S. Bell Rose

S. Bell Rose
S. Bell Rose


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$170 for Zoom session and $80 for email reading.



Hello, I am S. Bell Rose and I've been Clairvoyant and Clairsentient since I was a child. I have spent the last 30 years working in the mental health field as a psychotherapist and now, leaving that, I am excited to bring my spiritual gifts up front and use them to help others gain greater insight into situations in their lives.

I offer 60 minute sessions via video chat (Zoom) where we can chat and I will give you channeled messages from high vibration Angels and Spirit Guides to understand the current energies in a situation in your life.

I offer a less expensive and even more convenient email psychic readings. You need to schedule a specific time and date but we don't meet at that time. When you schedule, you will get a survey pop up and that is where you list your questions. Please send me a photo or selfie to help me get into your energy. I then send you a link to download the recording I made just for you. I will email you with a link to hear the recording from Zoom and see a photo of the cards I pulled while I speak. You do not need Zoom downloaded to hear these messages.

My website has detailed information about my services, a statement of ethics, my privacy policy and my terms of service. I am starting a YouTube channel where I will discuss healing from past trauma, offer guided visualizations about energy healing and cover spiritual awakening topics. The channel is Blooming Life Guide.

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I also offer Spiritual Counseling. I’ve been a psychotherapist for over thirty years and I have studied on my own, outside my mental health field how to really heal and become free from the shackles of my own abuse history. We can work together to identify the core issues interfering with your life, self-defeating patterns that block your success. I can help with writers-block, artist-block, procrastination, self-esteem issues, relationship boundary concerns, assertiveness, and in the process, help you learn techniques to increase compassion for yourself and if needed, compassion for others.

Please contact me if you’re ready to take control of your life and find answers and tools you need to make positive changes.

Listed since: Mar 7, 2022


Senta is a beautiful human being who radiates love and kindness. She is sympathetic, an excellent listener and will go out of her way to accommodate you. You can tell that her primary motivation isn't money at all, she genuinely wants to help her clients overcome difficulties lying in their path. She is the first counselor/ psychic I have met who doesn't look at the clock - both sessions I had with her exceeded the allocated time for the appointment by a far margin.
The first thing I want to say is to thank you so much for all your help and guidance, I truly appreciate it. She was very detailed and helped me through a few different issues. Had I been able to listen to it sooner, I probably could have been warned. She also picked up that my partner is a smoker and is having some health issues. She did an amazing job and she will give you a great reading as well!
Thank you so much for my reading and yes it’s so accurate and I wanna thank you for making me feel better and lifting up my spirits

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