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$150.00 - 45 minutes or $200.00 1 hour

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Kelly MacLeod is both a psychic and a medium with a sharp sense of intuition and the ability to clearly see the challenging situations that you are currently facing in your life.

HOWEVER, Kelly is more than just a psychic. She also has the unique ability to connect and communicate with loved ones that have passed on, providing solid information as to who it is in the Spirit World that she is connecting with.

Additional Information: 

Kelly lovingly provides guidance, clarity, direction and closure to whatever it is that you are facing, allowing the healing process to begin

SHE has inspired thousands to improve their lives with the clear guidance and wisdom of her extraordinary insight. Kelly amazes her audiences with the astounding accuracy and detail of the information that she delivers, messages that are always communicated with a warm sense of humor and compassion, leaving even the most skeptical a believer.

KELLY is no holds barred when it comes to readings though, she believes that you receive information for one of three reasons, to enlighten you, to help you prepare for a situation, or to help you prevent a situation from happening.

SHE always gives the full details of what she is receiving and believes that information is neutral; it is not positive or negative in any way. It is how we react and what we do with the information that will ultimately determine the final outcome of the situation. Kelly is available for private, one-on-one appointments in person or by phone. She is also available for group/audience sessions, as well as keynote lectures and demonstrations.


Kelly MacLeod is an internationally renowned psychic, medium, motivational speaker, radio & television personality and the previous host of The Kelly MacLeod Show on CBS Radio.

HER CLIENTELE ranges from every day, ordinary people to law enforcement, clergy, judges, attorneys and business CEO's. Kelly has also read for and guided many celebrities and music super stars on a confidential basis.

KELLY has trained and mentored with many great teachers, psychics and mediums throughout the United States, as well as at The Arthur Findlay College, in Stansted, England. She is a lifelong student and believes that there is always more to learn as the world evolves. Kelly is dedicated and passionate about her work, and always serves her clients with the utmost integrity and respect.

KELLY IS THE AUTHOR of “Messages And Miracles From The Other Side” and has created a collection of holistic and self improvement CD's which are available on her website

SHE HAS BEEN FEATURED in the last 3 episodes of HAUNTED SAGINAW (available on Amazon Prime) as well as this year's current episode that will Premier in October 2019. Kelly is currently filming her own TV show, and traveling to different locations to record upcoming episodes.

