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When we follow our soul path, we connect to our greatest power. Zoey helps you access your intuition. Find guidance on career, relationships, love, home, finance, family and life. A Certified Life Coach and Tarot Reader, she is your intuitive support. Experienced in providing clients a safe space to question and find unique personal answers. Breakthrough confusion to find direction and understanding. Quick Clear Answers.

Zoey is an intuitive psychic and a life coach. She has been reading tarot cards since she was a teenager and receiving communications from nature since she was 7. She uses tarot and oracle cards during sessions to help clients find answers to their questions depending on what may be asked. Zoey picks up psychically what is needed in a reading for each person, and every reading is unique. Her kind nature and powerful connection allow her to connect to universal wisdom giving clients insights that help them follow their soul purpose. She helps others find happiness and clarity along the way.

Zoey began developing her psychic ability in childhood and never lost the connection to her intuition. She has always possessed a knack for helping others see past immediate circumstance so they can make conscious decisions that align with their purpose and goals. It brings her great joy to help others along their path, and to help clear up foggy parts of the journey.

Zoey is here to support you with find answer that bring you those "ah-haa" moments. Start Now.

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Be Kind To Yourself:

• Before a session, take 10-15 minutes to get centered.
• Find a quiet, calm space where you will not be disturbed.
• It's nice to have pen and paper, water, tissue, tea, or incense on hand.
• Sit comfortably, take some deep breaths.
• Settle your thoughts. Slow down.
• Open your heart. Gently bring yourself into the moment.


What we ask determines what we know. How specific or general your question is stated affects how the session unfolds.

Before a session, it is helpful to find the root of your question(s). What is the source of a certain emotion or thought. Try to let go of the immediate circumstances to find questions at the core of your experience.


From love forecast to overall life discussion, general questions are a great way to pick up on information the universe finds most important for you to know. General sessions help us know if we are on the right track, or if there is anything unanticipated in our future. They are also helpful when we find ourselves in a moment of upheaval, when everything seems to be shifting.

When asking a general question, spend a bit more time before the session opening your heart. Asking questions in this way requires a clear connection to our intuition. The stronger your presence the more clear information will present itself during the session. Finding a place of openness gives us the ability to apply answers to the path we are forging.


Often, there are one or two area in our life where our growth is focused. This is so our souls do not get overloaded in the process of developing. Specific questions help peel away the confusion that comes from living in our immediate circumstances. When our most pressing questions are answered, we often find the root of the concern was closely connected to need to fulfill our soul purposes.

When asking a specific question, it is helpful to focus on our own soul path, not others. For example: "What does this person think of me?" can be reworded as "What is the purpose for the connection with this person?" When we ask - what we can do - as opposed to - what others are doing or thinking - it brings the power back to you. It helps you understand what you need to know to navigate the situation. <3

Specific questions can be broad in range of topics. Take time before the session to meditate on your question. It will help you get the most out of our time together. Clear questions that come from your heart bring forth clear answers from the energy that surrounds us.

We are here to learn and get better. Zoey's mission as your ally is to help you gain the understanding to shape the life you deserve! I promise always to deliver answers in a way that empower you as an individual. I'm not here to judge or criticize. I'm here to help you see where your power and strength are best put to use! This means knowing what is - and is not - yours to control.

Free will rules the universe, so it's always up to you how you want to shape your life. I am here to help you make that happen!

Listed since: Jan 23, 2020


Had a tarot reading by Zoey, was a pleasure to work with and and her turn around time is great! Would highly recommend! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
this opportunity came into my life at an opportune time. I have NEVER done this before but I was totally open minded to the outcome. All I remember is that I was asked to cut the deck and from that point on I was left out of the equation except for taking on the role of the person who had lived the experiences. every. single. card. reading. resonated with my current life! I will do this again! I look forward to seeing the comparisons!

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