Cindy DuBray-Prue

Cindy DuBray-Prue
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Psychic Medium | Intuitive | Clairvoyant | Empath | Remote Viewer

Respected international reader, interprets messages she receives for clients from around the world to help guide in a variety of situations. Accurate predictions giving dates & sequence of events on relationships, job, career, investments, and health.

Cindy uses her gifts to guide fears and doubts in different areas of their lives. Gives predictions to help you see ahead for guidance. She will shift you to a positive energy flow to get more out of life experiences. She will give you insight into the hearts and motives of the people in your life, and anyone you wish to understand better.

Not only is Cindy a gifted psychic intuitive but she’s an empath as well, which enables her to feel energy. Cindy's gifts allow her to deliver loving messages filled with healing and hope from spirit.

As a Medium, Cindy works to communicate with your loved ones that have passed to receive messages and pass them along to you for guidance.

As a Healer, she helps clients regain their faith and love for themselves so that the healing can begin. In the highest of all good.

Additional Information: 

As a young child I had this natural gift of knowing, seeing, and feeling what to do or what would happen not just for myself but others too. I would see white balls in my room at night which were (orbs). I could see coming events as a little movie in my mind and later experiencing it in real time. I would be thinking of someone and only to have them show up or call.
I would experience anxiety and want to retreat from the world at times. I later connected my anxiety when being around others, and getting nudges from higher energy and spirit wanting me to translate or communicate for people. I was feeling other peoples energy with a strong urge to help and guide. I work with the spiritual and physical worlds with the purpose of healing and guiding. I would talk with friends, family and at times strangers helping with life decisions. People would literally come up to me out of nowhere and tell me things and vent about their worries or choices they had coming. I’ve trusted my gifts since a young girl I’m still amazed at the guidance I receive from the universe. I give permission to the highest powers I believe in to continue to use my body and soul to help others, I only ask to stay safe, healthy body and mind and receive messages that will help others in the highest of all good and everyone involved.

In 1998 I lost my brother due to a car accident.  After his death I started to communicate with him in many ways, and I have helped alot of people communicate with loved ones who passed on to the spiritual world. I will deliver the messages as I get them from spirit. I truly believe what I receive are messages to guide, validate, and heal from. I do remote view, I am able to pick up on past, present, and current surroundings.
I started sharing my gift with others to show that our loved ones are always with us and are so excited to communicate with us.  
I hope to get the chance to visit with you and bring messages from loved ones.  My readings are honest and spirit-filled with love and light.

Listed since: Aug 12, 2019


I have done readings with Cindy the past 3 years. Her ability to relay messages from loved ones on the other side is truly amazing. It is very satisfying when all the messages are validated by personal details only the departed party would know. If you want a experience from truly gifted individual with psychic abilities give Cindy a call. You will not be disappointed!!!
I found psychic Cindy Dubray-Prue a few years back and instantly felt connected with her. She is super sweet and friendly, easy to talk to and she is able to pick up alot of detail. She is especially good with picking up specific details/personality characteristics on people you may have questions regarding. She is also good with guiding yes and no questions as to whether she sees something unfolding in time and she can usually give u a week to month time frame. Great psychic!!
I've been contacting Cindy for a couple of years, but the past year she has been a definite go to for me & I speak with her often! Her delivery and personality are wonderful & she tries to clarify any additional details or questions you have and give you information to try to empower you in your situation and outcomes. Cindy has been VERY accurate in her predictions for me and continues to be. If true insight is what you're seeking, then don't just think about it, Call Cindy!!
I had the pleasure of having Cindy give me a reading in person. My mom passed away a few years ago and she was spot on in details that nobody else would know. It was so great to have validation that my mom is still looking out for me. Thank you Cindy!

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