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Jill M. Jackson
Jill M. Jackson


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Jill is an international award-winning highly sought after Psychic Medium, Speaker, Author, and Spiritual Teacher.

Jill was born into this present life as a Spiritual Psychic, Medium, Empath, and a Lightworker, however, Jill spent years utilizing her intuitive gifts in the business world. She reached a point in her career where "Spirit" nudged her towards this new direction and invited Jill to re-examined her life and "remember" what her missions are in this lifetime. When you listen to Spirit and follow your true path, the results are truly amazing!

Jill has studied mysticism and spirituality for many years and her training is extensive and diverse.

Jill offers spiritual guidance to many, through Psychic Spiritual Readings, Mediumship Readings, Metaphysical Writings and Spiritual Teachings.

Jill is the author of Secrets of the Secret and Mississippi Medium, From Southern Baptist to Talking to the Dead!

Missing person cases and unsolved investigations is a passion and a calling Jill received. This work is especially gratifying to Jill and is her way of giving back.


“I've had the pleasure of having 3 readings with Jill thus far and have been amazed by her abilities and accuracy each time. Jill provides accurate names and details that only a truly gifted psychic could do. She has been able to connect with the spirits of my family who have passed away and told me things that only they would know. The joyful feeling I got from knowing my loved ones were present cannot be described. Those spirits validated that they still care about me and are still aware of what's happening in my life. At my first reading, Jill immediately picked up on my husband’s name and proceeded to give details concerning my son who we have severe problems with. She gave me the first letter of his name as well as other personal information. All this without me commenting or telling her anything. The express purpose of my 1st visit was due to my worries about my son and Jill immediately picked up on the issues at hand. Jill's insight has given me peace and direction into what to expect in the next phase of my life and reassurance that the transition will go smoothly. She's a compassionate and honest person and I leave my readings with a sense of hope for my future and for that I'm thankful. Thanks Jill for all the hope and blessings you give as service to others.” Donna, NC

"I was surprised by Jill's accuracy during my reading. She perfectly described events in my life although we had never met and her analysis of the energy around me proved to be correct well after our time together. I look forward to my next reading with her and give her a solid endorsement." Scott Lopez - Orange County, CA

“Jill is incredible. She is extremely intuitive and spiritually connected. She specifically knew so many things on my private life, challenges, and deceased loved ones that no one could possibly have information of. In previous assistance from her- Jill was able to pick up on a little girl energy that was scratching my daughter at night while she slept. Jill advised that she was an earthbound spirit from the 1800s that never crossed over. She advised us on how to help this 8 year old girl find the light and we followed her instructions. My daughter has had no visits or issues ever since. Jill has brought much peace of mind to me and my family. She is a wonderful reminder that love resonates through each of us even when we may not be in the positions to feel it.” Leanna Marino - Inland Empire CA

“Jill is a very accurate, honest and beautiful reader who connects emotionally and spiritually with everything going on!! Her reading made perfect sense to me especially when she mentioned my deceased aunt being around me. She even picked up on her name, Mary. It meant so much to me. She is the real deal, selfless and really gets in touch with what’s going on. You really couldn’t be in better hands!” Tana - New York City, NY

“Jill, I just want to thank you for the wonderful reading. I'm still blown away by how accurate the reading was. In fact, I couldn't believe that you mentioned by first name an old roommate and an old neighbor. Unbelievable! Also, you picked up on the fact that one of my sisters is going through a divorce and the rocky relationship I had with the other sister. Amazing! When I told my sister about the lilies, she reminded me that grandma's name was Lillian a.k.a. Lil or Lily. I don't know why I didn't think of these things during the reading. LOL! I also want to thank you for putting me at ease about some health and legal issues that you picked up on. I don't believe that I have ever had such an accurate psychic reading before. Thank you so much. I'll be back from time to time.” Nancy H. – Florida

“Dear Jill, I am very shocked at how spot on you are. I can only assume that the Spirit and the people on the other side wanted me to know these things and for a good reason. I never expected this much information. I want to thank you again for the positive reading you gave me. When things are tense and stressful, I remember what you told me and it gives me the energy to keep going on.” Maureen P. – Palo Alto, CA

“Jill, thank you so very much for the reading! You are quite gifted at this....and it has given me peace to know that everything is going to work out for the better. You are right about my husband being sensitive and very romantic! Your reading really meant a lot to me and gave me some confidence that we are moving in the right directions. I truly believe you are very gifted and was spot on with the reading!!!! Thank you again Jill, you are very special!” Deb F. – Riverdale, Georgia

“Jill is such a gifted and honest soul. The information she told me was incredibly accurate. With minor personal info she picked up on and was able to reveal information about me and people in my life she would never have known other than through an honest and true gift. I am very grateful for the deep insights she shared with me about my circumstances now and in the future.” F.M. - Colorado

"I have asked for a reading from Jill during a time in my life when I really needed help to clarify some questions that I had and I was also hoping to get some kind of guidance in those difficult moments I was dealing with. I must say that I was very impressed with Jill’s psychic abilities. She is very accurate, very gifted and also very generous of her time. She is amazing! She told me things that only I could know about and she truly helped me clarify my situation. I really got what I was looking for and I'm very happy about this reading. I will not hesitate to recommend her service to everyone who needs help and clarity in their life. Many thanks again Jill for your help! With Love and gratitude." Cherelle Couture - Quebec, Canada

