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Marilyn Painter
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Saint Peters


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$ 90 /45 Minutes

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(636) 634-1936 or book yourself through our website online scheduler.


Receive a Reading: What are the possibilities???.... validation, connection, soul healing, answers, insight, guidance, perspective, unveiling of your authentic self, direction, understanding of others and their role in your life, a look into choices that lie ahead for you, relationship clarity and information only limited by what you think to ask.

Most sessions are offered in person and by phone.

Take a step towards empowering your life.

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Marilyn Painter

Additional Information: 

I am certified as a Metaphysician Practitioner from Delphi University-The Patricia Hayes School of Inner Sense Development, registered as a Medium and Spiritual Counselor from the Arthur Ford International Academy of Mediumship, and registered as a Spiritual Healer in the Church of Wisdom Inc. and in the International Registry of Spiritual Healers.

Listed since: Dec 2, 2009


Awesome. She is great. She hit everything square on the head. Whould recomend her t everyone. If you are looking for a true reading she is the one to go to.
Marilyn was amazing. She was so on point. Definitely helped me get clarification on a few life changes that need to be made. I recommend her 100%
Marilyn is so helpful in being able to see and hear messages from our higher selves! I have gone to her for readings several times and each time I feel so much lighter and completely supported by the universe. Marilyn has such a gift and I am so thankful to have found her in this lifetime! I highly recommend her to anyone and everyone!
Marilyn was such a wonderful and positive presence. This was my first experience with a psychic. When I walked in, I was so nervous. By the time I left I felt completely at peace. She provides such a great experience and she started with thoroughly explaining what to expect from the session. During the session she allowed me to ask questions and provided so much insight to my life. She is certainly gifted in her trade. I highly suggest anyone to visit her.
Marilyn was amazing. She was kind and respectful, but at the same time speaking her truth. Even when I was like, "well, what about this?" and obviously pushing for an answer wanting to go my way, she was able to kindly and respectfully tell me that was not the information she was receiving. Which was really great for me because her ability to do that, makes her seem more authentic and really receiving information, not just reading me and saying what I want to hear. Overall, she is wonderful!
Marilyn was amazing! Four of us had readings with her. Really was unbelievable how much information she had for each of us. She gave us great insight. Highly recommend her.
Wow! We had the family in from out of town, my husbands two sisters and myself had a group reading with Marilyn. My husband left a believer! Marilyn was wonderful and I felt very comfortable with her. She opened my eyes to new beginnings. We talked about our visit the whole weekend. We will be still talking about it for years! Thank you Marilyn!
I forget to do reviews, but I love Marilyn. I've been seeing her for 3 yrs, every reading is great. I recently had a regression and it was really different. I mostly visit to hear about my husband. He passed away 3 yrs ago and I love hearing about him
I had another visit with Marilyn, since my husband passed away 2 1/2 yrs ago. This occasion was what would have been our 50th anniversary. I had asked about my son because he is in a little trouble, I was shocked to find out who I think we're my sons guides talking about what he needs to do to straighten up. I hope I can have him listen to this and see if it helps him. My husband also said he misses me and he's waiting for me. Marilyn is fantastic, I have never been disappointed with a reading
January 30 2017 Thank you so much, I cant even explain in words how much this meant to me an is gonna help me get through the rest of my life You filled the empty feeling I had in my heart, I got all my questions answered without asking.Thank you so much.
I've seen Marilyn many times, since my husband passed away in Sept of 2014. I don't always remember to leave reviews. The last time I saw her was on our wedding anniversary this year, it was just amazing he actually remembered it was our anniversary. I know time on the other side is not the same as here so I was surprised that he remembered. He showed a sign that said Happy Anniversary, I was so surprised. I love him dearly and am so glad I have Marilyn to contact him. Marilyn is fantastic.
I requested a reading with Marilyn because I was supposed to. There have been to many synchronicities leading the way for it not to be so. My impression of Marilyn is of being honest, accurate, and truthful. I look forward to the next conversation.
My session with Marilyn was great. She was loving, patiente, and nice. I felt she was real. She knew what she was talking about and said things that made the whole sense in my life and in me as soul.
Marilyn touched on a few things that 2 other ppl had spoke about concerning my love life .. And the exact same time frame ...she gave me clarity to things that are ahead!! Thank you
When I first went I was skeptical, but open minded. When I left our first session, I was re-newed and transformed. My first reading with Marilyn was my first step on a very exciting and personal spiritual journey. 8 months later and I have seen her 3 times with a training session on the way.Each session with Marilyn has brought wisdom and guidance much needed in my life. She truly has a gift, there is no faking with her, nor arrogance. She is always warm and genuine. Highly recommended.
I have seen marilyn several times and she has been very helpful in dealing with my husband's death and my life since then. I am stiil coming to terms with my husband's death it was very sudden, and unexpected. I think marilyn is great very helpful and a very intuitive
Marilyn has a wonderful gift. She was so in tune to what was going on within me and gave me clarity.
I had another reading with Marilyn, listing to what my husband. I was so suprised at his attitude, he was so funny and enjoying himself, reminds me when we were young and first married. Marilyn is just fantastic, next visit I plan on looking ahead at what I need to do to make the rest of my life full and happy
I had my second reading with marilyn in early oct. My husband passed away on sept 30th and to me it was very sudden. I know now, he was sicker than I realized. Marilyn talked to my husband and assured me that everything was ok and I was doing the right thing with my life. Marilyn is fantastic I will continue using her for guidance and to hopefully connect with my husband again
Marilyn Painter conducted a reading for me in May of 2014. She helped me understand my souls purpose, contracts, and messages from my deceased husband which I could totally tell that it was him, as the things that were communicated were things only he would know. I was very impressed with my reading!
Had my first reading with Marilyn on 5-21-2014. I highly recommend her! Her reading was incredibly accurate and informative. I gave her no information ahead of time and she covered 4-5 important subjects about my life in great detail and passed on incredible advice from my guides. She has a great talent and a wonderful connection to spirit. Call her-you won't regret it!!
I have had a total of 2 Reviews with Marilyn Painter over the past 4 months. 1 was about a personal problem I had and the 2nd was about past lives and what my soul is trying to tell me.Everything Marilyn told me was 100% accurate or made sense to me. She knew things about my family and what our souls journey is. I spoke to my family about my reading with Marilyn and they were amazed and how spot everything I said about them as well. I can't say enough about how Marilyn Painter has helped me.
Marilyn was so comforting and amazing! She was spot-on with my soul consultation. I would definitely recommend her!

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