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World Renowned Psychic Julie Lynn is a powerhouse metaphysician; certified spiritual empowerment mentor, Certified Psychic Angel Card Reader, Certified Reiki Master, Shamanic Practitioner, and Certified Realm Reader.

Julie’s mission is to serve God and all mankind by being strong and courageous in the face of adversity and by being passionate about ones beliefs. Nurturing the playfulness of spirit and inspires others to see the beauty in all things and realize their true potential.

Julie delivers her readings with clairvoyance and compassion. Her readings are brought with clarity and love. Julie is a spiritual counselor. She has the ability to give you spiritual guidance and reassurance to all of your life questions. With a reading from Julie you will have clear direction on what the angels want you to know. She will give you any insight to your questions and be able to give you tools spirit guides you to incorporate into your daily life with ease and comfort.

Since Julie was a child she has worked with the Angels and Higher realms to bring clarity into her life and the lives of those around her. Her deep connection with the Angels give her readings a fun and effective way to connect with your angels for messages of love, guidance, and life purpose. By connecting with your angels, you can experience a greater sense of oneness with God and all things. The angels will speak to you with loving kindness offering direction and insight to help you experience more joy, peace, and confidence and a greater sense of purpose.


My angel reading with Julie was a life changing experience. Julie serves in a greater good and purpose in this world. She has reconnected me with my angel, by sending light on my life’s purpose, allowing me to open myself through the art of mediation, acceptance, love, and dream journaling. These techniques allow me to become one with my angel’s thoughts in getting the answers I am seeking for my life’s journey. I highly recommend Julie for an angel reading if you want to feel empowered in rediscovering your true self. The angel reading has truly changed my life!!! Thanks Julie! God Bless, ~Lisa

I contacted Julie for some guidance on releasing some cooped up negative feelings that I have held onto for years. Within the first few minutes, Julie was guided by Spirit, who at times had us giggling and at other times showed me how this negative energy was affecting my life, without me even realizing it. What Julie didn't know, but Spirit did, was that I Love to write. Her homework for me was to write a letter, pour my heart into the letter and then release the negative energy by burning it. This played right into my love of writing and was perfect for me! I will continue to consult with Julie, her soft spoken demeanor is soothing and her gift of communicating with Spirit is Amazing!! She is now helping me learn to connect with Spirit and I am so glad I have her on this spiritual journey. ~ Laura

Growing up I have always felt a little different from the rest of the crowed spiritually, as if there was a part of me that was trying to lead me, but I couldn't completely understand it. After meeting with Julie and having a private reading I was able to leave feeling like I was finally seeing my souls path clearly for the first time. I understand which path I need to walk with a confidence that was encouraged from Julie. Julie's God given talents are one that needs to be shared with world; her heart is so warm and once you meet with her, your life will be changed for the good. I highly recommend her and can't wait to meet with her again, because once you meet her you will want to go back for another reading! ~Danielle

After a couple of incredibly helpful Angel Card readings with Julie, I was guided to work with her at a deeper level through Spiritual Empowerment Coaching. Julie’s insight and connection with Spirit have been instrumental as I continue my journey toward living in the Light and realizing my life’s purpose. She has helped me to gain insight into and embrace concepts—new ways of thinking and of ‘Being’--that were totally novel to me. Her assistance in working at incorporating them into my life has been invaluable. I also greatly appreciate having a sounding board and gaining greater understanding of my own divine guidance. As I move into exciting and new territory for me, I am very grateful to have Julie and her Spirit connection in my corner. ~ Lynn

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Julie also specializes in mentoring individuals to make empowered choices by helping them identify areas for positive change in their lives. Julie's passion is in the area of love. Her purpose in this life is helping people love themselves through spirit. The mentoring process will help you move from a state of unfocused chaos to a place of inner peace and harmony. Chaos may manifest in our lives in the form of relationship issues, health problems and lack of the ability to give and receive love. Julie believes that loving yourself through spirit is essential to a healthy, happy, balanced life. Julie will help you achieve joy and inner peace by connecting with your personal team of angels for guidance and support. You will experience a new level of awareness and a feeling of empowerment, enabling you to achieve your goals in all areas of your life.

Whether you would like Private Coaching, Psychic Angel Card Readings, or Healing teaming with Julie and your angels will be the most powerful step you can make toward a brighter and happier future. Let Julie help show you the way.

Listed since: Oct 13, 2014

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