“Jill is an amazing reader, and that combined with her own Intuitiveness allows one to get the answers and direction needed to make wise changes and movement in one's life. I knew I wanted a reading from Jill, but was surprised at some of the information that came up, that I was not even inquiring about. That information is so important to me and my future. After Jill had shared this information with me, I knew that was the whole purpose of my reading that day. I needed to receive that information now! So, I can't say enough good things about Jill and her abilities. I highly recommend her to everyone.” Joan Darlene - Valencia, CA

“Hello, I just received a Tarot Reading from Jill. The reading was thorough and covered at least three questions that I had and were answered in a clear and thoughtful manner. The part of the reading where she mentioned what was happening in the present was right on the money and the portion of it that is for the future time will tell. I hope that it is as she says because it is very good news. I am very happy with my reading and satisfied. I hope the same for all of you.” Carmen - Queens, New York

“First, let me say thank you for sharing your gifts so lovingly. I know it's meant a lot to me, and all those who asked for guidance. All the information on finances is right on.” T.M.T. – New Orleans, Louisiana

“Jill, you have NO idea how accurate that reading is. If I know anyone that wants a reading, I know now who to send them too. I'll bookmark your site. Great reading...very accurate” S. Blair – Northeast Pennsylvania “You couldn’t have been any more spot on!!!! You are amazing!! ” Carol M. - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“Hi Jill, You're correct on all fronts, thank you very much for your reading, amazing.” James – Perth, Australia

“Very good, Jill! I was going to ask for a reading regarding my health- but you picked it up right away” Kelly - Cincinnati, Ohio

“Hi Jill, Thank you for the reading, you hit it on the nose!” Melissa – Tennessee

“Hi Jill, This was brilliant thanks. It was funny that you mentioned my son having a red bike because a while ago we bought him a Lightning Mcqueen bike (which is red) and just as we took the stabilizers off and he began riding like a true pro enjoying his moments, the tire blew and we have been trying to get him a new one ever since, but the shops never seem to have his size! I think we will take the extra effort to get his bike up and running as you are right he did really enjoy riding it. I will soon ask for another reading through your website.” Jaimie – Spain

“Jill Thanks for sharing your gift and give me a reading. It was very accurate. Many blessings” Samuel Glez – Baja, Mexico

“Hi Jill, Thanks for the wonderful reading. I believe you are right on target and it really helps to know that.” Joan – Chicago, IL

“The reading makes complete sense. Thank you so much. You are wonderful with this.” P.C. – Ohio

"Wow, Jill, what a great reading!! You have many things right on!!! Thank you! You are very good at this! Thank you for taking the time to do this reading!” J.C. – Beaumont, Texas

“Thank you, Jill, because you are right and I am at a crossroads. This really lifted my spirits! I really appreciate this because I'm at a very difficult time in my life and this does help a lot. I really needed your help and I really appreciate the reading. Nice! I will tell all my friends about your website!” Jorgeanne - Tiburon, CA

Additional Information: 

Education and Training:

Esteemed Member of Best American Psychics

Certified Professional Psychic – tested through the Certified Psychic Society

Advanced Mediumship Training - Arthur Findlay College England

Advanced Mediumship Course – John Holland and Janet Nohavec

Advanced Mediumship Course - Mavis Pitilla

Past Life certification - certification from Mary Elizabeth Raines at The Academy for Professional Hypnosis Training

Reiki Master – certification from Joan Darlene of Hands of Healing Reiki

Tarot Card Training - certification from Wanda Selling, a reader with over 40 years’ experience

Animal Communicator – certification from Lori Spagna

BSBA – Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a minor in Accounting – University of Southern Mississippi

Previous CPA license

Listed since: Nov 14, 2013


I met with Jill on 11/22/14. She told me many things about myself and my life that were right on. She told me that I had a pet rabbit when I was a small child and the rabbit's energy was all around me. I actually did have the rabbit. She told all about the relationship situation I am in and she was spot on. She even told me about the ladies troubled son and that I should stay away from him. Again she was right on the situation. She brought through my Grandfather and a friend from the other sid
I really never trusted psychics before till I met Jill M. Jackson. I entered a horrific legal battle and Jill was able to give me invaluable insight, which helped me to make the best decisions for my case. I settled two days before the case and I know that Jill's insight gave me a lot of peace of mind and clarity. She is a very compassionate person and very ethical. I am grateful to her for the insights I needed to know about so I could make sound decisions.
Jill, I had a reading with you and it was great. You were right on everything. The best part was when my Father came through. Thank you so much.
I am 63yrs old and a world traveler....out of all the readers I have ever consulted with, she surprised me with how accurate she was with what the future held. Most other readers are able to pick up on past and present life history but predicting accurate future events is a difficult spiritual feat! IThree people in my family have had a reading with Jill and all future events have occured to the letter....
I had the great pleasure of having readings will Jill on several occasions. She is a real gem and a true psychic medium. She knew details about my life that I have not shared with anyone. Some that literally knocked me off my feet. She is genuine, kind and truly gifted. She also has a very calming and loving energy. I would not hesitate to consult with her again.

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