Donna Hutchinson

Donna Hutchinson
Donna Hutchinson


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$80 and up, depending on length of time

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DONNA HUTCHINSON is a compassionate and experienced Psychic-Medium based out of the Detroit, Michigan Area. She conducts readings for clients all over the world in-person, by phone, Zoom or Skype. For 30+ years, she has helped her clients experience healing by... providing needed connections with loved ones who have passed, helping police find missing persons, assisting with paranormal events, using her deep compassion and abilities to help individuals cross over and others to move through trauma and loss. Donna is devoted to expanding her knowledge and ability to promote healing. Throughout the year she also visits different states scheduling individual and group appointments and appearing at events. She has a deep understanding of WHERE HEALING BEGINS.

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In addition to being an experienced Psychic-Medium, Donna is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Hospice Counselor, Paranormal Investigator, Domestic Violence Peer Ambassador, and a Trauma & Loss Consultant.

Listed since: Feb 20, 2012


My reading with Donna was very meaningful- she helped me feel connected to my husband and know he still loves me. He told her specific ways he will send signs to me as I am hard to convince they r really from him.It was a healing and beautiful reading. Donna’s love and compassion was shown throughout the reading- she really wanted me to begin healing from my grief. Some of the information she gave me, only could have come from my husband. Thank you Donna - you are the best!
If you want to see a physic, run to Donna do not walk!! She is great!! Everything is spot on!!’ Love seeing her a couple times a year!! Do not hesitate to see her!!
I had a mediumship reading with Donna and she was incredibly accurate with everything. She gave me the information I was looking for so my family and I can heal. I would definitely recommend her and I will be going back to see her soon.
Donna has been amazingly accurate with me. I have been getting readings from her for years. She has helped me grow and change and help the world on top of it. She is truly helping make the world a better place!! Thank you Donna!!

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