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Dee Griffin

I am a Very well Known and respected British Psychic and have been performing Psychic Readings for 41 Years. I am descended from a Long Line of Irish Psychics, and inherited my gifts from My Grandmother who died one month before I was born, she helps me in my readings, and is my guide in the spirit world. I have been Giving advice to the heartbroken and the lost and lonely for 41 years. I am Empathic, and can tune into your partner, this...
(Nearest City: Las Vegas; Reviews 6; Listed since: Oct 12, 2015) :: READ MORE

Terri Jay

On National TV and Radio! Terri has been providing readings for people all over the world by phone for over 20 years. Her detailed medium readings are incredible. Her pet readings have saved the lives of countless animals and she specializes in horses. Her medical intuitive abilities help find 'issues in the tissues' and she can also provide energy healing. Terri can also do remote viewing, smelling and sensing. Terri can help with...
(Nearest City: Reno; Reviews 3; Listed since: Jan 8, 2009) :: READ MORE

Jacque McPherson

I am a Certified Angel Card Reader, Angel Channel, and Psychic. No matter which type of reading you choose to receive, you will feel safe, comfortable and relaxed with me. I deliver messages of hope, guidance, and direction in a factual, loving manner. I was born an Intuitive Empath and Psychic Medium; a trait passed down among the women on my mother's side of the family. I have always been able to read people and talk with animals; I know of...
(Nearest City: Henderson; Reviews 4; Listed since: Jan 13, 2016) :: READ MORE

Martha Woodworth

I am seeking clients who need important information to resolve the conflicts in their lives. As a professional psychic of twenty years I can easily pinpoint the reasons for your uncertainty, and with compassion and wisdom help you regain peace of mind. I specialize in love, relationships, employment and career path. Call when you want answers to your most pressing concerns. (During this difficult time, I have reduced my reading fee)....
(Nearest City: Henderson; Reviews 4; Listed since: Mar 26, 2018) :: READ MORE