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Steven Joseph
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Steven Joseph is an intuitive spiritual life coach and author based in Omaha Nebraska.

Whether you are searching for support in your grief process or an intuitive spiritual life coach to help discover your souls path, Steven is ready to help. His soul is honored to be a channel that helps you on your journey.

I have partnered with Karen Marie from Divine Healing Inspirations. Karen is a Spirit Artist who draws pencil sketches of your loved ones during your session.

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Our loved ones and spirit guides know we are skeptical by nature and they want to communicate with us. Due to the difference in vibration levels from our consciousness to their energy level, it is not an exact science. I use gifts of sight, sound, feeling, knowing and occasionally remote viewing to receive messages and guidance for you. I am reducing my conscious mind and opening my extrasensory abilities, so I may not remember everything I pass along to you. Because of that, I offer an audio recordings of your session at no charge.

First of all, I will open myself and invite communication from your loved ones and spirit guides. The term “loved ones” is what I use to include those related by blood, adoption or marriage as well as close friends or significant others. Spirits want you to know they are with you and have been waiting for you to open up a line of communication. They have important spiritual messages and guidance for you and are not inclined to dwell on mundane details of the physical life they shared with you. The important thing to remember here is that your spirit guides know what you need spiritually better than you do.

Listed since: Mar 19, 2015


Yesterday through the gift of Steven Joseph I had a wonderful connection and conversation with my son. I have no doubt that is was truly him. Steven is kind, patient & understanding of the grieving heart. I feel he is an excellent medium conveying the messages from both sides to each other.
I had a fantastic time while being read by Steven. I felt his heart connection with my son. He is very a caring and gentle soul with his message . Thank you for sharing your light with me.Kebn5
We had a group reading with Steven and he was great! I went to it very skeptical but the way he described my family member was right on. I would love to do another group reading with him in the future!
Steven has read for me several times. . Im always just shocked how accurate he is. He is one off the most caring mediums I have ever had the pleasure of had read for me. He doesn't just give you messages, or tell you what he thinks you want to hear. He has a wonderful way of explaining the afterlife. He is a true guide. I love having him channel my loved ones passed.
Steven answered my cry for help. I had recently lost my boyfriend and best friend. I felt very sad and lost. I was loosing hair and it was hard to breath from sadness. It wrote many psychic's online." Please help me". Steven answered me. There is no doubt that he connected with my David. He saw my dreams. He also saw David and I in hospital together as David proposed He even saw what side of the bed I stood. He saw things and places that only David or I knew. Steven is truely gifted. The BEST
Steven Joseph/Tall Medium has given me a great read, spot on, and is very comforting. I love that he talks slow, and takes his time. Highly recommend to anyone who needs comfort in connecting with their loved ones. <3
Being gifted myself, I was in deep need for some guidence in order to continue on my souls journey. I have been a medium for some time but just felt a stronger pull towards healing, specifically with my hands. He was able to provide me with the insight to keep my souls purpose moving and growing. The strong draw to Reiki was defiantly validated, my grandparents even made a surprise visit! Most importantly, I felt my soul connect with The Tall Medium, I can promise you, he is AMAZING! NAMASTE!

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