Zoey Asch


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Grand Rapids


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$65 (20 minutes)

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With a background in art, psychology, philosophy, and law, I balance my intuitive connection to our spirit guides with grounded practical knowledge and wisdom. Deeply honest, I only speak the truth of what I am shown through the tarot cards. Truth brings great understanding and growth, but it can be uncomfortable to grow sometimes. Always kind and supportive, I provide you with big picture information to make powerful choices. Find clarity now.

To seek a psychic reading is to ask Higher Powers for insight and guidance. This guidance is deeply connected to cosmic truth and attracts answers that uniquely better our lives. It is part of being human to get caught up in our own lives, our perspectives and emotions. I am a messenger helping you ask for wisdom from the higher realm. I bring truth, clarity, and honesty to help you find sustainable happiness. Call now, find real understanding.

By seeking answers to questions rooted in a desire to know and balance ones-self, everything else in life can then balance out in the direction of our desires. Our desires are linked to our soul journey and fulfillment of our life path, which is also connected to the greater evolution of our soul through incarnations. Fulfilling your heart's desire is important for your evolution and for humanities well-being as a whole. Let’s take a look at the answers from your Spirit Guides (Higher Power) so you can stay on track to finding abundance and fulfillment in this lifetime.

My Guides and I ask that you take a moment to ground yourself before a reading and reflect on your questions. A good way to start is to ask yourself - How do my questions relate to my soul’s journey of finding abundance and fulfillment? What do I really want in life? What are the broader perspectives I want to see in order to understand my position in life?

To communicate with your Spirit Guides, I use my lovingly seasoned tarot deck. My Spirit Guides speak to me through my intuition and help me translate the information, showing me the truths that must be known. The information I receive is deeply honest. My Guides insist that I give you direct information to assist you on your journey, which means, I must stand by my interpretation of the information, whether it is good or hard to hear news. By asking me to connect to your guides as a psychic, you are asking both me, and your guides, to give you the honest truth.

My psychic gifts come through my Celtic Ancestors from Ireland and are well documented through stories and writings. I accepted the responsibility of my “gift of seeing” at an early age and choose to develop this skill to promote beauty and love in the world. I did not ask to be psychic, it is simply how I am. When I ignore the information I receive (even when I really want it to be wrong) then things do not go smoothly in life. I learned a long time ago the importance of respecting my psychic gifts and trusting the wisdom that is received. This has brought me amazing adventures, beautiful loves, great abundance, and fulfillment in many areas of my life. Since finding this abundance for myself, I have decided to share my gift of seeing with others to bring more happiness, lightness and joy into the world as a way to combat the darkness. I’ve taken many courses on divination and life coaching, but nothing compares to what I’ve learned from listening to life.

Kindness is essential for accepting wisdom and planting seeds of growth in our lives. I ask that you be kind to yourself, and kind to me as the messenger of wisdom from your Spirit Guides. I am grateful for the opportunity to assist with connecting to the spirit realm on your behalf.

TIMELINES: My Spirit Guides do not relate to time as we know it, so I am not able to give specific timelines unless they tell me specifically. If time is important, they show me seasons or omens to look out for.

REMOTE VIEWING: My Spirit Guides only communicate information that will help YOU on your life path. If asking about another person, the advice I receive is to assist you in your relationship with them.

Listed since: Jan 23, 2020


Had a tarot reading by Zoey, was a pleasure to work with and and her turn around time is great! Would highly recommend! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
this opportunity came into my life at an opportune time. I have NEVER done this before but I was totally open minded to the outcome. All I remember is that I was asked to cut the deck and from that point on I was left out of the equation except for taking on the role of the person who had lived the experiences. every. single. card. reading. resonated with my current life! I will do this again! I look forward to seeing the comparisons!

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