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My name is Nicole Linde, evidential psychic medium, intuitive, and mentor. I offer private and small group mediumship readings and psychic intuitive readings. Many times people would like both a spirit connection and some life advice.

What is mediumship? This is a spiritual connection to loved ones in spirit. When a loved one in spirit connects with me, they bring forth pieces of specific evidential information including healing and loving messages.

What is psychic / intuitive? This is where I focus on your life; past, present, and future impressions. This may include; relationships, career, life path, and more, to help you align and gain clarity.

I also teaching courses, live and online. I love to help to guide others in their spiritual development. I feel honored to help my students in their mediumship journey wherever they are at. Gathering in online mentored courses can be beneficial to all.

I have an office located in Wayzata, Minnesota available for in person sessions. However, I do many Zoom video readings, and phone for out of state & international clients.

I don’t believe or engage in curses, hauntings, or fear based prediction readings. I believe the spirit realm is a higher consciousness and vibration of love and light. The messages are focused on your higher self, and healing.

As the mediator, your guides, passed loved ones, and angels send me impressions through my psychic senses. Our guides and spirit teams surround us during the readings to help bring clarity over concerns that arise during the session.

Look forward to working with you, Nicole Linde

Additional Information: 

Mediumship development membership, psychic and intuitive development self paced courses. Optional live class circles and practice.

