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Accurate and Affordable experienced Psychic Medium who is gifted with the ability to connect with your loved ones who have passed. Offering Guidance on Love, Relationships, Career, Spiritual Path. Tarot Card Readings. Dream Interpretation Award winning author, newspaper columnist, degree from The University of Detroit Mercy, a minor in Religious Studies and Philosophy, student of Marianne Williamson's Course in Miracles

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Appointments are scheduled by calling 586.935.8542, NOT through e-mail.

Julia Mary's office is located inside the Center for Natural Healing, New Beginnings Center in Downtown Royal Oak, Michigan

Listed since: Sep 14, 2008


The Best ever! I left there feeling like I could breathe again. I had such a relief knowing my special person was good after crossing over. I was so happy to hear that he supported my decisions since he left! Wonderful Lady. Cant wait till my next visit!
Sitting across from Julia, my first time, was the beginning of my spiritual awakening. I've always been more spiritual than religious and I found such comfort in knowing my loved ones are still with me. Julia provided names, dates, and facts in such detail. Things nobody would know. She even described the object where my paternal grandmother "likes to hang out" at my house. Julia is warm, non-judgmental, and fully engaged in providing messages from spirit.
Words can't describe how amazingly gifted Julia Mary is! I've been a client since 2010. The very first time I got a reading I was in nursing school, just had a baby and was trying to make rent every month. At the end of my reading she knew how hard times were for me and told me, "don't worry about paying me this time, get me next time". I was floored and so grateful! She coached me on how to pass my nursing boards and filled me in on family questions. I just LOVE her to pieces! Sarah Karczewski
Wow! Only knowing my first name she immediately saw my dearly loved soul mate Chihuahua, knew her name and details of the last moments of her earth life that NO previous animal communicator could do. She knew facts about my dog, what she was afraid of and date of her transition unlike other overpriced self proclaimed experts. My son's grandfather came thru and giving full names of every one of 7 family members proved it. Birthdays were known and she even knew my son's college major! UNBELIEVABLE
Julia is the best psychic medium I have ever been to. She was incredibly accurate with names (even very unusual names) dates and other different kinds of information. She even gave me information that I was unsure of and had to check out when I got back home. I checked and sure enough she was spot on!!! She is a friendly, kind and loving soul. I have some major decisions to make and could use her guidance, so it's time to get back in to see Julia! She's worth every penny!
Julia was very accurate with her reading. She spoke to me about my father and how he died and dates she was very accurate and has brought me peace finally about what happened the day my dad died.
The best of the best. She blew me away with details, names,even info I didn't know about and had to research to find out she was right. My son was murdered, my husband dead. She brought through everyone. Also knew details of my moms' sickness, her name. Details of murder, of stillborn baby. Amazing, can't say enough.
Everything about my reading with Julia was a million times better than I thought. First of all I was crying when I called and she saw me immediately! Even tho I was there for over 2 hours she he only charged for a 1 hour session. Second she brought me peace and understanding that I never got from other psychics. Third she amazed me by knowing things I have thought but never said and things that happened that I never told no one. I have not stopped talking about this amazing experience
I've had 2 reading w/Julia Mary and both times, she not only gave me the names of my sons, told me of their tattoos, etc., she simply amazed me! If you get a chance to have a reading done by Julia Mary, you will not be disappointed...she is so gifted and easy to communicate with...absolutely love her! Can't wait to see her again ^j^ Love and light, Lynn
Simply put she was Amazing! She has a wonderful gift... She had names & dates that floored me..... Don't hesitate to have her read for you. I am glad I had her do mine!!!! Thanks Julia..
Julia Mary, You have an amazing gift !!!! I've been to several other psychic they were phonies. You came up with many names and dates.You knew to much for being the first time meeting. Thank you so much for your encouragement and hope !Also for the many times my daughter and I bring something up everyday since our meeting. Thank You for all you do ! Linda and Michele
the reading with JuliaMary was wonderful. she identified and knew the problems going on in my life. I have already done some of what she told me to do, and things and really looking up. I feel so much better and happier. I don't know how you do what you do, but it is a real gift to help people. thank you
