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Hi there and welcome to my sacred space. My name is Zoey.

I help clients find guidance when life seems to have many directions with no clear path forward. Relationships with family and loved ones, work as it applies to your passions and sense of fulfillment, and interpreting messages from the spirit realm, are all topics in which I specialize.
For over a decade, I have used tarot cards to tap into messages from our spirit guides, both the client's and my own. They work together to answer the questions asked by influencing the cards, which are drawn at random. My unique arrangements of cards are determined each time by the questions asked, and allow for the spirits to communicate specific information that is needed to help you on your journey.

My services are highly confidential, unbiased, and full of compassion. As a professional, my job is to help you through your situation no matter where you are now. That being said, the honesty and transparency I provide in a reading is best used when an individual seeks growth and has ambition about pursuing fulfillment in life. It can also be used as a "gut-check" - as in, I say things you already know to be true before you ask about them.

Even though I have a down-to-earth, relaxed and chill reading style, I take my work very seriously. I have faced many ups and downs in life and have tons of empathy for all people's experiences. Most of all, I am motivated by our abilities to learn, grow, and find fulfillment in life. Seeing clearly is the best way to live an epic life.

Client reviews are available both on my website and here on Keen. For many years, the majority of my work as a psychic has been conducted in person through exclusive boutique shops in New York City and Detroit. Now I am excited to offer my services here to the Keen community. Welcome!


Just a bit more about me - I've had psychic abilities since childhood, and have many stories about knowing things before they've happened. I learned at an early age to trust my psychic abilities. Being raised in a Catholic home disallowed me the fun of playing with tarot cards or traditional divination tools, so I played in nature! I possessed this crazy ability to shock people around me with accurate predictions and insights. As an adult, I took spirituality and my psychic abilities into my own hands. I joined many lovely groups and gatherings of holistic practitioners who helped me test my psychic skills, and become accredited as a professional tarot reader. I am also an artist with a BFA and MFA in painting, and have spent many years working in the art industry.

If you are looking for a psychic, I am happy to help. Please feel free to reach out to me here on Keen, or visit my website, www.psychiclumina.com

Additional Information: 

Thank you for choosing Psychic Healing.
Please consider the following information before a reading.

Tarot and Psychic readings are done using our energy vibrations. Before you start a reading, please take a moment to calm your energy. You can close your eyes and taking some deep breaths. Do what helps you come to a place of rest and open your third eye.

I meditate and burning sage to ground myself energetically before starting psychic work for the day. Then I continue to do meditative work while I wait for client calls. After work, I do yoga to release energy built up from the day, and take a salt bath to purify my energy before sleep. This process keeps my Mind/Body/Soul clear and tuned as a vessel for receiving messages from the spirit realm. It also keeps me healthy. :)

I ask you take a moment to prepare your questions. Remember, you are asking your spirits for answers through me - and the clearer you are with them both mentally and energetically, the more clear your answers will be! I do not need to fully understand your question(s), but you and your spirit guides must!

Please also be careful with yourself. Do some mental health checks before the reading. It is not helpful to ask questions that will upset you - especially if you do not get the answer you are looking for. This means you are not open to a psychic reading, and may need more time before addressing that topic or issue. Internal work is as important as external work.

Some topics or issues are troubling, but despite the trouble, we are compelled to resolve them. If this is the case, I am here to help you walk through the best course of action to finding success!

In your present situation, I am here to help you feel seen and heard. If I am not able to help you, or your life is in serious danger, I will encourage you to find the best help available. Life is a journey, and the world benefits from your experience. I believe psychic readings can help us along our journey. With years of experience helping thousands of clients grow and achieve their dreams, I am happy to expand my services here on keen. My space is made safe so I may assist. This only happens with love and empathy.

- My readings are best for a 3-9 month forecast, not regular therapy. A good psychic will provide enough information that you need to wait for life to unfold. I am firmly against codependent relationships with clients and am against psychics who encourage such behavior.

- 5 minutes or more are recommended for an accurate reading. Thank you for understanding. I appreciate every moment you have to afford a reading. I fully commit to giving you the best reading possible in the time you have available. Please visit www.psychiclumina.com for longer readings.

- I am not a yes or no reader. My spirit guides provide complex answers, the same way life is more complex than black and white. This is to provide full awareness of all the energies that influence your question and its answer.

- Any questions about other people's lives are answered as they relate to what's best for you in your life. Your spirit guides are answering questions. They do not spy.

- I do not provide time frames or make time predictions. Only if it is shown by your guides to be important. Otherwise, this is not information the spirits believe will help us grow.

- Please be careful what you ask. I will always do my best to provide the answers to your questions with gentle and constructive words.

- Free-will is real. Despite any preternatural insights, life is ruled by free-will. My readings are proven over time to be extremely accurate, but any good psychic knows: on rare occasion things may change.

- For ethical reasons, I am not able to answer questions on the following: pregnancies, the lottery winnings, or offer any medical, legal or financial advice. Please read psychiclumina's Terms and Conditions.

Sending you a big digital hug and best wishes for your future.

Listed since: Jan 23, 2020


Had a tarot reading by Zoey, was a pleasure to work with and and her turn around time is great! Would highly recommend! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
this opportunity came into my life at an opportune time. I have NEVER done this before but I was totally open minded to the outcome. All I remember is that I was asked to cut the deck and from that point on I was left out of the equation except for taking on the role of the person who had lived the experiences. every. single. card. reading. resonated with my current life! I will do this again! I look forward to seeing the comparisons!

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