Listed since: Aug 7, 2019


I had a great reading with Nicole! My aunt came through & Nicole was able to describe details about her life & her death that were very accurate, as well as things that my aunt knew about my career & hobbies that happened after she had passed which were accurate & comforting to hear that she was aware of. Both of my horses also came through & Nicole described specific details about their passings as well as the braids I had kept from both of their hair including a keychain I made. Thank you!!
In my session with Nicole she connected me with my Dad. She brought up so many specific details of things that happened before and after his death and it was clear he was really speaking through her. She brought up his hat that I kept, both the instruments he played, the healing of family dynamics that had troubled me and a specific day coming up for a family gathering. I think my Dad wants us to know he'll be there. Nicole is such a genuine, caring soul. And she has a wonderous gift!
This is my second reading with Nicole. I enjoy her comforting energy and the way she works with Spirit. Her gentleness and kindness come through and her guidance is helpful. The messages I received today were wonderful and healing. I would recommend Nicole to anyone.
I just had my first session with Nicole this week and it totally blew my mind. She was able to bring forth my grandma as well as my very recently passed boyfriend. She tapped into evidential information that would be impossible to lookup and even after the session things she brought up are making more sense as the days go by. So if something doesn't resonate at first - just be open and wait! Spirit will surprise you! I feel at peace after the session and know my loved ones are still with me.
I had my first reading with Nicole and it was my first with any medium for almost 30 years. I didn’t have any expectations going in, except to have a conversation with a lovely person I had met before knowing she practices mediumship. She connected with loved ones who had passed, and saw the name of my father and other relevant details about our relationship, and was able to describe my brother and my best friend. It was mind-opening for me and extremely healing. I cannot recommend her enough.
I just had my third reading with spirit through Nicole. I received a message from my recently deceased father plus my husband and mother. They addressed life changes I have been recently agonizing about and I came out of the reading feeling so much better about my options. I received specific answers to my concerns and am so grateful for Nicole’s gifts.
Being able to connect with my dad in spirit has been the biggest blessing and it’s all thanks to Nicole. The detailed messages that come through Nicole leave me speechless every time I get a reading. So grateful to my friend who recommended a reading with Nicole. It’s provided me comfort, closure, hope and a huge sense of connection with my dad who is not physically here but still very much connected to me across realms. Can’t recommend kind and sweet Nicole highly enough.
My reading with Nicole was incredible. I was admittedly a bit nervous as it was my first mediumship reading and she had such a warm and calming demeanor. She knew things about my grandparents, spirit baby and elements of my career path I had not told anyone about. It was the exact comfort and validation I needed at this time in my life. Because of Nicole I can see clearer and have more courage and peace within myself than ever before, and am looking forward to what lies ahead. Thank you Nicole!
Nicole is amazing. She connected me with my grandfather that passed 46 years ago. She defined his energy and personality perfectly and described belongings (that I possess) that he gave my grandmother back in the 1930’s. All the way down to relaying the inscription inside of a ring! Nicole is great with future predictions, including business ventures that I wouldn’t have thought possible. I enjoy time with her and always look forward to the next.
My reading with Nicole exceeded my expectations! Spirits came across with clear accuracy. My reading was informative. healing and gave me a great amount of insight. Certain facts that were revealed by spirit could not have been known except by spirit. I highly recommend Nicole!
I don't think Nicole can possibly ever know how much comfort, joy and peace she brings to people. My 2nd reading w/ this wonderful, super gifted medium. I'm beyond words. My 1st reading was fantastic but I needed to go deeper w/ someone who came through the 1st time. I understand you can't demand who comes through so I was cautiously optimistic but my person did come through clearly to Nicole and she interpreted their messages to me so perfectly, I'm still sitting here stunned but ecstatic.
You realize quickly that Nicole has an amazing gift. I received messages from my parents with specifics no one else but my parents and I would know. However more importantly for me, the 3rd person to come through to her was someone that I very much needed to hear from. I've spent 40+ yrs in pain because of this person and the immediate message she received from this individual was that they had an apology for me. Whoa, seriously. Think about that!!
It was a great pleasure to have Nicole read for my family following my brother’s passing; Nicole is a beautiful light, and her gifts are truly amazing AND spot on. The information she shared not only helped to bring peace for our family, but the knowing and understanding that my brother was still with us, as well as “keeping it real” in heaven; a term that my brother would use. My family and I are beyond grateful for the loving and kind messages we received. Thank you, Nicole
I had my first reading with Nicole and from the first minute I knew she was the real deal. The small amount of skepticism I may have had was put to rest immediately. She connected me with my beloved grandma and I couldn’t be more pleased and comforted by our time together. Nicole is very kind and has a great vibe, and she makes you feel very comfortable. She gave many details that were so spot on, I knew I was in the presence of my loved one and that she’s always with me. Thanks, Nicole!
I joined Nicole for a small group reading online and was amazed and deeply touched by a message that came through. During another sitter's reading, my loved one snuck in a message that was so specific, I knew it was him. I followed up with Nicole later to validate that it was well received and she generously elaborated more on what he wanted everyone to know. Upon sharing the details of this reading with family members, the impact is so immense that it's really beyond words. I’m so grateful!
What a wonderful experience! Nicole confirmed and validated many things I felt and gave me invaluable clarity regarding my soul chart and desert period(s). She made me feel very comfortable and exuded a warm, loving kindness. Nicole knew things I’d never said out loud to anyone but that I only said to Spirit. Coming out of a very long and trying desert, I am so excited for the future! Thank you deeply and truly.
Really enjoyed the group reading today with Nicole and Hope! Always love connecting with Nicole and Hope was brand new to me but wow! I totally got the messages I was meant to hear today. Thank you Nicole and Hope!
Nicole was amazing during our first meeting. I had several loved ones present and Nicole was spot on with sharing what they needed to tell me. I definitely feel more confident with my own intuition after today as well. Nicole was able to connect with my younger cousin that recently passed and my great grandmother and I felt very confident because Nicole had pretty specific details and information. Nicole helped open my mind and I look forward to working with her in the future!
Nicole is amazing! She is kind and compassionate with her readings and she hits the nail on the head every time! She is amazing giving correct clarity on your loved ones and helping bring closure and comfort. Also is amazing at guiding you for your future and helping gain insight on what needs to be done to succeed! My mom passed two months ago and it gave me great joy to feel like as if I was talking to her again!
Nicole is great!! She’s read for me in private readings a couple times and connected w my loved ones right away. She provides so much evidence that any doubt was erased. She has such a sweet, kind personality that all the messages come across with love and caring. Most recently she read for me in a group session w she and Hope Taylor. Again, Amazing. Was interesting to hear the readings of the others in the group as well -?lots of healing was had by all. Book w Nicole, she is excellent.
This was the BEST experience! Nicole was so right on and picked up on things there was no way she’d know. She treated us and our crossed over loved ones with dignity and respect. I gifted a session for my mom for her birthday and she said it was hands down the best gift she ever received. We cannot wait to do it again!
Nicole was amazing! She actually doesn't know how much she truly helped me. Our first session was a group so only had a few minutes and I was really really struggling daily and was losing hope that things would get better. In 10 minutes of us talking she had completely reset my mindset! I booked a private session again with her and again she reassured me, reset my mindset and gave me direction for my future and wellness. I really don't know how to thank her, she is incredible!
I took Nicole’s Psychic & Intuitive Development class and it has helped me tremendously. Prior to her class, I felt like I was crazy and was considering taking medication. Her class helped me to understand that what I was actually experiencing were my psychic senses. It made me feel so much more grounded in myself and open to exploring my senses more. Highly recommend her class as well as her readings. She’s very sweet, patient, and knowledgeable.
I had my first reading with Nicole and all I can say is WOW. I did not submit any pictures or tell her anything about why I was having the reading. I was not sure what to expect but she really was able to touch upon very specific details and it brought me a lot of closure and peace knowing that my loved ones are with me and guiding me. She is a very warm soul who makes you feel instantly at ease. You can tell she really has a special gift and leaves you feeling very satisfied and taken care of
My family and I have wanted a reading with a medium for almost 10 years but we were nervous to do so. However, Nicole's positive and kind energy put us at immediate ease and we had an incredible reading, touching base with loved ones that we've wanted to connect with for so long. Nicole even helped us find closure about a loved one who passed under suspicious circumstances. We loved our reading and are excited to meet with Nicole again soon!

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