great reading from her at a party, accurate, hit all things going on in my life, without knowing my name or anything about me. will see her again
A few weeks ago I noticed a women with tarot cards sitting in a park in Sedona,She was on vacation like I was. But being from Calif I didn't know her and I felt great energy from her. I introduced myself, she did a reading for me for free!she knew my birthdate, my dads name who when I was quite young, how he died, stuff about my childhood and even my daughters name that is not common (Charlotte).She was accurate beyond belief.
I give this a five star because when I went to Julia I asked her things about my job and relationship, and it ended up coming true! Plus she knew so much stuff and I went in crying and came out laughing. A beautiful reading from a beautiful soul. If you have any doubt if this is real, I can testify that it is. You get your moneys worth, plus her office is peaceful and serene. You will love her.
Hello, I just moved back to Mich. from Flor. and a friend put me in contact with Julia Mary, and I had just a great reading, I am still talking about how she hit the spot on everything. Julia Mary is very gifted, affordable and understanding.
Julia did a party at my home and all 8 guests had the same thing to say which was "WOW". Not one person was disappointed, no one received a bad reading, everyone wants to see her again. She made the party fun, her readings were great, all was first rate. She is the best.
This message is for everyone who has been to "cookie cutter" psychics who make false claims: I FINALLY FOUND A REAL PSYCHIC AND THAT IS JULIA!!!!! There is no way she could have known so much about me--my birthdate, nickname when I was a kid, that I broke my arm last year and much more. And I found a job the exact week and the exact city she told I me would I WAS BLOWN AWAY! CALL HER!!
Thank you Julia Mary for the insight you gave me at my last reading. You are truely gifted and really helped me come to a good place in my heart, through the reading. She is the best out there, and I recommend her to anyone who is finished with those who just do general cookie-cutter readings and want a true psychic for their reading. Thank you thank you thank you
I trusted her as soon as I met her and to let you know that today I did get the offer on my house that you said I would get thank you. Other things came true and the advise was true as well. Best experience with a psychic I have ever had. The highest recommendation to her from me, thank you
I met Julia Mary at a Psychic Fair and she connected me with a very special loved one who had passed and I received the closure I needed from this untimely passing. To say thank you is not enough. Perhaps by giving her an Excellent review and by letting others know about her gift could be another help. Sincerely, Sean
I used to be a skeptical person but now I am convinced that there are real honest psychics out there. I found Julia on this website It was better than I expected. She connected me to my dear friend who died 4 years ago. She knew her name, her dogs name, and that she was from Denver, and gave me a personal message. I hope my posting helps others to call you. Thank-you
Hi Julia - thank you for helping me connect with my mom. You are right, she did have the letter and photo hidden in the cookbook. I never would have looked there. I am doing what you said, and watching for the signs so I can connect with her on my own. Of all the phsyics I have been to, you are the best and helped me the most. I will probably be calling you for a party at my house because my sister in law also wants a reading. Thanks again, love, Maria (Tocco)
Attention those who do not believe. You will be convinced. Just take the time to call Julia Mary. This changed my life. A phone call to her will change your life, or better yet meet her in person like I did. It will change your life. A thousand thankyou's aren't enough. Best Wishes from Denise
The Best Psychic Directory really does list the Best Psychics because I have never had a bad reading from anyone here. JuliaMary conducted a telephone reading for me she is so gifted and talented, also intuitive. You have a customer for life. For any non beleivers out there just give this a try and you will be impressed beyond belief at what will happen to you during and after a reading from of these amazing psychics. God Bless you all. thank you, Paul Hartwig
If you are looking for THE BEST PSYCHIC in Michigan like I was then you need to contact Julia Mary. I have told all my friends about my amazing experience with her reading. She is so accurate and honest and truthful. I am thankful that I was able to get in touch with her because she changed my life.
She is amazing and accurate with her readings. She did a psychic party at my house and everyone was amazed that she could tell them things that only they would know. She gave us Very specific information and such a sense of peace. Do not hesitate to call her because you will not be disappointed. I cannot thank her enough.

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