouraged me to pursue it after I told her about another man who seemed to be more Interested in me. It turns out Martha was right; the man I liked was thrilled to know it! I will definitely go back to Martha in the future.
I loved my reading from Martha. She was so caring and assured. She explained the reading in a kind and clear way that gave me confidence. I had serious career choices that required a fast answer and Martha's reading led me to the best ones for me easily. I also found her a lot of fun to talk to, and I feel that she is now a true friend I can rely on for wise guidance. I recommend Martha Woodworth highly and will surely go back to this gifted psychic advisor.
My reading with Martha was truly a miracle. She gave me so much great psychic feedback about my career and love life (that I can't recommend her highly enough). Her warmth and compassion made me feel like I could tell her anything. I won't hesitate to call her with any questions about my future. I also loved her kindness and charming sense of humor that lifted my spirits. Now I feel I can move forward with certainty that everything is going to turn out for the best. Thank you Martha!

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