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$170 for Zoom session and $125 for email reading. $53 for aura/chakra healing by recording emailed to you.


Hello, I am Senta Rose and I've been Clairvoyant and Clairsentient since I was a child. I have spent the last 30+ years working in the mental health field as a psychotherapist and now, leaving that, I am excited to bring my spiritual gifts up front and use them to help others gain greater insight into situations in their lives.

I am not a typical psychic or medium. The focus of my work is getting messages from your Guardian Angels about what they advise you to do for your self improvement and spiritual growth. I can remove cords that others have put on your and can even clear negative energy remotely from a home or office. However, what I do not do is predict the future and I do not ask someone who has transitioned (died) for a message. I can predict the future and I can do mediumship but I have decided not to focus on those services as they are too draining for my personal energy. I don't believe in predestination and that the future is fixed. I believe wholeheartedly in a person's free will. When I get information about the future, (and sometimes I do) it is only what the current energy is, if you do not make a change. But, there is a change automatically when I give you the information.

It is a better use of my time to help people heal from past trauma and to grow spiritually and that is the focus of my work.

My website has detailed information about my services, a statement of ethics, my privacy policy and my terms of service. I am starting a YouTube channel where I will discuss healing from past trauma, offer guided visualizations about energy healing and cover spiritual awakening topics. The channel is Blooming Life Guide.

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I also offer Spiritual Counseling. I’ve been a psychotherapist for over thirty years and I have studied on my own, outside my mental health field how to really heal and become free from the shackles of my own abuse history. We can work together to identify the core issues interfering with your life, self-defeating patterns that block your success. I can help with writers-block, artist-block, procrastination, self-esteem issues, relationship boundary concerns, assertiveness, and in the process, help you learn techniques to increase compassion for yourself and if needed, compassion for others.

Please contact me if you’re ready to take control of your life and find answers and tools you need to make positive changes.

Listed since: Mar 7, 2022


I had an email reading and it resonated with me, I felt lighter afterwards and ready to take on the next few months with clarity. I think it's exactly what I needed at this time and I'm so glad I found Senta Rose, looking forward to future readings with her. The lacking of achievement is spot on, I've been really struggling with finding my purpose this last year and was really one of the main reasons I reached out. She takes her time, has great communication, and a calming and positive voice!
This is a positive review. When I first listened to the reading, I heard one thing that did not resonate and felt rather dismissive of the rest of the reading. However, I had a strong feeling about listening again a few weeks later, and I am so glad I did. It was very helpful and filled with insight. I do feel that I was read accurately and am taking much to heart. Many thanks.
Senta gave me excellent advice for the care of my son and for me as care giver. Her insight into my challenging situation was very helpful. Senta is savvy and pleasantly down to earth. Thank you Senta!
I enjoyed my reading with Rose and she is very insightful and great at guiding you to areas that you need to work on personally.
It was a particularly poignant reading. Senta picked up on a number of issues, some that I asked her to look into and some--well, she is very gifted. I am grateful for reading. It has given me a great deal to think about.
Santa is so gentle in her authenticity. She is open, accessible, humble and very gifted. I found her insights and suggestions so helpful and a springboard to a better understanding of retain aspects of myself. Her spiritual connection is clear and true. Highly recommend!❤️
When I asked Senta for an email reading, my request was very brief. I just wanted help with two issues. I guess I expected what I've usually gotten from psychics...predictions. What I got was so much more meaningful and powerful, although it took me a bit of time to realize it. Senta seemed to look inside me and see that I was operating superficially - my words. She gave me tools to correct that which were simple and amazingly changing. Thank you, thank you, Senta!
I just had an email session with Senta, it was really fascinating as she picked up so many things about me and what is going on right now. I was particularly impressed with the details she mentioned and what I need to work at healing for progress. She used several different card decks when she used the cards, so that is pretty interesting. She makes you feel safe and respected in her session. I would definitely come back for another reading with her, this time in a zoom session.
S. Bell Rose was easy to talk to. She was also helpful in her suggestions. I felt heard and cared for.
Senta Rose's site was referred to me through a great YouTube channel. I am so glad I reached out to her for a reading. Her interpretations of my energy of today was spot on, not only did she pinpoint the issue(s), she also let our guides and angels provide solutions for these issues. I have had previous readings and was highly dissatisfied in the generic tone they presented. Senta is the opposite of generic. She is the total Name Brand of what a truly gifted psychic and medium should be.
Thank you so much Senta for your healing, wisdom and guidance. I so appreciate your kind, empathetic insightfulness and helpful directness. You made such a positive difference on so many levels to my energy and state of being and I am ever grateful.
Hello I have had a reading with Senta this week. I was very pleased with the information that she brought forward. It has given me some clarity in my life and helped me understand recent incidents that have taken place. It is helpful to someone like myself who is starting to understand my intuition and have it confirmed to be accurate. Senta has a great approach and is very easy to work with. I highly recommend her and her psychic abilities.
I had lovely reading and healing with Senta. She is the sweetest person. I learned a lot for her. I felt better after our appointment. I would recommend her.
Very helpful understanding and specific guidance. I've been looking and looking for the right person to help me and Senta is the one. She gets it.
Senta is a beautiful human being who radiates love and kindness. She is sympathetic, an excellent listener and will go out of her way to accommodate you. You can tell that her primary motivation isn't money at all, she genuinely wants to help her clients overcome difficulties lying in their path. She is the first counselor/ psychic I have met who doesn't look at the clock - both sessions I had with her exceeded the allocated time for the appointment by a far margin.
The first thing I want to say is to thank you so much for all your help and guidance, I truly appreciate it. She was very detailed and helped me through a few different issues. Had I been able to listen to it sooner, I probably could have been warned. She also picked up that my partner is a smoker and is having some health issues. She did an amazing job and she will give you a great reading as well!
Thank you so much for my reading and yes it’s so accurate and I wanna thank you for making me feel better and lifting up my spirits

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