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Maria Verdeschi
Maria Verdeschi


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Maria is a truly remarkable psychic medium. Her ability to connect with departed loved ones is nothing short of astonishing. Her compassion and genuine interest in each client provides for a relaxed, revealing and down -to-earth reading. The quality and amount of information Maria receives from the Inner Side has led many to simply state, "She is the Real Deal!" Maria is not only a highly regarded psychic/medium but also a Master Reiki Practitioner and is proficient in Pranic Healing. Most important to Maria is that people understand the simple truth that "there is no death-only life."

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Best selling author of There Is No Death, Only Life.

Listed since: Mar 6, 2018


Maria is wonderful. I listen to her as often as I can through FB live. Last night was sitting with Deb. The 2 together are unbelievable. Questions answered from loved ones who have passed, things said no one would know. Amazing!!!
As one participant in a group of 12 others I was hopeful that someone dear to me would step forward and it was my precious Mom! Maria described Mom's love of Christmas with a beautifully decorated home, gorgeous Christmas dinner table and elegant gift boxes filled with a vast array of homemade cookies that were received by many blessed family & friends. Mom's personal message to me was such a gift! Maria is very open to SPIRIT and truly connects to your special loved ones!!
Maria was wonderful, she helped me feel very connected to my family members that have passed recently and also those who passed years ago. I highly recommend her if you’re looking for someone kind, honest, and respectable.
My wife purchased a reading for me as a birthday gift. I'm honestly a bit of a sceptic but this reading was totally enlightening an I'm so glad I did it. It provided me with some unique insights and connections with my departed mother that will help me heal and move forward. Highly recommended.
I had a great reading with Maria. She saw things no one could have known. She knew right away I wanted to know about my business. She gave me guidance from my grandparents who passed. Saw a lot of things that I haven’t told anyone but thought about. I will definitely get more reading from Maria. Thank you so much Maria!!
A friend recently passed away. He came to me in a dream and seemed anxious. I called Maria to find out what he needed to tell me. Maria passed on the information and it helped immensely!
Maria explain how she connects to either female or male. Maria told me she connected to a female and asked a question weather my mom was here or had she passed. I told Maria the she had passed. Maria then told me things that my mom would know and was very strong in opinions, lol. I enjoyed the reading and time Maria gave me. so thank you Maria.
I booked a session with Maria to get in touch with my mom that passed. Maria didn't ask me anything when we started the session. She immediately told me that my maternal side of the family was coming through. It was my mom and grandmother too. The communication happened quickly and I came to know some answers I had been seeking and more, it was quite beautiful. All without Maria knowing anything about me or my mom. It was truly amazing, I appreciate Maria's gift as it lifted my heart.
The reading helped me to know my spirit guides and move toward a more functional relationship with them
I had my first reading with Maria. Simply amazing! I look forward to booking another reading with her.
Maria did an excellent job during my reading!
Just had my second reading with Maria and the best way to describe it is simply WOW!!! Maria is spot on with her communication with the spirit world. I absolutely love Maria's approach, her sincerity and her sense of humor. I will definitely book again!
I have known Maria for awhile now and have gone to her many times after losing a few love ones. She zeros in right away with telling me things only I know. And it’s not your general stuff. She is truly amazing and I tell anyone who needs some closer to go see her. She is the real deal and is friendly and kind. She makes you feel at home from the minute you meet her. I highly recommend seeing her or even taking one of her classes. You won’t be disappointed .
I had a reading with Maria in July, 2020. I wanted my mom to come through to validate the afterlife for me. Through Maria, my mom was able to prove she is still with me and knows what is going on in my life. I can feel that our souls are connected. Due to the impact this reading has had on my life, I have a strong desire to grow more spiritually and psychically. I am now taking a "Mediumship for Beginners" class with Maria. I am hoping to be able to tune in and connect more with the other side.
Maria gave me such valuable information! I found out that one of my guides was an old friend who died over thirty years ago.
