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Kelly MacLeod is both a psychic and a medium with a sharp sense of intuition and the ability to clearly see the challenging situations that you are currently facing in your life.

HOWEVER, Kelly is more than just a psychic. She also has the unique ability to connect and communicate with loved ones that have passed on, providing solid information as to who it is in the Spirit World that she is connecting with.

Kelly is available for the following:

-Akashic Records
-Light Language Activations
-Life Coaching
-Business Coaching

-Light Language

Additional Information: 

Kelly lovingly provides guidance, clarity, direction and closure to whatever it is that you are facing, allowing the healing process to begin

SHE has inspired thousands to improve their lives with the clear guidance and wisdom of her extraordinary insight. Kelly amazes her audiences with the astounding accuracy and detail of the information that she delivers, messages that are always communicated with a warm sense of humor and compassion, leaving even the most skeptical a believer.

KELLY is no holds barred when it comes to readings though, she believes that you receive information for one of three reasons, to enlighten you, to help you prepare for a situation, or to help you prevent a situation from happening.

SHE always gives the full details of what she is receiving and believes that information is neutral; it is not positive or negative in any way. It is how we react and what we do with the information that will ultimately determine the final outcome of the situation. Kelly is available for private, one-on-one appointments in person or by phone. She is also available for group/audience sessions, as well as keynote lectures and demonstrations.


Kelly MacLeod is an internationally renowned Psychic, Medium, Akashic Record Reader, Light Language Facilitator, Life &Business Coach, Transformational Speaker, Radio & Television personality and the previous host of The Kelly MacLeod Show on CBS Radio.

HER CLIENTELE ranges from every day, ordinary people to law enforcement, clergy, judges, attorneys and business CEO's. Kelly has also read for and guided many celebrities and music super stars on a confidential basis.

KELLY has trained and mentored with many great teachers, psychics and mediums throughout the United States, as well as at The Arthur Findlay College, in Stansted, England. She is a lifelong student and believes that there is always more to learn as the world evolves. Kelly is dedicated and passionate about her work, and always serves her clients with the utmost integrity and respect.

KELLY IS THE AUTHOR of “Messages And Miracles From The Other Side” and has created a collection of holistic and self improvement CD's which are available on her website

SHE HAS BEEN FEATURED in the last 4 episodes of HAUNTED SAGINAW (available on Amazon Prime) as well as this year's current episode that will Premier in October 2020. Kelly is in the process of filming her own documentary, and will be traveling throughout the United States and Europe inspiring people from all walks of life with her incredible story of love, loss and the strength to survive some of the most devastating lessons in life.

