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Maria Verdeschi
Maria Verdeschi


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Maria is a truly remarkable psychic medium. Her ability to connect with departed loved ones is nothing short of astonishing. Her compassion and genuine interest in each client provides for a relaxed, revealing and down -to-earth reading. The quality and amount of information Maria receives from the Inner Side has led many to simply state, "She is the Real Deal!" Maria is not only a highly regarded psychic/medium but also a Master Reiki Practitioner and is proficient in Pranic Healing. Most important to Maria is that people understand the simple truth that "there is no death-only life."

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Best selling author of There Is No Death, Only Life.

Listed since: Mar 6, 2018


Maria erased all doubts I had about mediums. I came to the session with a list of questions. She initiated the subjects that related to all but one of them. And she was precisely accurate on all the issues. Before the session, I spoke to Spirit, asking that they raise an issue that was very important to me and that would serve as validation. Maria, without my guidance, broached that topic FIRST! And nailed it! I have to say Maria is the most accurate medium I've encountered. Simply amazing
I had the pleasure of being read by Maria. Her heartfelt and compassion to deliver beautiful and detailed messages to me made me feel so comforted. She touched upon questions I had been hoping to find answers to as well, and gave me insight to help me in the right direction. She even took the time to spend extra time with me. Thank you Maria for your beautiful gift.
Maria was wonderful, funny, and compassionate. My reading was very accurate and answered all of my questions. I look forward to having aother reading, and highly recommend Maria.
Maria is a superb genuine deeply talented medium who totally clicked in on my family. I was shocked and thrilled to hear from so many relatives. It was great fun and very reassuring to know that my family is out there encouraging creativity, ideas and solutions to life's overwhelming to-do list. It was an absolute blast to hear how family are out there through the ups and downs of daily life lessons. I am extremely grateful for Maria our conversation was very natural.and had a wonderful outcome.
My session with Maria was truly amazing. She spoke about very specific, fun, personal information that validated exactly how strongly connected she was to my loved ones, including a favorite old movie we loved to watch together! She was able to give me insight from those loved ones on the other side, and it was truly helpful. Her absolute love for her work and those she is helping is evident. I highly recommend making an appointment with her.
Maria blew me away with my reading. I came into the first reading not knowing what to expect and was truly astonished on how accurate she was for me. She was so insightful and gave me a lot of closure that I needed.
I recently had a reading with Maria. She is clear and open and very comfortable in her approach and demeanor. Maria seems genuinely interested in her client and is compassionate . She shares valid messages that are specific and reflect the personality of the loved one with whom she is connecting. I would recommend her as a psychic medium and I hope to have a reading with her again in the near future.
Maria is so fun to work with. She’s kind , on time and authentic. She delivers the messages from loved ones precisely and if something doesn’t make since she’s keeps at it . The messages brought through were what I needed. And things know one but my loved one would know. Anyway I always enjoy my readings with Maria.
Maria Verdeschi is very genuine, attentive, and gifted. I highly recommend the experience. She is able to communicate things that others would not know.
I truly cannot say enough about Maria and her special gift of Love and Compassion for the many of us that she gives special messages too. Her love for my family members and friends that come through with love for me and they have came to Love and Trust Maria. I know they now consider Maria to be family ~ Maria we love you and thank you beyond the Stars ~ you touch my heart with every message
Thank you for connecting to my father. His passing was in July 2021 and it has been very difficult. I look forward to connecting with you again soon.
Loved my reading and will definitely hire Maria again. She is definitely tapped in and was accurate with the info coming through. She also has a very positive energy which is important to me when working with mediums.
As usual Maria doesn’t disappoint. I was in one of her group meetings and she is so good at getting the personality of whomever she is speaking with. I highly recommend Maria . U will be amazed with her gift. Thx Maria
My second reading with Maria. She brought through my Grandma and I got to see her in action in our small group. What she said was accurate. Maria Is organized , and compassion. She suggested a book to me and a support group after my first reading.
