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Martha Woodworth

Martha Woodworth
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Throughout my years of reading for so many extraordinary clients, I know that there are no limits to what a person can accomplish or overcome, once the veil of self-doubt has been removed. I am here to reassure you that all is possible, and to help you believe in yourself. Relationships, love, career, major changes in your life, lost pets - no subject is off limits. Call me when you want a compassionate, truthful reading, when you need answers.

I am seeking clients who need important information to resolve the conflicts in their lives. As a professional psychic of twenty years I can easily pinpoint reasons for your uncertainty and how to regain your peace of mind. I specialize in relationships, employment and career path. Call when you truly want to know the answers to your most pressing concerns. I am here for you.

Throughout my years of reading for so many extraordinary clients, I know that there is no limit to what a person can accomplish or overcome, once the veil of self-doubt has been removed. I am here to reassure you that all is possible, to remind you that everyone possesses a sixth sense, and to help you believe in yourself.
Love, career, lost pets: no subject is off-limits.

I was on "Unsolved Mysteries" in my role as a psychic detective. I help law enforcement solve crimes and find missing people.

Artists, actors, celebrities, business people, physicians, engineers, teenagers and the elderly have called me asking for help in solving their dilemmas and answering their questions. I have had clients in Tokyo, Paris, London and Athens, to name just a few of the cities abroad from which I have received calls for readings.

"Does the person I love return my feelings?" "Am I on the right path with my career?" "Will I keep my job?" "Is my partner cheating on me?" "Will we stay together?" "Will I meet my soulmate, and when?" "Should I move, and where?" "What is my purpose in life?" "Is my family member going to be OK?" "Will my partner and I heal the rifts in our relationship?" "Why can't I seem to get ahead at work? "Will I keep my job?" "Will I be promoted?

My goal is to give you clarity and certainty about any of your concerns, with the exception of politics. Let's give ourselves a break and leave that drama behind for the moment. This reading is about YOU).

I like to make my (strictly confidential) readings warm, friendly and uplifting. I feel that when you call, we are engaging in a deep and meaningful conversation. After all, you may be telling me things about you that no one else will ever know, and I feel honored to hold your secrets. I am not exaggerating when I say that every one of my clients is fascinating to me, and every call a challenge: to do the best reading for you - every time. When you call me, it's all about YOU, a hundred per cent, and I want to give you everything I've got with my spirit guides, my cards and my psychic intuition.

When you call me directly on my home phone (702) 866-6682, it will be a large savings for you. If I am doing a reading at that time, you can leave a message for me, and I will call you back asap. With direct readings to my home phone you will feel less hurried and there will be no interruptions. For those visiting Las Vegas: I will travel to your LV resort hotel to read for you.

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Re. astrology readings: I need a person's date, place and time of birth to cast their natal horoscope chart. I have the gift and experience of being able to scan a birth chart rapidly to make predictions about what will happen in your life over the coming year. I can also do compatibility charts for love and business partnerships. A reading that involves a full astrology assessment can only be done via my home phone: (702) 866-6682.

"How I Became A Professional Psychic Advisor" by Martha Woodworth. Go to website:


Listed since: Mar 26, 2018


I call Martha when I am stuck and need trusted, insightful, inutitive, feedback about something that is keeping me stuck, usually in relationships and career. She is able to tap into information that has proven correct every time!. Recently, it was about dealing with issues related to my new home that were driving me crazy. I was losing my focus at my job because I was so stressed. Her reading was spot on and highlighted what I needed to see to move forward. Thank you Martha! Highly Recommended!
What a fabulous reading I got from Martha! I was on the fence about a relationship with someone I was very attracted to but wasn’t sure if he liked me. Martha encouraged me to pursue it after I told her about another man who seemed to be more Interested in me. It turns out Martha was right; the man I liked was thrilled to know it! I will definitely go back to Martha in the future.
I loved my reading from Martha. She was so caring and assured. She explained the reading in a kind and clear way that gave me confidence. I had serious career choices that required a fast answer and Martha's reading led me to the best ones for me easily. I also found her a lot of fun to talk to, and I feel that she is now a true friend I can rely on for wise guidance. I recommend Martha Woodworth highly and will surely go back to this gifted psychic advisor.
My reading with Martha was truly a miracle. She gave me so much great psychic feedback about my career and love life (that I can't recommend her highly enough). Her warmth and compassion made me feel like I could tell her anything. I won't hesitate to call her with any questions about my future. I also loved her kindness and charming sense of humor that lifted my spirits. Now I feel I can move forward with certainty that everything is going to turn out for the best. Thank you Martha!

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