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Maria is a truly remarkable psychic medium. Her ability to connect with departed loved ones is nothing short of astonishing. Her compassion and genuine interest in each client provides for a relaxed, revealing and down -to-earth reading. The quality and amount of information Maria receives from the Inner Side has led many to simply state, "She is the Real Deal!" Maria is not only a highly regarded psychic/medium but also a Master Reiki Practitioner and is proficient in Pranic Healing. Most important to Maria is that people understand the simple truth that "there is no death-only life."

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Best selling author of There Is No Death, Only Life.

Listed since: Mar 6, 2018


I’m a repeat client of Maria’s, and I think she is amazing! She is exceptionally grounded, which is why I think she’s so good at channeling messages from the other side. It’s as if I’m hearing my loved ones talk as she delivers the messages. I certainly can feel that Maria cares about her clients and their loved ones. And the messages bring such clarity and comfort, as well as the renewed sense that our loved ones are always with us.
I don't think I have ever had a psychic medium reading with as many hits and validations as I had with Maria. The very first messages she delivered were spot on, and she maintained this accuracy throughout the reading. Maria conveyed not only the messages, but also the feelings from Spirit. She was able to maintain connection for Spirit for an hour, the length of my reading. This is quite a feat, in my opinion. Other mediums usually lose the connection short of the hour.
Maria was super easy to talk and listen to. I just went to her a week ago and have already began to notice a few things she talked about (at the time I wasn’t sure) but now understand more clearly! What a beautiful person!
I have never experienced anything like this before and it was so amazing! I was blown away by Maria! She is so genuine and is so comfortable to be around! She truly has such a gift! The way she connects to you and your loved ones is unbelievable! I will definitely be going to see her again! It was truly touching and has given me such clarity!
yesterday I did a consultation with Maria in preparation to utilize her services for my patient population because I have found in 36 years of practice that a psychic/medium adds value at specific times. At first I could not connect with some points she brought up re my deceased siblings, but as the session progressed, she sold me immediately when she spelled out the name of my spiritual master, a very ancient Master who transitioned hundreds of years ago. This angel is REMARKABLY accurate!!!!
I just had my 3rd reading with Maria yesterday (2 phone and 1 in person) and I’ve taken 3 classes with her online. Maria is so genuine and her gift is so powerful, I am always amazed by her accuracy and the help and comfort I am left with. I love how grateful she is to be able to help others. Her book, “There is No Death Only Life” will be able to reach so many more and that is wonderful. I see Maria in my life for a very long time.
Yesterday was the second reading from Maria, with whom is the only one who I felt was credible to call on twice since my Mom passed and I have tried several. Maria was right on both times. She let me talk to my Mom with my Moms responses to be exactly the way she would have answered them, in her words. Maria blew me away with dates, confirmed signs, and she doesn't guess answers. I will be calling on her again. She asked me not to tell her passed and it was my Mom who came thru both times:):):)
This was my first experience with anything like this. Ive always wanted to have one but was too skeptical. After reviewing Maria Verdeschi, i knew she was the one. I had my reading today and i am so pleased. She was able to put me at so much ease. Like even breathing feels lighter and easier to do. I will definitely be having more done with her.
I purchased a phone reading for my Mother In Law, she had been wanting a reading for a while with the hopes of connecting with her Husband, she desperately wanted a sign to know he is okay. Well let me tell you, she got that sign and so much more! I can not thank Maria enough for the service she provides, she gave my Mother In Law peace of mind!
She did my reading and she contacted my son he had died in August and she was right on the mark knowing my son everything she said was from my son I could tell it was from him I needed to talk to him I needed to hear the stuff that he told her. She is so kind and carrying and she just connected to everybody I needed to hear from my mom my grandma my husband's mom and mostly my son I needed to talk to my son so bad and she helped me with that and I feel so much peace thank you
Impressive seems to be a great word to describe Maria talent. She was right on the bullseye with validations. She bought my dad and sister in. It was a wonderful, heartfelt, kind and loving experience. The guidance I sorted out made sense with realty. I highly recommend Maria. She is honest and talented. Mary
Maria is truly gifted and a pleasure to speak with. I laughed and cried and smiled. She was spot on with so many things and has helped bring clarity to a few things for me. She is phenominal
I worked as an intuitive and healing arts practitioner for over two decades, so I am definitely picky when it comes to seeking guidance through someone else. Gratefully, I chose exactly the medium I needed. Maria was nothing short of amazing. She revealed truths she had no way of knowing and gave me ideal insights regarding the questions I had. She's definitely the real deal and a delightful, kind person as well.
Maria’s gift to relay messages from the other side is simply incredible. She is thoughtful to pay attention to details, and delivers comprehensive messages that are truly impactful. The guidance she picked up on has changed the course of my life for the better! I will be calling Maria hands down if I need more guidance from the other side. Hearing from my grandmas, regardless of the subject, filled my heart with joy. Thank You, Maria!!!
Maria is the real deal. When I was a girl my mom would do readings ( late 70s early 80s ) she then became a Presbyterian minister and did spiritual counseling and teaching meditation classes. In the 90s she started a school teaching about energy and consciousness and how to be a healing presence. Thanks to mom I met every type of psychic, intuitive, healer, metaphysical practitioner available so I know authentic and Maria is a rare gifted healing presence. Don’t miss out.
