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Stacie Bannon
Stacie Bannon


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$150/30 minutes, $200/45 minutes, $250/60 minutes

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​I work with every client with an enormous amount of love, honesty and dedication. Clients consider me a trusted confidant and consultant. ​

You are seeking accurate answers and guidance for all of your personal challenges. Or you need to connect clearly with your departed loved ones for healing and closure.

​​And you're not interested in wasting your time, money or hope ...

​This is where I can help you.

My clients frequently come to me in pain and confusion - and leave feeling lighter, more whole, happier and at ease.

​​A private reading session will truly make a difference in your life, and your ability to thrive and find joy.

​​Whatever your personal, cultural or spiritual beliefs might be, receiving accurate guidance and emotional healing will help you to achieve what you want now with far greater ease, clarity and confidence.

For seven years I have been doing professional readings for people all over the world.

​My gift is delivering intuitive messages in a way that helps you to start building a happy and truly satisfying life for yourself ON YOUR OWN TERMS.

Areas of expertise:
- Specific life issues: receive accurate answers and guidance about ANYTHING going on in your life now, and for the near future
- Relationship issues: your Spirit Guides love talking about relationships
- Specific career issues/questions; for your own personal business also
- Being an Empath, Intuitive, or medium with questions about how to deal with it effectively and successfully
- Helping clients who feel stagnant, lost, or grief
- Giving clarity, direction and validations regarding where you are going and what you want - or about a situation
- Emotional healing: You will find out incredibly effective ways to heal your emotional wounds​
Getting rid of limiting beliefs or old stories: gain clarity, empowerment and self-esteem

You will find I am very direct and honest, but easy to approach and work with.

If you're done with guess-work and want to get real answers, reach out.


​Connecting directly with your departed loved ones during a mediumship reading is an incredibly positive experience for my clients. It brings so much healing, closure and peace.

​I absolutely love doing this type of reading because of the healing and comfort my clients receive.


Discover how you were created as a unique new Soul during an Akashic Record Reading and how you best express yourself and experience this life. You learn how you were made as a new Soul, and how to find abundance with that information.

​We do some effective clearing work so you can be free of the blocks and restrictions affecting you now. Clients are welcome to ask any Soul-level questions during their reading.

Additional Information: 

Private office in Omaha for in-person readings.

Readings also offered by phone, Zoom video, FaceTime and Skype for clients all over the US and internationally.

Phone readings can be done through a free private conference call and automatically recorded for you.

NOTE: I do not answer health or medical questions as it is illegal in Nebraska

The best way of contact is by calling me at 402-937-4818. Thank you!

Listed since: Sep 1, 2017


I have gotten a few readings from Stacie over the years. You come with questions and she gives highly accurate guidance and answers that changes everything for you. As a medium, she is unquestionably the best around. It’s the most healing I’ve ever received. It’s is always been a positive and moving experience every time I work with her. She is very client-orientated and so easy to talk to. You can tell that she loves what she does. If you want the best, I highly recommend Stacie!
Stacie found me when I was grieving over my father's death. She is the Real Deal. I still have goosebumps from our conversations. She has been a light in my life and I can't thank her enough for the weight she lifted off of my shoulders. My outlook on things have changed dramatically because she answered questions I've had for a long time. Thank You again for being you!
Stacie is very genuine, and has an amazing personality. I immediately felt at ease the first time I met with her. She's all about her clients, and making sure they get what they need. She always goes out of her way to make sure my experience is always real & unique. I have been to many psychic mediums but truly feel she is the most genuine. Her knowledge is unsurpassed and there's no doubting her talent or character. I have the utmost respect for her. She represents the profession well.
I came across Stacie's website while I was living in Nebraska. I scheduled a telephonic reading and I must admit I was skeptical at first but she blew me away! Her reading could not have been more accurate! Her prediction of when my house would sell was spot on. She is officially my go to person for everything!! I now live in Tennessee and still keep in touch. She gives it to you straight! I also had an akashic record consultation, very insightful. If you want honesty in your readings, she's it!

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