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Maria Verdeschi
Maria Verdeschi


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Maria is a truly remarkable psychic medium. Her ability to connect with departed loved ones is nothing short of astonishing. Her compassion and genuine interest in each client provides for a relaxed, revealing and down -to-earth reading. The quality and amount of information Maria receives from the Inner Side has led many to simply state, "She is the Real Deal!" Maria is not only a highly regarded psychic/medium but also a Master Reiki Practitioner and is proficient in Pranic Healing. Most important to Maria is that people understand the simple truth that "there is no death-only life."

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Best selling author of There Is No Death, Only Life.

Listed since: Mar 6, 2018


WOW!!! Meeting with a psychic was something I have always wanted to do, but I have never done until I met with Maria. She was amazing and provided insight and healing!!! Exactly what I had hoped for and I am looking forward to doing this with her again!!!
You know the saying “You have to kiss a few frogs before you find your Prince”? Well this is the best way to describe Maria. I’ve tried a few Psycic/mediums and have been disappointed too many times to count. Maria is a Princess in the world of loved ones who have passed on. Maria is a conduit through which they speak. Maria is patient, kind and loving. I. Highly recommended you give her a chance. You won’t be sorry Thank you, Maria for sharing your gift.
I’ve seen psychics before but I have never experienced anything like Maria. My reading with her was simply amazing! She was able to capture the personalities and interactions of my four grandparents spot on. The warmth and love I felt & continue to feel from them is beyond heartwarming. Knowing that they are always with me has brought comfort to me and my family. Just being in a room with Maria & her incredible energy gives you a sense of love, safety and hope beyond explanation!
I have received readings from Maria a couple of times now, and I always find her to be compassionate, insightful, and accurate. She opens a beautiful space that allows me to communicate with my departed loved ones, and to receive guidance, confirmation, and course correction (when needed). Their personalities and humor come through so strongly. It is comforting to be in their presence and know they are still loving and caring for us, from the other side.
Had a terrific interview session with Maria. She seemed quite well informed and tuned into the different vibratory links necessary to form connections between family members past and present.
I have had quite a few readings with Maria especially during times of transition in my life. I have found her to be insightful and kind in her delivery of the communications she receives and they are exceptionally accurate. Maria has also done a couple of group readings with my friends , it’s a fun way to bond together and support each other’s readings .She is a person of great integrity,easy to work with and a pleasure to know. Highly recommend!
Such an amazing experience. Truly had information only known by my family. The peace that this reading brought is so appreciated. Thank you
It was truly mystic how I met Maria and prior to meeting her I was your typical “naysayer “ when it came to psychics and mediums but something about Maria’s heart and spirit drew me in. My time with her was truly amazing and healing and she turned this unbeliever into a believer. I have also recommended her to many of my friends who have had an amazing reading from her. Thanks for coming into our life and sharing your gifts!!
Maria has a pure and natural gift! She has been a wonderful spiritual advisor for me many time and often gets me through some tough times! She is the real deal! She is able to connect with loved ones and deliver comforting and inspiring messages. Because of Maria, I have become more perceptive of signals and signs that loved ones are always present! You must give her a call today!
Maria is a kind and gifted soul. I have received several readings from Maria and each one has been unique, accurate and helpful. From profession to relationships, she has nailed it every time. Life is challenging and I find it a blessing to know I have a person I can trust to help me with assistance from the other side. It can console. It can clarify. It can direct. It can bring peace. It can bring ease. It can allow you to forgive and more importantly move on with strength and grace. Thank you!
I must share this story about my reading with Maria. Initially, my session with Maria started as a healing session (besides being an amazing psychic, Maria is also a gifted healer). As she was working on my back she casually asked, “Who is the aunt that used to put on the Christmas plays?” My jaw dropped to the floor! I stammered, “Uh…uh…what Christmas plays?” She confidently replied, “You know, the Christmas plays you and your cousins would act out on Christmas Day.” I was stunned! I sheepishl
Maria is the real deal! My appointment with her gave me great peace. I can assure you Maria knew nothing about me and the information she shared during my visit was very accurate and could not have been know by others. I can’t wait for my next visit!
I never believed in psychics. I met Maria for an unrelated reason and was immediately astonished with her gift to communicate with those on the other side. She helped me deal with my mother's passing and has significantly affected my total outlook on life. Maria is a very kind person who truly enjoys helping others with her abilities. You will not be disappointed with your reading.
The readings with Maria during my husbands passing were comforting, healing and confirming, her insights and compassion gave me strength and clarity. Thank-you Maria for your Gift.
Maria has a special gift. She shared that gift with me to bring me peace, when I lost a loved one abruptly. Maria brought me so much comfort in knowing he was taken care of on the other side. The information she provided helped bring closure at a difficult time in my life.
Maria has made a true difference in my life. Her ability to guide through her intuiting is truly remarkable. Perhaps the thing I appreciate about Maria the most is how humble and loving she is. She shows up every time with an open heart and a clarity that makes working with her so natural. I love how she connects me to myself, my work and the people I love.
All I can say is ...WOW ! I can’t begin to tell you how much you changed my life and got me pointed in the direction that I didn’t realize I would be heading,. I was the biggest sceptic but in my time of need I turned to Maria and she told me things that nobody could know. Things my mother whispered in my ear to me only . Confirmation has been made many times over ! Life changing to say the least ! God bless you and thank you so much Maria is the real thing no doubt about it..
Maria truly has an indescribable gift. It’s hard to put into words the healing she gave me in one reading. She was able to help me with my grieving process more than I ever imagined. It was so true and from the heart. She has compassion and sympathy and I never once questioned anything through my reading. She is a true blessing and I will forever be grateful for her gift.
Maria was warm and engaging right from the start and she wasted no time in bringing my dad through. She not only picked up on his personality but she also picked up that he had a distinct step when he walked. She answered all of my questions and left me confident that I was moving in the right direction with my Mom. I now know what it means to have closure. The closure one needs to go on after losing one of the most important people in their life. Thank you again Maria !
Maria is simply amazing! I was referred to her by a friend in a time were I truly needed to connect with my loved ones and experience a true validation. I was just astonished and so touched to be able to re connect again and feel their presence! She was very thorough, compassionate and patient throughout the whole reading. She took the time to answer all my questions and explain all uncertainties. I can’t wait to go back again! Thank you for all that you do Maria!
I asked Maria to connect with my sister, Joyce, who had just passed away. Maria conveyed Joyce's quirky, artistic sensibility, and sense of humor which made me feel close and connected to her. JeanCheriewS9
Maria has an exceptional gift! In addition, her sensitivity for her clients is beyond description. One feels immediately at ease when speaking to her and never pressured for anything. She is such a sweet person and one feels so confident in what she says.
I contacted Maria when I was having trouble in several aspects to my life. She was able to read and direct me with exceptional clarity and insight and was able to make me see pathways thru the things that came to her. I would highly recommend her to anyone and everyone that needs this type of help!!
I enjoyed meeting with Maria she gave me clarity that I needed to have. I will most definitely be scheduling another reading with her.
The REAL deal. She has helped my 8 siblings & I understand, that our loved ones are safe & happy. Best of all they are together. I tragic death of a brother in law & sister in 8 months... not sure any of us could feel so much peace after maria delivered PEACE to all of us


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