Maria was very warm and connected with my mom right away. She was very spot on with many details which provided me with the reassurance that my family members who have passed on are really on the other side and doing well. I would not hesitate to have another reading with Maria.
That was astonishing. I’ve just finished a reading with Maria and I am nothing short of amazed and stunned. Maria is loving, funny, accessible and through her I connected with my guides. In my case they were loving family members. Maria was clear, thoughtful, specific and tremendously helpful. I’m still processing all that was shared. Most importantly I trust her. So with gratitude I’d like to acknowledge and thank Maria for her special gifts and generous heart. (...and humor)
We’ve seen Maria twice (so far), and she is so lovely- so kind & down to earth, and she radiates such a warm, wonderful energy! She’s humble and genuinely in awe of her own gift and grateful to be able to use it to help others. She cleansed our home & adjacent land of unwanted negative energy & connected us with deceased family using astonishing details she never could’ve known, answering questions for us that not only gave us peace but will literally change our lives! We’re so grateful for her!
Had the pleasure of a Mediumship reading with Maria today. Not only was she warm, welcoming and down-to-Earth, but spot on with current events and emotions happening. I felt like I had known her all my life and Maria was very open to questions regarding spirituality and all things ‘spirit’. Will definitely be back to see Maria and bring my Mom and sister along as well! Was so nice to visit with my departed loved ones and know they are doing well!
Maria was hands down just want I needed today. I have been going through some major changes and personal issues so I needed guidance. My step father cane through and between him and her so much was validated and I am no longer fearful of what has to come. There were also many validations that proved to me that she was not making this up and it was coming from source. Thank you Maria you have a wonderful gift and I look forward to working again with you!
I received a reading from Maria and all I can say is wow. She did a remarkable job. Very insightful and uplifting. I felt so at ease and calm reading her visions/thoughts/words. A true angel offering me help and guidance in my life. She is definately recommended. A very warm, compassionate, and loving woman she is. Great energy within her. A joy to hear/see/read her thoughts, opinions, and views daily. Bless you! High recommended.
I was referred to a Maria through a friend and I am so happy we connected. She is a wonderful person and I found out we are fellow SGI members. It was really nice meeting someone who I instantly connected with. She made me feel very comfortable. The reading was great and I got to connect with a recently passed loved one for the first time. I highly recommend Maria.
Maria told me in a reading that I would have a severe health issue. She also told me that I would be fine. 4 months later as I was riding in an ambulance, after a heart attack, I talked myself out of panicking because I remembered that Maria said I would be fine, and I was! I recovered quickly from my heart attack and I thanked Maria immediately upon recovering, for giving me the courage and confidence to fight through my most dramatic health issue ever. Maria is amazing!
I can’t say enough wonderful things about Maria! I have seen her numerous times and every time I’ve had a great experience and have never been disappointed. She’s a very warm and caring person who takes the time to explain what she’s doing and makes her clients feel very comfortable. She’s very accommodating and extremely good at what she does. I have referred several people to her and plan to see her again.
Had the pleasure of a reading yesterday and it was a great experience. Maria was spot on with very intimate details that it gave me goose bumps. It was nice to connect with those that have passed on it. Will be back for another reading in the near future!
I have been fortunate enough to have had several helpful and meaningful readings in my life. I always ask for and get the gift I most need at the time. I heard about Maria from a friend, and on a leap of faith paid for a phone reading. (Something I have never done). She immediately responded and set up our time within 2 days which I really appreciated. I knew it would be worthwhile, but I had no idea the depth of the communication I was to receive. This total (unsee
I have been fortunate enough to have had several helpful and meaningful readings in my life. I always ask for and get the gift I most need at the time. I heard about Maria from a friend, and on a leap of faith paid for a phone reading. (Something I have never done). She immediately responded and set up our time within 2 days which I really appreciated. I knew it would be worthwhile, but I had no idea the depth of the communication I was to receive. This total (unsee
What a beautiful person Maria is. Not only did she reach an area about me rarely figured out, she was spot on with so many other things. I was so happy that I went to see her. She is a true gift and I hope to see her again. If you want a genuine intuitive medium I suggest seeing her! I knew she was a kind and wonderful soul by just feeling her energy. She was everything I assumed and more. The kindness in her heart was apparent and her psychic abilities were amazing.
I've had the pleasure of receiving a reading from Maria, she is nothing short of a kind, genuine and talented person. She creates a welcoming environment where her gift can shine. I cannot thank her enough for relaying the messages of loved ones. She is truly a blessing who goes above and beyond.
I have had the pleasure of going to Maria for several readings now. Maria has an amazing gift. They way she is able to connect with loved ones who have passed is truly incredible. I was a bit anxious before this reading, but as soon as I sat down I was calmed by her presence. Maria was able to help me heal and have a sense of peace. I can't thank her enough.


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