Christian McCarthy

Christian McCarthy
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75.00 hour


I am a clairvoyant medium and I do readings to help people connect with loved ones who have passed over. I have even been able to connect with departed and very much loved pets as well. I can also help you by connecting with "higher self." This is done to help with questions you may have about your life and current situations you would like answers to. I am able to help as a psychic detective with missing persons and cold cases. I also have participated with several paranormal teams on reading and investigating private homes and large places. Please feel free to visit my web page and if it feels right in your heart to contact me for a reading, please do.

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Currently I do readings for clients in person, over the phone and recently thru Skype & Facebook video chat if you do not live in the area. Please feel free to visit my website and contact me if you would like a reading.

Listed since: Aug 8, 2010


Christian McCarthy changed my life. I had a lot of guilt and pain following the death of my 27 year old son. My son came through to me the day I went to see Christian and answered a lot of my questions for me. I now know that my son is in a beautiful place and he is happy.

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