Maria was fantastic, I had a reading with her and my 13 yr old son joined in. Not only did she pick up my sons energy right away(he is highly intuitive), she was able to connect with my parents, grandmother and my beloved dog, who just recently passed. During the reading I was able to validate what messages were coming but a couple threw me off. After the reading I checked with my siblings and realized those things Maria said were right but I had blocked out from my memory. She was great!
I had my reading with Maria, and to be honest I was so nervous because I didn’t know what to expect but quickly into the conversation I was at ease, mainly because my grandmother came through and ironically before my call with Maria I had asked my grandmother to come through. She answered all of my questions and I trust the messages that were given to me. I’m definitely coming back for another reading!
Maria was fantastic, I had a reading with her and my 13 yr old son joined in. Not only did she pick up my sons energy right away(he is highly intuitive), she was able to connect with my parents, grandmother and my beloved dog, who just recently passed. During the reading I was able to validate what messages were coming but a couple threw me off. After the reading I checked with my siblings and realized those things Maria said were right but I had blocked out from my memory. She was great!
Meeting Maria for the first time was an incredible experience, totally exceeded my expectations! I must echo several others who have said "Maria is the real deal" oh so true. Maria was immediately engaging, warm and kind, as well, quite funny! Maria immediately put me at ease, making me feel like we had been friends for a lifetime. Highly recommend Maria!!
This was my first reading ever, and it was so emotional for me. Maria is great! The only thing I can say wrong is that the time went by too fast.
My reading with Maria was spot on. She game me some great suggestions for disconnecting from other peoples energy and i tend to take that on. It was wonderful to hear from both my parents. I will book with Maria again
I went to Maria for a reading, first one in my life. From the moment I met Maria, she felt like a friend, which was especially important considering the subject matter. She made me feel open and relaxed the moment the reading started. Meeting with Maria has had such a positive, and powerful impact on my life. I highly recommend her!
I am SO very glad I booked an hour reading with Maria. It was worth every penny, to say the least. She has a gift, and it was clear that she was communicating with spirit (my departed loved one). Crystal clear. She really helped me, made me feel loved and cared for from the other side. I even got great practical advice that is really helping me through this pandemic crisis. She is delightful, generous, and reliable.
Maria was great! She Is friendly and makes you feel welcome. Her information was spot on and she encourages you to ask questions. I really enjoyed my session and will definitely call on her again in the future. Highly recommend her!
Maria is amazing! Completely spot on with everything. Her read it was better than anything I ever expected. I highly recommend her.
Maria is a direct connection without fluff, I swear shes family!! It's always best to have your phone charged and no interruptions while spending time with her. It gives you a better reading and gives her the opportunity to give you the best reading you need.. I have so much respect and love for Maria!! My reading felt like a direct connection with my grandma, shes the matriarch of my family and I miss her dearly.
Just had my 2nd reading with Maria. She is absolutely amazing and I finally have peace in my heart. I recommend her to everyone!
I really LOVED my reading with Maria.. Maria was able to connect right away to my newly and dearly departed sister and gave true evidence which provided me with comfort and a few laughs! . Her energy is warm, friendly, and accepting. it was a pleasure. I look forward to another reading soon. Thank you Maria!!
This may sound weird, but loved ones come through better for people they would probably like in life.I think my Grandma as nudging me toward Maria. Maria gave such an amazing reading! Very clear and accurate. She brought through my Grandma on point! Plus my dear friend who passed away. Literally life changing. She knew exactly what I was doing in my life. Described my boyfriend to a T. Grandma gave great career advice through Maria. Maria is the REAL DEAL! Just be a good sitter!!!!
After loosing someone very close to me and my heart, I desperately was looking for some “closure” and peace surrounding the passing. After coming to Maria, I got exactly what I was looking for! She was very kind and sweet, and had a great sense of humor which lighten the mood. It was a great and positive experience, and asked me several times if I had a any questions! She even said several times that she loved the loved one I was connecting with! I had a GREAT experience and will be returning!


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