Listed since: Jul 8, 2010


I went to my first gallery session with Kelly, not with skepticism, but without expectations. I did go in with my mind open and receptive. Well, I received 2 messages from beyond that night. Both from grandparents. Based on the details coming thru Kelly, there was no doubt in my mind they were for me. It was very emotional. No matter who is getting a message, everyone seems to benefit somehow from them, whether it's a life lesson or something funny. Kelly amazes me with her abilities!
I was a skeptic to say the least. I was invited to one of her group sessions on Messages from the otherside, I sat in the audience pretty amazed by the things that were revealed and the raw emotion that people felt.Then she started receiving a message from an older man who dressed very well and liked bourban. I started to pay very close attention because it sounded like my grandfather. I wont go into further detail but, I KNOW it was my Grandfather. I am now a believer. Thanks Kelly!
I met Kelly through a mutual friend about a year ago. Recentlly my dog disappeared near Cincinatti on a Sunday (I live in Michigan). Despite days of searching, many sitings and many miles, we still could not find her. I spoke with Kelly on Thursday and she helped me connect with her and talk to her. I continued to talk to her all the next day, the whole time feeling the pull from my heart. She found my sister that Friday night and is now home safe. Thanks Kelly!!
I am a tarot reader with strong intuitive abilities (meaning: I know when someone is a very good psychic/reader and when they’re not almost automatically), and have tried several different psychic/mediums over the years. Most of whom I wasn’t pleased with. However, I discovered Kelly McLeod in 2007 and would never go to anyone else. I have also brought her several new clients over the years, and they, too, have been pleased.
hey are the best... it has been 2 years and everything you told me came true...i cancelled my reading with [a famous psychic medium] after your reading. cause you were so good.because of you i apoke to my brother j.d. who has been on the other side since 1990...thank you so much kelly....god bless you linda s
I first saw Kelly when she was speaking at a large psychic fair, I was sitting with my husband near the back of 250 people, Kelly started to speak and my mother who had only been gone 4weeks came through as I sat there with my mouth open! I could not believe the details of Kellys reading. Over the Years I have come to think of Kelly as my friend & adviser....When our 12yr old german shepherd died in August we called Kelly to speak to Zena again. Kelly also used Quantum healing on my daughter.
I've seen Kelly for personal readings, galleries & I had a psychic party with her for my friends. It was great & very emotional for some. She was right on & we had a great time. She told my husband info from his passed over Grandmother that only he knew of (I didn't even know!). I most recall her telling me I'd be recieving money from an insurance co., maybe working for them but continuing with my same job. Turns out months later I was on sick leave & got checks from my insur co for a year!
Kelly is beyond amazing! I spoke with her on the phone and she just started telling things that were going on at the moment, things my Grandma said to me, and only me, then she said I am going to be a huge star. Iv'e done 26 movies in 2 yrs, a spokesperson for the Special Olympics, and she was right...I am well on my way! Unbelievable how she nailed it all on the head! Love her!
Kelly was recommended to me by her peers as being the best in the business. That says a LOT! Kelly has so much more to offer than just readings and she is a joy to be around. Time with Kelly is more helpful than spending an hour on a therapist's couch. After my husband passed away, I was a lost soul running in circles. Kelly pointed me in a direction and saved my life. She is the best and has something to offer everyone.
I have seen Kelly twice since my son died suddenly four years ago. I first heard her on a local radio show and knew I was going to call her. I am so glad I did. There is no doubt in my mind that my son's spirit was with us- she told me things that only him and I would know, even describing a painting that he had done years ago. I am sure I will be calling her again in the future.
I attended a group session first, then had 2 one on one sessions with Kelly last year during a difficult divorce after 17 years of marrriage. I connected with my Dad at all 3 sessions, and the messages from him along with the wonderful coaching and guidance from Kelly got me through a VERY difficult year! Kelly is FABULOUS!
From the moment our medically fragile son died we got phenomenal signs. The signs got less dramatic and further apart and I felt like I was losing my child all over again. Then I met Kelly. She knew things no one else could have. Having sessions with her taught us that our son is never far away. I know now that I will never lose him. That has helped us in the grieving process. We don’t have to feel guilty for healing from the original, raw and intensely painful first years.
Inspriational and Amazing. I have been with Kelly for years and she never has let me down. She is truely a gifted woman. One look at me and she knows exactly what is going on!! She has NEVER guided me wrong. Thank You for being there Kelly!! xoxo
Kelly has helped me in so many ways I cannot even begin to explain. Everything she has explained in my readings has come true. Kelly has a true genuine gift, I've never had anyone help me as much as she has through my readings. She is Amazing!!
I have been a client of Kelly's for several years. I have attended her classes on various topics and received numerous private readings. I am always awed at her abilities and insight. Kelly is a true professional who keeps herself educated and enlightened. She is also a spectacular, caring, vivacious, honest individual with a delightful sense of humor. In a profession often tainted by phonies, fakes, and wannabes, Kelly's abilities are genuine and sincere.
Kelly is great source of comfort and inspiration. Her messages are accurate and honest. She doesn't just tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear. She is sweetheart and I will call on her again and again.
We had a group session as a family and it couldn't have been better! I would - and HAVE - recommended Kelly to my friends! It was truly amazing and our family felt at peace by the end of the session. Kelly is truly a Godsend!
Kelly has brought over from the other side, my grandmother, friend, father and mother. People ask me why I like to make contact with the departed. I tell them its like a telephone conversation. It is a hi how are you we are still around see you later. When she tells you things that only you and your loved one only know about, you know she is the real deal. Kelly is also very inspiring, and a very nice, compassionate human being. It is a pleasure to know her.
Kelly MacLeod is amazing! I had Kelly tell me some things about myself that were dead-on (no pun intended)! Things she couldn't have known about! In 2010 a well-known psychic fro California was coming to Michigan and we intervfiewed her on our radio show to promote her being in Michigan. This particular woman has done readings for [two well-known celebrities]. She told me THE EXACT SAME things that Kelly had told me two weeks earlier!!! It was truly amazing!
Kelly has helped me tremendously since my 20 year old daughter passed away in May 2010, not only with messages from my daughter (that nobody else would have known) but with her workshop on Manifesting Made Easy. She helped more than a therapist could, providing insight as to "why" we do things and how to change our thinking. Totally wonderful.
kelly is wonderful, t the point and honest. i felt empowered and strong after her reading which i have not felt in a long time and after no other reading. though she was in line with some of them something about her made me get it finally. and i am determined to follow her advise. i will call on her again! she was right on spot about so many things.
I attended one of Kelly's gallery sessions witnessing her accuracy and natural gift. She would direct the message coming through to a specific area or person, narrowing it down until only the person the information was intended for could claim it. It was very specific, fitting no one else. This young woman has a true, genuine gift. Amazing!
I have been getting readings from Kelly for years. She is always spot on with her predictions. She knew my dad was from England, and knew things only the family would know. She predicted my daughter in law would get the job from a recent interview....she did!
I was very close to my father who was 90 when he passed and have had a difficult time with his passing. Kelly's reading was very comforting to me. She not only reassured me that my father was happy where he is now but also reassured me that he is always with me. d She also told me some other information that she could not have possibly known about. Kelly you have an amazing gift and I look forward to hearing everything you have to tell me for years to come!!
My mother went to have a reading done by Kelly and on the way home we listened to the cd that Kelly provided from the taping of the session. OMG, OMG, OMG, was all I Kept saying as Kelly was stating information that she couldn't have possibly known. I can't wait to go see her myself and look forward to hearing what she tells me!!


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