Molly Indura

Molly Indura
Molly Indura


Nearest City: 

Ann Arbor


Scheduled Reading Fee: 

$175. per hour, reading and healing

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734 417-8317


Molly is a Mystic, Artist and Social Worker dedicated to helping you Be the Light in the world by offering powerful, effective tools and teachings that clear and empower you to embody your highest self.

Molly received her Masters in Social Work from the University of Michigan in December of 2015 and is excited to offer holistic therapeutic services in private practice. In the same time period, she underwent an awakening through tending to her past. The result was the embodiment of her Divine Self.

Molly has over 25 years experience as a mystic. She has a solid foundation of initiation and deep mystical training. She experiences the mysteries first hand and disseminates them in a way that gives access to healing and embodiment for others.

Molly studied in an authentic ancient mystery school in the lineage of Jesus Christ for over a decade. Through Seeking; the technology of awakening, The tree revealed it’s secrets and keys to Molly from 2015-16 (and continues to!) and she now shares these powerful teachings and activations.

She received many powerful initiations that support and empower her healing, sacred ritual work, and teaching of the ancient universal truths. She has been taught directly by Spirit for many years and receives advanced tools and information she uses to help you get free.

Molly trained as a clairvoyant intuitive with John Friedlander, a Berkley trained clairvoyance teacher and author on the subject. She has done thousands of readings and energy clearings in the last 23 years. She now teaches people how to awaken and develop their clairvoyance so they can empower themselves and their lives through discernment. She teaches the basics of the Berkley Psychic System, as well as the See the Light Inner Sight System, which she developed in her many years as a professional clairvoyant healer.

As an etheric surgeon, she is skilled in locating and removing the sources of chronic health problems quickly and powerfully by balancing and restoring the positive circulation of energy in the physical and etheric bodies, offering immediate relief from pain and other symptoms of disease.

Molly is initiated as a Rahanni celestial healing practitioner. Rahanni energy is 5th Dimensional – the Pink Ray of Light has been brought from the celestial realms to this time period on earth because we are now ready for the higher vibrations. Rahanni means “of One Heart“. It is also the perfect balancing of male and female energies. It is a connection to the Ascended Masters, Archangels and 51 Pink Angels. It works by clearing the negative energy from your heart and your being, allowing you to connect with your true natural essence of Truth, Love and Compassion.

Whether your primary issues are physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, Molly is able to address each level of your being and get to the source of struggle or illness, creating a new flow of health and connection within your entire being. A session with her often shifts the way you relate to yourself and your life in key areas that you may have struggled with for years.

As part of her mission to serve the light and act as a powerful force for good in the world, Molly holds herself to the highest standards of integrity. To ensure your comfort, she maintains the strictest confidentiality regarding your sessions with her.

Additional Information: 

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Listed since: Apr 17, 2010


I really enjoy working with Molly. She is very intuitive and compassionate. She verified that my ex-girlfriend was cheating on me with multiple people which made it easier for me to make the break and move on. Furthermore, she helped me clear out the bad energy from the relationship with a tie cutting session. When in doubt, call Molly. I'm much better off now.

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