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Zoey Ashwood
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Grand Rapids


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$65 (20 minutes)

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(313) 288-0060



If you are looking for a clear path forward, I am here to help. Connecting to your spirit guides, we look at your present situation, and how to take action to assure you achieve your goals and find fulfillment in life. CERTIFIED by the American Associates of Psychics, I have the depth of experience to provide accurate and quick answers. My style is down to earth and understanding, like talking to an old friend. Questions on any topics. Awareness is key. We are not given anything we cannot handle, and with some guidance from intuitive wisdom, we can more clearly handle anything.

By providing clear information, Zoey's motivation is to empower her clients to take constructive action by mind/body/spirit in both their personal and professional lives. She believes that every person is in control of their own life path, and by asking for guidance (from the spirit guides, from her, or from any person of significance) they are looking to actively pursue their dreams. It is the choice of each person to seek the guidance that will lead them to fulfillment, and to decide the best use of the information obtained.

Spirit guides are our own personal team the other side of the cosmic vail who watch out for us. Zoey remains clearly connected to your energy frequency during a reading, and in a state of awareness that allows her to channel with your spirit guides. Her intuition works like a metaphysical radio-antenna, picking up loud clear messages that come in at a higher frequency than other thoughts. The divination tools - tarot cards, smoke, a pendulum, and a magic 8 ball - act like a radio tuner helping the spirit guides translate and clearly define messages into our human terms and understanding.

These messages relate to probability, possibility, and potential. Specifically, Zoey tunes into the energy of your present life and sees what is currently effecting your state, how your journey will progress, and what experiences will likely occur along the way. She also sees potential, what you are capable of accomplishing. This allows her to answer questions quickly, honestly, and with directly relevant guidance.

Zoey also tunes into messages from her own “higher self” which are unique to her experience, awareness, and set of life tools for self-improvement: like journaling, meditation techniques, and creative processing. Having experienced life’s ups and downs, she is deeply understanding and un-biased when providing divine guidance. Everyone lives different journeys and she believes we all deserve to fulfill our life path, no matter how dark or light it may be at times. Her goal is to provide clients with clarity that fosters autonomy and self-determination.

Questions can range on almost any topic:

- Health (physical, mental, spiritual)
- Wellbeing (holistic health, meditation, diet, self-forgiveness)
- Relationships (Romantic, Family, Friends, Acquaintances)
- Career (education, business decisions, promotions and upward mobility)
- Finances (sustainability, sourcing, planning)
- Home (cleansing spaces, building, moving)
- Everything In-between (everything in life in connected like a web, sometimes things blend together)

It is best to come to a reading with specific questions. Zoey will begin with addressing these questions but will usually get on a wave length of channeled advice that provides answers to questions before asked. At the end, any remaining questions are answered or further clarification provided. Many times, Zoey begins to feel as though she is reading a letter, or tuning into a chat radio station where the spirit guides are able to finally easily tell a client what they need to hear (which is not always what they want to hear!) At times, this even feels like an ancient parent or ancestor grabs the microphone and begins delivering acute wisdom!

If for any reason the advice or reading is not resonating with you, the reading can be canceled in the first 5 minutes and a refund less $10 for processing will be given. Zoey believes in genuinely helping clients by providing assurance and comfort when they contact her for guidance.

Please see a list of services and business hours on Zoey’s website, www.psychiclumina.com
Readings are available in person, over the phone, by video or voice chat, and email.

Schedule ahead of time, or start a reading now if Zoey is available.

Additional Information: 

Zoey is a naturally gifted clairvoyant and psychic empath. Born of Celtic and Germanic ancestry, and greatly encouraged by her mother to explore her talents, she realized her psychic abilities in childhood while communicating with earth spirits in Michigan, specifically the big lakes. This lead to a life long journey of seeking metaphysical wisdom through art, literature and science.

After attending college in Boston at the School of the Museum of Fine arts for her degree in studio art, Zoey moved to New York City where she worked for a notable law firm in the art and entertainment industry. At the same time, she pursued her career as a fine artist and studied holistic healing with crystals and herbs, tarot reading, astrology, numerology and ancient forms of spirituality, all of which related to the subject matters she was exploring within her artwork.

A decade later, she returned to Michigan to reconnect with nature as a way to support deeper spiritual and artistic exploration. One day while looking for work, Zoey had a tarot reading at the local metaphysical tea shop and was advised to start working as a psychic herself! After testing with several local psychics, Zoey began taking clients full time.

The first readings she gave were out of her 1991 Lumina Mini-Van to hometown locals on sunny sidewalks in the summer. Both the people who stopped for a reading and Zoey were amazed at the accuracy the tarot provided and the insights received intuitively from their spirit guides. Finding her calling as a healer has been deeply rewarding and she is deeply grateful for the gifts that allow her to provide truly useful guidance to clients who see a real change in their own lives. It is something she is forever amazed by!

Her dedication to helping others comes with an understanding of the ethical sensitivities involved. Zoey is a genuine clairvoyant and has an old soul which has retained universal truths and spiritual wisdom nuggets. This is why her readings are full of practical advice, motivational guidance and specific insights that empower her clients to build the life they choose to experience. She uses several divination tools to connect to a person’s spirit guides: tarot cards, smoke, a pendulum, and a magic 8 ball - yes, the one from the novelty store, it’s always been a favorite!

She has consoled many different people from around the world both in person and over the phone. Her specialties relate to all phases of life: Health, Wellbeing, Relationships, Career, Finances, Home, and everything in-between. All phases of life are part of a natural cycle unique to one’s own progression and journey. Zoey is also available for parties or event gatherings and has provided mini-readings for all kinds of exciting celebrations, bachelorette parties to art fundraisers. Her down-to-earth style and cup-half-full-its-overflowing outlook brings encouraging and good vibes to any event.

Listed since: Jan 23, 2020

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