Ronn Sussberg

Ronn Sussberg
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Birmingham , Michigan


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$130 for a 30 minute Psychic Reading. , $170 for an extended 45 minute Psychic Reading

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One of the few guest Psychics ever featured on The Dead Files (The Travel Channel) , Ronn's many appearances on National TV and Radio (CBS , PBS , etc.) have helped bring him a loyal, confidential clientele that includes 3 Academy Award winning Actresses, a Supermodel, a Country Music Star and his wife, among many others across the globe. With a career as a Psychic spanning 40 years , Ronn's goal is to look into your future and provide details on the opportunities that you will face. Ronn uses gifts of Clairvoyance and Clairaudience to channel the exciting road ahead of you!

Ronn is the primary psychic medium at Psychic Readings by Ronn. In addition to clairvoyance and clairaudience, Ronn's skills include past life regression, working with your angel guides, and psychometry, or the ability to gain knowledge from objects.

Ronn is available for readings over the phone and in person in the Detroit Metro area. He also makes appearances at special events. So if you are looking for guidance in regards to your past, present, and future, be sure to give Psychic Readings by Ronn a call.

Additional Information: 

Ronn Sussberg has been performing psychic readings for over thirty years, but the root of his gift reaches back even further than that. Ron traces his talent back to his Great Aunt Clara, who became a favorite psychic of hollywood stars in the 1920s after coming to the U.S. from Bavaria. The gift has been transferred through three generations before passing to Ronn who carries on the family tradition by offering guidance to a wide range of clients locally and around the world.

Listed since: Jun 21, 2012


Just thought that I would tell you what a wonderful reading that I had with Ronn!! He is personable, articulate, and truly has a gift with the spiritual world Ronn, is a great medium and delivers it in such a down to earth way with making sure that you understand what he is telling you. I received everything that I expected from Ronn and more! I will be making more appointments in the near future as I have more questions!
Excellent ! I look for the future and I look for details . Ronn delivers both , and with a very pleasant manner .
I was very happy with my reading with Ronn . I got the insight I was looking for on several things l've been going through recently .
I had an immediate reading with Ron earlier today, and was so impressed by his accuracy that I booked an additional private reading. After speaking with him, I am left with gained knowledge of loved ones who have passed, as well as accurate information for the present and future. I am looking forward to speaking with Ron again soon.
Excellent ! Will be back soon . I have now had several readings with Ronn . He is accurate , detailed and particularly good at bringing my life into focus .
I was very pleased with my reading . Ronn , as usual , was very insightful , detailed , and responded to my questions with useful information . Thanks yet again Ronn !
Ronn answered my questions about the future with great details , and even clarified a few things that I asked him about events in my past . Top grades for Ronn !
I am very happy with and a bit astonished by my psychic reading with Ronn . Very accurate , detailed and still very pleasant to speak with .
Excellent ! I have been to several psychics in the past , and Ronn is by far the most detailed and spot on . Simply put -Ronn delivers , every time !!!
I booked an hour reading with Ronn , and was very happy with his psychic abilities , his warmth , and his positive direction . Thank you , dear Ronn ! Karen .
I was very happy with my reading with Ronn this week , as always . Lots of information about the future , good direction , and an uncanny grasp of specifics in my life I though no one would know ! This is my third reading with Ronn . I highly recommend him .
I scheduled a reading with Ronn a few days ago . I found him to be very warm , reassuring and extremely accurate in details . Ronn gave me alot of specifics AND insight into the future . Thank you Ronn !
I had my first reading with Ronn yesterday. I found him insightful, warm, caring and very talented. He focused on the future which is exactly what I wanted. The directions he gave me to be ready for my reading were helpful. He answered all my questions. Thank you Ronn, you were great and will definetely have you read for me again someday.

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