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Maria is a truly remarkable psychic medium. Her ability to connect with departed loved ones is nothing short of astonishing. Her compassion and genuine interest in each client provides for a relaxed, revealing and down -to-earth reading. The quality and amount of information Maria receives from the Inner Side has led many to simply state, "She is the Real Deal!" Maria is not only a highly regarded psychic/medium but also a Master Reiki Practitioner and is proficient in Pranic Healing. Most important to Maria is that people understand the simple truth that "there is no death-only life."

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Best selling author of There Is No Death, Only Life.

Listed since: Mar 6, 2018


I came to the meeting with Maria with a heavy heart and left the meeting with the weight completely gone. Maria was absolutely amazing. She was spot on and knew things only my mom and I knew. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone- she’s someone that really knows her stuff.
Maria has a kind, lovely, and very respectful manner towards those she reads for and for their loved ones in Heaven. Maria also has a lovely sense of humour.
It is my absolute pleasure to say I experienced a reading with Maria today and it BLEW MY MIND. She is a beautiful person and soul and if you listen clearly and open your third eye she will deliver you truths and understandings that only spirit could know. God bless you Maria and thank you for sharing your gift with the world! Namaste
I was able to attend a group zoom reading recently. It was amazing! Maria has a wonderful gift. She connected to my Dad and gave me validation, encouragement, and love from the other side. What an awesome gift. I hope to have more sessions with her! Thank you Maria!
Maria is simply AWESOME!!! I've had a few readings with her, and each has been so on point and exactly what I was hoping for. Maria is so genuine, personable and so very happy, with an incredible sense of humor. She is an absolute pleasure to speak with, I consider it a privilege to be able to connect with Maria!!
Amazing reading multiple times with Maria. Love spending time with Maria and my family who has crossed over. Highly recommend scheduling a reading . You will be amazed! Thanks , Maria.
I have been going to Maria for many years and every reading has been amazing!!! I always feel better after a reading. Never a doubt see is the real deal. If on the fence and not sure . I am here to tell you won’t be disappointed .
My experience with Maria has been just beautiful .. Her connections with her spiritual world is incredible..I would highly recommend Maria. She is fun , her energy is fantastic and so spot on with the things she told me. I love her ..God bless you Maria and thank you for your time and dedication.
Simply amazing. Maria’s clarity in connecting to the spirit world is top rate. Word to the wise: meditate and speak with spirit on a regular basis before and after your reading. This will open your chakra and help to plug her in.
Maria was wonderful and very gracious . She was spot on with what she had to say . Blessings to her and her gifts . I recommend her highly ! Thank you .
Maria is amazing she connected me to my baby boy who passed away in August! I really cannot thank her enough! She has made me feel happy and at peace knowing my son is okay!
Ah Amazing psychic and teacher ! I was amazed by her accuracy and profound readings. If you haven’t do it and book a reading with her and her courses are also excellent and in depth!! Invest in your personal and spiritual growth with her. 1000% recommended
My experience with Maria was very enlightening and such a gift beyond measure. Feeling blessed to have met her.
This was my first reading with Maria and my experience was nothing short of amazing. She was extremely accurate with descriptions, kind, compassionate, thoughtful, and respectful. Her positive attitude and kindness towards my family members that came through really touched my heart. Thank you so much Maria!
I highly recommend Maria! The reading was so fun and so many spirits came through (she said, "there is a lot of people here"!! ) with very specific details about themselves so we knew who they were. She also sent me the audio via email and I have listened to it several times and each time I discover something new that I missed. I look forward to the next reading.. She is a very gifted medium.
Maria was very accurate with her reading. She was very compassionate, and she confirmed information that I had received from previous mediums, which really astounded me, and confirmed my belief in her psychic skills. I would definitely use her again.
Maria was amazing! She was spot on with a lot if information and conveyed messages that I truly needed to hear. It was like she was plugged into what was going on and what I was truly struggling with. Amazing and would highly recommend!
I just had my first reading with this young lady and she was spot on. It will be interesting if the addition information she provided will materialize. Very pleasant experience. I will use her again
Absolutely the most tuned in, detailed, and accurate psychic/medium I have worked with! She is the real deal and she is amazing! I highly recommend her. Thank you, thank you.
Maria is the real deal and was spot on for all my needs and questions. The reading was exactly what I needed to hear and know. Now I am clearer about my future directions and everything was validated by information from my father and mother on the other side whom she described perfectly. I am basking in a glow from this reading still as it has helped me focus and get on with what I need to do. Maria is a loving, caring and kind medium with extraordinary abilities whom I highly recommend.
Maria is a very talented, phenomenal psychic/medium. Through her I was able to reconcile with a member of my family on the other side, received a message for one of my daughters that I was able to validate immediately, and as a bonus, received my life path. It was an extraordinary reading for which I am so grateful. In a world of rhinestones, Maria is a true gem. Do not hesitate to get a reading from her.
For my podcast on grief, I have been meeting with various psychic/mediums to gauge their accuracy. Maria was hands down the best medium that I worked with. She was incredibly accurate and knew things there was no way she could have known. I felt very inspired by the messages she received and confident that she was connecting with my loved ones. There are many psychic/mediums out there but few who are as talented and on point as Maria. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to connect.
I was part of a Mother’s Day Reading group of Eight. Maria, as always, was amazing and gracious to all of us. Everyone had a reading and there were tears and laughter and meaningful messages. Maria is just wonderful and has helped me with great guidance from my loved ones. ♥️
Maria is such a true gift with an amazing soul as a teacher and medium to the other side. Her down to earth and loving nature is so appreciated, and she is so genuine and real to speak with.
I have received messages from Maria for many years and each time I’m so amazed by her words from my people. My parents always give a beautiful message and guidances for me. I cannot thank you enough for those messages that I need to hear at the moment. I love your beautiful spirit
AMAZING Maria is truly an amazing person. My spirit was all around her and passed along some much-needed reassurance that spirit was with me daily. 30 min before our session a beautiful yellow bird landed in my yard- hung around long enough for me to take a picture. Within the first 5 min. of my session- my spirit said - "ask her about the yellow bird" xoxo Thank you again Maria for what you do and the love from afterlife you provide. Toni-
Maria had been hearing the song Mamma Mia all morning. My mother was born in Italy; there was no doubt that was her. She passed 4 months ago and came through clearly with personality in tact & gave many answers to questions I had. My dad gave many comments & my sister who passed suddenly before mother came through with a message for her family. I asked questions to a friend's family & they gave me messages for her which comforted her. I would recommend Maria; she is a very compassionate medium.
I had an amazing session with Maria! She was able to quickly connect with my loved ones that crossed over. Maria relayed some important messages to me from them. She was able to identify them by name and characteristics. My loved ones answered many of my questions and provided wonderful guidance. It is comforting to know that my departed loved ones are around me and willing to help whenever I need them. Maria is a very gifted and kind soul. I would highly recommend her!
Amazing reading! Truly connected and highly recommend anyone to experience Maria’s gift.
Best psychic ever and truly a special course in mediumship! I would highly recommend to others!!


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