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Jennifer Matteo-Holtz

Jennifer Matteo-Holtz C.Ht. Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, N.L.P. Specialist, Ordained Metaphysical Minister and Certified Psychic Spiritual Medium. Assisting your soul by uniting your Body, Mind & Spirit into Cognative Cohesiveness. Guiding you into holism for powerful transformation & long lasting results. Enabling you with ASTOUNDING relationship strategies. Magnificent Metaphysical understanding for manifestation and materialization of...
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Alison James

Voted the best by WCCO • TCT • MSP • CBS Alison was born a naturally gifted Psychic Medium and is one of the finest professionals and most referred name by those in the know. Five-star ethics with an objective approach in her established career. She is the genuine real deal and is one of the most sought after and for a good reason. She consistently delivers, as a question direct Psychic and as a Physical Medium proves beyond any doubt,...
(Nearest City: Minneapolis; Reviews 7; Listed since: Aug 24, 2008) :: READ MORE

Mary Kay Holland

The session may include connecting with loved ones, guided information on personal issues, past life regressions, ghost removal, and a holistic healing. Mary Kay works together with her husband, Warren, to combine abilities to give healing energy while receiving communication. Much of the energy work is due to the work of communication with ancient elders and spirit guides through trance states and telepathic abilities. Together they teach...
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Miki Orr

Miki has reconnected to her soul’s path and has been helping others with spiritual psychic readings for 10 years. She is clairsentient (clear-feeling), clairvoyant (clear-seeing), clairaudient (clear-hearing). Miki can help you connect with passed on loved ones and help you with challenging issues in your life. Miki works with your Angles, Ascended Masters and Spirit Guides to give her clients guidance from Spirit. Miki offers evidence based...
(Nearest City: Faribault; Reviews 0; Listed since: Jul 21, 2012) :: READ MORE

Shannon Walbran

Shannon Walbran is a gifted intuitive and psychic life coach, bringing you detailed and specific advice to help you take new directions in your life. Since 2003, she has helped more than 25,000 clients worldwide. If you're at a crossroads, write down your ten most important questions about yourself and then schedule a session with Shannon. You'll find direct advice, clear and quick, that will take you to the next level in your life. If you'd...
(Nearest City: St. Paul; Reviews 2; Listed since: Sep 8, 2013) :: READ MORE

Julie Lynn

World Renowned Psychic Julie Lynn is a powerhouse metaphysician; certified spiritual empowerment mentor, Certified Psychic Angel Card Reader, Certified Reiki Master, Shamanic Practitioner, and Certified Realm Reader. Julie’s mission is to serve God and all mankind by being strong and courageous in the face of adversity and by being passionate about ones beliefs. Nurturing the playfulness of spirit and inspires others to see the beauty in...
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Nicole Linde

Hello, My name is Nicole Linde, and I'm an evidential psychic medium, intuitive, and mentor. I offer private and small group readings for those who wish to connect with theirs in spirit. I love connecting to the spirit world to help bring forth healing and loving messages from yours in spirit. I also offer intuitive readings, where the focus may inculde any personal relationships, career, life path, to help you understand and gain...
(Nearest City: Excelsior; Reviews 0; Listed since: Aug 7, 2019) :: READ MORE