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Daniel Skyler

Daniel Skyler
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Nearest City: 

Port Huron


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Scheduled Reading Fee: 

15 minutes-$35 30 minutes-$55 45 minutes- $75


Hello, my name is Daniel and I would love to do a reading for you. I get my information from spirit together with the energy you allow to come my way. I read with compassion and care, always nonjudgmental, and without assumptions.

Through doing remote readings, I know my information comes from spirit and energy as I can read for you without you being present either in person or voice. These readings are done with me alone and the energy you and your universe sends me.

Everyone has their inner light and joy to lead and guide them. My role is to help you connect deeply with your source and help you on your path.

My experience is that whoever comes to me comes for a reason and finds something helpful from what I have to offer. I feel very fortunate and humbled each time I am asked to do a reading.

Additional Information: 

I offer remote readings, and these can sometimes be the most helpful in terms of relevant information for you. All I have is your name and a question or two, then I do the reading alone, video record it, then send it to you. This way you tend to get a lot more information as I can let the energy flow uninterrupted and ask further questions of the tarot spread as spirit directs me. The reading is also not sidelined by the client if difficult subjects come through, which are obviously part of the reason they are seeking help.

I also come from a background of therapeutic social care, and my readings reflect the professional and ethical values of dealing with people in need.

Best of wishes


Listed since: Jun 20, 2017

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