Listed since: Jul 8, 2010


Thank you Kelly so much, for connecting me to my mother, not only did it lift a weight off my chest it is helping me see life in a whole new way, as a gift. I may be young but as you saw I act much older, I want to be a kid. I want to smile and not worry about relationships, or money right now. I want to feel confident and be a strong woman as you helped me see, I can. You connected me to months where situations that happened where I didn't even think about until you brought it up. <3
Kelly was so on for me, she told me I would be taking a vacation on the beach in July and I said no way too busy at work.Kelly said no you need to go. I was of course thinking carribean, I just brushed it off as wrong. 2 weeks after the reading I was with my girlfriends and realized my beach vacation was my annual weekend with the girls at the cottage.I was not going to go this year life was just too busy. Wow that changed I went and as always had a great time. Thanks Kelly.
My reading with Kelly left me speechless! The night before my reading I had asked my grandmother to come through and send me a sign. I specifically asked for her to bring up the charm of hers I wear. Kelly picked up my grandmothers prescense and remarked she is showing me something shiny, like a charm!! She also told me that in two weeks I would have three potential new employment opportunities. Exactly two wks later I have three employment opportunities! She is the real deal!
I can not say enough about how amazing Kelly is. With my father passing recently, I wasn't sure what to expect with my reading. Kelly was able to tell me things that nobody else would know except myself, and told me numerous things to pass on to my mother in order to help with our healing process. I am so happy I went to her and plan on going back.
Had my first reading with Kelly this weekend. I wasn't sure about the whole process but I was pleasantly surprised at how she told me things that no one else would know and connected me with my dad. She is not only a gifted person but so friendly and, most of all, a lot of fun!
Kelly really is a Godsend. I had my first reading last week and the result was amazing! By the end of the conversation I had received so much more than I could have ever hoped for. Thank you so much Kelly, really, from the bottom of my heart. You're the best!
I had a reading last week and I was impressed, I really like her. She got in contact with my grandma and told me things that made me feel alot better about life. She gave me advice on my recent health problems that I was very concerned about. I felt much better about my future after my reading. I plan on having another reading done in the future and a healing too. I highly recommend her to others. Thank you Kelly :)
I just had a reading with Kelly, and I was astonished on how accurate she was! When a perfect stranger can just instantly tell you what's going on in your past, present and future you just feel in awe of her. Kelly has a very likable personality, who makes you feel like your talking with a friend. Thank you Kelly for empowering me with your words of wisdom!
Just had my first reading with Kelly, she knew things about my life and significant items about my deceased grandmother that no one could ever have known. It was a great surprise. Thank you Kelly again, I got more from this reading than I ever thought I would. Will definitely share her name with other people and look forward to another reading.
I've known Kelly for a few years now. It was a true blessing to find her. I can always trust her to both tell me what I need to know and to not tell me what I want to hear if it isn't what's going on. She's a straight shooter and is not only the person I go to in order to give me advice, but I could talk to her for hours on end because she's down to earth. I actually now consider her a friend first and then my "go to" gal for all things metaphysical. She is amazing!
I just has my first reading with KELLY last night and i was totally blown away . She was AMAZING!!! She knew things she couldn't possibly know about. Thank you Kelly for sharing your gift and connecting me with my loved ones
Kelly was amazing with me she was able to tell me things that no one would ever know. When she connected with my brother I got chills all over my body. She knew immediately that my brother was murdered by being shot. She was able to tell me things that confirmed the fact that he is watching over me and I was very pleased with my reading. I will continue to get guidence and readings from her, she is honest and kind with the information that she gives. Thank you so much Kelly and God Bless you
I had wanted to have a reading for a very long time but wanted to make sure when I did it was with the right person. I am so glad that I waited. Kelly was great. I now know were I need to focus and that my family will be there guiding me all the way. I would highly recommend Kelly she is the really deal. Thanks Kelly.
Kelly, thank you for the great reading. I am 61 and had readings by some well known psychic's. Also being a little psychic myself helps. You could be a psychic for the psychic's. Of the things among many You spoke to me about my mom telling you of wings of angles and bell . I then told you I was looking for a copper angel bell that was my moms who had passed 10 years ago. A few days before I let my 2 year old grandaughter play with it. Thank you for a very good reading.
I spoke with Kelly during a very emotional time in my life. She was patient and kind with my many rants, feelings and questions! She gave me great insight as to where I will be in the next year and was right on target with everything of where I am currently- which was quite astounding! Looking forward to our next reading!
I had a reading done by Kelly today...WOW! I chose to do my via telephone because I was skeptical and afraid that perhaps she would be able to read my body language and facial expressions and feed off of them. She was on spot about everything she told me. She blew me away when she had made contact with my Dad...there was no way possible she could have made up the things she was telling me that my Dad was telling her to tell me. She is the real deal. Thank you Kelly.
