Nancy Feranec

Nancy Feranec
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St Louis


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160.00 per hour

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Hi and welcome to my listing, I’m an Authentic Psychic Medium. I bring Spirit to Life and Healing to your Heart. I’m a Certified International Psychic Medium. Listed as a Top 10 Psychic in St. Louis and Top 10 Psychic in Chicago. Are you considering getting a psychic reading? Do you wonder what to expect? What will be revealed? Are you curious? Then you’ve come to the right place.

I’m as real as they come. Tarot cards and Spirit guide me into your life. I call it like I see it . “Spirit is never wrong and the cards don’t lie!”

I work in the highest white light of energy and share that energy with you.

I’m a Psychic Medium with an intriguing gift of knowing, seeing, hearing and feeling.This is a gift I love to share with others through the exciting world of Spirit and Tarot Cards.

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What people are saying about Nancy...
I have been on a spiritual journey for a few years now and my heart has opened up to so many things. Things were disclosed that she could have never known. It brought enlightenment as I continue down the path and an experience I will never forget. Denise M.

My daughter urged me to have a reading by Nancy. With a little skepticism I agreed. I am so happy I did. At first I was very nervous but Nancy truly makes you
I can’t thank you enough for the experience you gave me. It was definitely unforgettable & very enlightening. I was very surprised, and I also got everything I was hoping for. You truly have a wonderful gift. You are very kind to share it with us. Thank you. Kristen B.

Ahhh, you changed my life in an hour! You’re a sweetheart – we all have a lot to learn and you were very inspiring. I thank you for that. You brought me some needed peace and now I’m hoping my heart can start to heal a bit. Bless you enjoy this beautiful sunshiny day. Jackie O.

You where spot on with everything! You were correct, up front and honest with me. No sugar coating which is exactly what I needed! Down to earth and to the point. Bless you Nancy. Len K.

Listed since: Mar 8, 2013


I meet with Nancy 5 years ago..She direct and honest, warn and grounded,compassionate. Extremely helpful and gifted. Nancy she the real deal, you won't be disappointed Victoria G.
I scheduled a reading for my parents as a gift to them. The descriptions of their loved ones, as well as messages from their loved ones, were incredibly accurate! For example, Nancy shared that my grandfather passed shortly before my mother's wedding and he apologized for that. Nancy described an 8 year old brother of my father's who stated that he died tragically in an accident. Both of these examples are true! Nancy has an amazing gift! We are so appreciative of her! She's the best!
I enjoyed my reading very much and was so moved by Nancy and gift to read spirits
Nancy is a gem. I have had Nancy read for several parties as well as my own private readings. I have complete trust in her abilities and highly recommend her. She can give you the clarity you need for difficult situations.
I was amazed at her accuracy. I went to see her with a list and we went all the way through it. She knew what I was talking about and them some. Very helpful. I highly recommend her. She is also just a lovely person. You will not be disappointed.
I recently have had two readings with Nancy and I thought she was fabulous! She is friendly, down to earth and very empathetic. I felt that she told the truth as she saw it and was not sugar-coating it. She immediately picked up on my situation and made me feel so much better. I found her to be very accurate and I plan to call her regularly.

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