Maria was spot on throughout my reading. She was able to touch on things and people that I had forgotten about at the time of the reading. She was amazing, friendly and easy to communicate with and put me at ease from the beginning. I will plan on speaking with her in the future. I would highly recommend Maria to my friends for their readings.
The real deal! Maria is a gifted medium who is an absolute pleasure to speak with. She makes you feel at ease with her authenticity and positivity. And is also incredibly accurate! Highly recommend her to anyone.
Maria is a gifted psychic medium and very intuitive. I enjoyed our time very much. Spot on!
Maria is amazing! She captured my mom’s personality exactly. That was some of the best validation I could have asked to receive. This was my first reading and at the end I wanted another hour with Maria. She asked several times if I had questions. I wish I would have written some questions down prior to the reading. I will be back which I think is the best review you can leave someone!
Hi my first reading with Maria yesterday. She was spot on with many things. I loved that she asked multiple times throughout the reading if I had any questions. My Mom, Dad and Uncle came through for me. I asked some questions and got answers to them and she even answered one question that I had planned on asking before I could ask I felt very comfortable with her and will be contacting her in the future for more readings. I highly recommend her! Thank you again Maria!
Maria was fantastic. I really felt comfortable and got some validation on things I needed. Also getting to hear from my witty Grandma was wonderful. There were things she wouldn’t have known that she validated. Thank you , and I will be reaching out again. Maria even gave me some valuable resources to help w a current situation
My first reading was an incredible experience, I really suggest it to any and everyone, the way it leaves you feeling is quite indescribable. What a gift she has and what a gift to be able to be on the receiving end of her gift as well.
Had a reading with Maria yesterday and it provided guidance and clarity from those I love on the other side. I have a sense of calm and peace that I did not have before that reading. I know my angels in heaven are watching over me and helping me get through the many challenges I am facing in my life. So grateful to have found Maria and her warm approach.
I had my first reading with Maria, and it was amazing!! She was spot on with so many things. She is very nice and let me ask the questions I needed. I highly recommend her. I definitely will be back for more readings!!
I can to Maria very upset unable to sleep and with a problem I could not work out. She was able to bring through my Dad and give me the answers and the peace I needed! I now have so much peace and comfort I never thought I would have ! Maria is loving and has a wonderful gift ! I hope to always have her in my life
I just finished a 2 session class with Maria. As a beginner I had questions and Maria was very informative and sweet in answering everything and never made me feel like a dummy. She had us doing exercises each day and I really feel that I learned from them. She had a cool and comfortable atmosphere going so I felt at ease and the class being smaller was just what I needed. I am definitely signing up for future classes as I find her to be genuine in every way.
Tap on easy flowing conversations with my sister and dad that crossed over. A couple things left me puzzled however after the refinance things "clicked ". Love sharing with Maria.
I’ve had two great experiences with Maria. Her meditation class was wonderful, and she is incredibly knowledgeable. She answered everyone’s questions, and it was a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Among the MANY take aways, I feel like her message of how we all need to be more gentle with ourselves is one I needed to hear. I recommend her readings and classes to anyone who is interested in enriching their life path on many levels!
Thank you so much, Maria! You truly have a gift and it was so clear that you were receiving messages from my Dad. You gave me some peace about his passing and reassured me that he has been watching over me! Blessings to you!
Thoroughly enjoyed my reading with Maria Something crazy happened today which sparked me to write this review, Maria asked me if anyone played the violin, I don't know anybody that has anything to do with a violin so I wrote it down as she advised, my 10y old daughter is a very talented figure skater whom has been struggling with a jump technique, today she had a lesson and was taught a new technique called 'the violin', it fixed her jumping issues and blew my mind,
Just had a past life reading with Maria! My much loved Nana came forward and helped guide Maria in identifying why I have challenges in this lifetime. Maria identified 3 past lives, and I guess I haven't learned my lesson yet because I had the same issues in those lives. Maria, with the help of my Nana, was able to show me ways to move through those communication obstacles which was like a lightbulb going off for me. I will schedule other readings with Maria in the future!


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