Although I'm a believer in Psychic/Mediums, I'm always a bit skeptical when I receive a reading. Many things said seem "generic" or "obvious" which seemed to be the case when I saw Kelly. But, after listening to the cd she sent home with me and putting thought into what she said, I believe she hit the nail on the head on several levels. Thanks for letting me know my son is okay and that he sees my letters to him. And I "get" the 1 of 3 and being separated from them now. Thanks, Kelly!
Talking with Kelly is like talking with a good friend...only one that knows you better than you know yourself. She reveals things that you are blind to, helps you understand what you are experiencing, and shows you the pathway to better. After talking with Kelly, I feel like I've dropped the world off my shoulders, and am feeling excited about my future again.
When I first contacted Kelly, I emphasized that I was seeking validation, direction & peace...I was not disappointed. I immediately connected with Kelly & the conversation was so natural -- as though we were friends forever. In addition, the depth of communication & the detail of information was phenomenal. Kelly provide insight for what was, what is & what can be -- Kelly is truly such a gifted soul. The day after our session, validation began to unfold - talk about feeling good!
I went and saw Kelly during a pretty rough time in my life when I was unsure what direction I should go in. As soon as our session started, she told me exactly what I was concerned about, how it was making me feel, and what I need to do to make my life better, all without me saying a word about why I was there. I was absolutely amazed how connected to my emotions she was. After my reading, my life has become exactly what I wanted it to be, and I can't thank her enough for her guidence!
Wow. Kelly's accuracy is so scaringly amazing that it's so good. She's a straight shooter and tells it like it is. There are things she knows that are impossible to know unless told. I give her a 5/5 and strongly recommend a full reading from her.
I was a recent graduate from medical school eager to start residency, but I was being held back from beginning my career to the fact that I had not passed my board exams. Through my frusteration, I was guided to go through hypnosis with Kelly. It was the best move I have ever made! Not only did I gain a whole new level of confidence in my test taking ability, but I passed my boards with flying colors only 2 weeks after my hypnosis session! After all my hard work, my career can begin! THANKS!
Kelly helped me attain closure on a process I have grieving for over ten years. She was able to contact a loved one who died young and described things about him even I was not aware of until I fact checked with another relative later...she was spot on and I feel closer to this person as if the physical gap between us was closed by Kellys reading. Kelly is the real deal! She asked me several times if I had any other ?'s and did not finish reading until I was completely satisfied. Thanks Kelly!
I was stuck. A ship with no sail. And then I found Kelly on this website. My first appointment she sat me down and told me exactly what I needed to hear. Spoke the truth. And my life hasn't been the same since. It's too soon to say if everything she mentioned will come to be, but I can definitely tell you I've implemented all she's advised me to do and my life has done a complete 180. I feel I have a direction now, a purpose, and each day I wake up I'm even more thankful for what Kelly gave me
Thank you so much Kelly for being the ear of reason with me. I've been feeling out of sorts lately and just by hearing your voice I felt as if I was already healing. You have given me clear guidance and a timeline that I feel is appropriate to my situation. I look forward to talking to you soon and letting you know how the events in my life are shaping up!
Thank you Kelly I had Kelly come to my house for a "girls" night in with my Military Moms group. She read 10 Moms, each of them were very excited and happy with her, I was her last reading and she was as energetic and right on with my reading as with the first one. It has been 6 months since the readings, and I just listened again to the CD today, I am thrilled that the timeline and issues you saw in my life are all coming to fruition! You are a wonderful psychic and great person!
Dear Kelly, The only regret I have is I should have had a reading with you sooner. Thank you for your insight to the direction I should be heading. I have been stuck and living in fear for way too long. Thank you so much, I look forward to talking to you in the future.
I had a reading with Kelly this morning and I was truly thankful afterward for contacting this wonderful, caring soul. Thank you Kelly for reassuring me and giving me peace of mind. I look forward to working with you on the next step. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with me and the world. It was obvious to me how much you care about people and their well being. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Kelly, Thank you so much for my reading! Kelly has brought my attention to some things I had forgot about a long time ago and she has awakened me again to go forward with some talents that were hidden deep inside of me. She has guided me to a better understanding of my whole situation that is is going on right now in my life. I look forward to speaking with you again Kelly! Jemelia, Belgium
I enjoyed a very informative reading with Kelly via the phone this morning. Her intuitive advice, and gifted insight allowed her to engage the energy of my deceased family members, which in turn gave me the help that I needed. Thank you Kelly!


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