Cindy DuBray

Cindy DuBray
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$150.00 / Hour


Intuitive/psychic/medium/empath/remote viewer/ healer. Honest, Compassionate, Validating. Allow me to share my gift with you. Ask Yes or NO questions...Connect quickly.

Extremely gifted & accurate psychic. She's up-lifting, full of life, spirited and heart-centered. Not only is Cindy a gifted Psychic/Medium but she’s an Empath as well; enabling her to truly feel Spirits’ emotions. Cindy's abilities allow her to deliver loving messages filled with healing and hope from your deceased loves ones, spirit guides and angels.
Cindy will give you insight into the hearts and motives of the people in your life, romantic partners, children, family, friends, co-workers, bosses and anyone you wish to understand better. Gain clarity on: Love Relationships, All Relationships, Career/Business, Finances, Spiritual Growth.

Cindy works with Guides to assist those with fears and doubts in different areas of their lives. They work together as a team to help shift you to a positive energy flow to get more out of life's experiences. As a Medium, Cindy works to communicate with your loved ones that have passed to receive messages and pass them along to you for guidance. As a Healer, she helps clients regain their faith and love for themselves so that the healing can begin.

Additional Information: 

I am Native American from the Sioux Tribe. I am an identical twin, highly intuitive, remote viewer and a empath.  Growing up in the Native American culture I am very aware of the spirit world. As a child I had a natural gift of knowing events before they take place. I would sit with my grandmother and watch her use her gift also. I would tell a friend something and it would happen soon after. I find myself thinking about a person and they would either come around or call.  In 1998 I lost my brother due to a car accident.  After his death I started to communicate with him in many ways. I am an empath, people are naturally drawn to me. I found myself guiding others, validating situations and helping in so many ways. I will deliver the messages as I get them from spirit. I truly believe what I deliver to people are messages to guide, validate, and heal from. I do remote view, I am able to pick up on past, present, and current surroundings.
Along my path I have met a lot of wonderful gifted people who have mentored me. I met Psychic/Medium/Healer Sylvia Napoles she has mentored me with my gift and continues too.  I started sharing my gift with others to show that our loved ones are always with us and are so excited to communicate with us.  

I hope to get the chance to visit with you and bring messages from loved ones.  My readings are honest and spirit-filled with love and light.

Listed since: Aug 12, 2019

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